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“Tonight, leave the window open.” Though she seems reluctant she nods, and just like that I’ll be alone with Dainy tonight.
I remember the day when the Hallows moved in, my best friend, Lucan and I were ten. We were flying my helicopter around my house. It was Lucan’s turn when he tripped over one of the fountain rocks, and lost control of the remote.

The helicopter went over the fence and got caught in the tree next door. Lucan was inspecting his bruised knee, that was no doubt going to swell up like a roasted marshmallow. I’d never say a thing about it though, it wasn’t our way, we were boys not sissies.

I left him alone to go get the helicopter and stopped short when I saw a tiny girl with open waist length blonde hair already climbing up the tree to fetch it. Waiting at the bottom, I scratched my head and watched her steadily climb up the thick trunk. When she got it I expected her to throw it down but she didn’t. Surprising me she stuffed it under her t-shirt. More than half of the body didn’t fit but it was enough to secure it until she got back down to the ground.

My friends would’ve teased her by doing that but I was raised differently, my dad taught me to always see the bigger picture and I did. She was smart.

When she landed a few feet way from me, she pulled my toy out and turned to face me. She had to look up cause I towered over her even then. Her brown eyes were small and her chubby cheeks were all pink and flushed.

I stuck my hand out expecting her to give me the helicopter so I can go, but she took my hand in her free tiny, dirty one and shook it, “I’m Dainy Hallow, nice to meet you.”

“Reagan, ah, Reagan Orniel.” Her curious stare made me blush, she was so confident, making her sound older than I thought this tiny girl was, “How old are you Dainy.”

“Eight n a half, and you?”

“Ten, can I have my helicopter back.” Her smile was way too bright when she handed it back to me. Then I noticed we were still holding hands and quickly took mine back.

I walked away that day without a backward glance and stopped only for a sec when she yelled, “It was nice meeting you Reagan.” I didn’t respond but shook my head smiling, the helicopter dangling from my hand.

The sun seemed to shine brighter when I got back to Lucan sitting in the same position I left him, “What you smiling at?”

I laughed at my best friend shaking my head, “Nothing.”

He got up from the floor, dusting out his shaggy black hair and frowned at my smiling blue eyes, “don’t nothing me Orniel spill it.”

I looked over the fence at the tall tree shaking my head, “Nothing dude.” And that was the first time I met Dainy Hallow.

Liston hills

School me page 7

Dainy squeaks my name and that dominant part of me is thrilled that she’s nervous, maybe even a little scared. She should be scared, if the girls at school found out, she’d be screwed, fuck, most of the guys on the team would be too.  

Groaning at the thought of all that fucking drama, I stare into those small brown eyes. For the first time I notice, that her blonde locks are wet and has fallen out of that messy bun she loves to put it in after she jumps out of the shower. Noticing where my eyes are at, a hair falls as she masterly secures it again.  

My gaze follows the wayward hairs descent to the floor. I take in the cut off denims she has practically tattooed from the top of her thighs stopping at the flesh of her hip bone that peaks out from the blue tank top. 

Some distant part of my brain is telling me to stop it, stop noticing, cut it out, you have a sexy girl waiting for you. Yet, my eyes slowly rake up her stomach, following the direction of her toned pathway until I’m finally staring at what got me into this mess, those perky rounded gems. 

It’s only when I hear her throaty sound do I look at Dainy’s face. Her flushed round cheeks, and slightly scrunched nose are enough for me to realize I’m ogling her like some sick twisted fuck.  

“Dainy,” Her name rolls off my tongue like some sappy pup and I cringe. Shaking my head, I focus on why I’m here, “We have to talk about last night.”  

Her plump top lip becomes wet as her tongue glides across it, and I try, I really do, to muster the control I need to stop me from doing something, that I know would land us in a gallon of regret when reality comes knocking. 

“We can’t, Aiden’s here and my parents are on the way.” 

“Tonight, leave the window open.” Though she seems reluctant she nods, and just like that I’ll be alone with Dainy tonight. 

Liston hills

School me page 6

Chapter 2


I am a man, a red blooded, adrenaline junky, panty dropping man. It’s the explanation to why I do what I do. The heartbreaks, the fights, the late night partying, it comes with the package, it’s life.

I am who the fuck I choose to be, and for the past four years I fucking ruled. There was never a second that it crossed my mind to stop and think. I am fucking Reagan Orniel, what I want, I get, and I own it. I am captain of the football team, heir to the Orniel fortune, a full platinum package. Woman love me, even grown ass men inspire to be me.

But this time I got something I didn’t want. I owned something I didn’t fucking want to own, Dainy Hallows virginity.

I woke up this morning with regret, it was the first time that shit has ever happened to me. Who knew she was a virgin. All those times when she got dumped or did the dumping, I felt sorry for the blonde thinking she was just a god awful lay, especially when my team mates kept going on about how easy she was.

Unlike her dickhead brother who never stands up for her, I always liked Dainy. Now when I think about it, I understand his reasons, he knew all those rumors were bullshit. And regardless of what most people think, Aiden is so fucking far from stupid it makes my Bs look like E’s.

At school I was dreading the public confrontation between Dainy and me, but when Lucan told me she didn’t show, fuck, I felt like shit. I never feel like shit. Then to top it all, some new girl shows up in Eco today. Normally I would’ve been already balls deep in her before practice but the girl threw me for a fucking touch down. She was breathtaking, with blue eyes, black waist length hair and legs that carried on to Mars.

She invited me for dinner at her place, I really wanted to go, and I said I will, but I found myself outside Dainy’s house, ten minutes after I left practice.
And now here I was staring at my forbidden fruit. And fuck if I don’t want another taste.

Liston hills

School me page 5

“You got any of that hair wax you got from Milan, mines finished.”

Shrugging, I smirk knowing how this is gonna play out, “You gonna loan me your jeep this weekend?”

“Hell to the fuck no.”

“Suit yourself.” I make my way through the entrance hall, feigning disinterest. I’m not surprised when my brother follows me, “I lent you my jeep one time and we both know how that played out, choose something else.”

Pausing mid stride I shrug, “Maybe it’s time you got that hair cut mama’s always nagging about.”

“Maybe you should stop being a brat and give me the damn wax.”

Spinning around I stare at my six foot tall brother’s freshly shaven square jaw. His green gaze daring me to continue, but I won’t. We both know I’m going to give him the darn wax, I don’t even use it, but I want something first.

“I need to see Rae, and Jace is going to be there.”

Laughing he rubs his toned abs with the wet towel, “You mean you want me to distract Jace while you sneak into Victoria’s room.”

Shrugging I stare behind him at the double French door, “That too.”

“Fine, now can you give me the damn wax.” When I don’t move to get it, he grinds out, “please.”

My smile is instant, dimples and all, “Gladly, there’s a whole box of it in the pantry.”

His wet towel hits me in the face, as he storms pass me, “Why the fuck didn’t you just tell me that the first time.”

Smiling to myself, I throw the towel on the marble table behind me. My big brother never does anything without getting something out of it, not even for me. While I tend to bargain with smaller things or favors, most people don’t have such luck. My brother can be as stubborn as Mrs Hartly’s mole, that thing gets larger every year.

My glee is still evident on my lips as I open the front door. And just like that my reality is facing me smack in the face.

I squeak, “Reagan.”

Liston hills

School me page 4

I don’t regret it, some people would say that I was just another girl that Reagan conquered. One of many, but I would say that our drunken sex was more than that. I had practically drooled and wiped my snot on his t-shirt for the past two years every time some asshole decided to dump the blonde. The reason for that was, while I would do almost anything with a boy, I never went all the way, which was why I practically had dated half of Liston Highs Private population and if I was honest with myself, a good section of Liston Public too.

I was what majority would call the slut of Liston High Private and I wore it with pride.  Being head cheerleader the football team relied on me to keep the bitches under control. And by doing that I had to have the reputation to match. So what if they chose to believe that I fucked anything with three legs, as long as it got them putty in my hands who the hell cared..

I was Dainy Hallow after all. The girls in school either feared me or wanted to be me. Unlike the rest of them including my brother, I didn’t need the fancy surname, I held all the important titles, head cheerleader, A grade student, and your worst nightmare if you ever dared to cross me. I was also best friend to Victoria Stone and Sienna Bray and while they may not attend Liston Private this year because Victoria aka Rae was forced to join her brother in public and where she goes Sienna follows, they are still part of the Elite in our Suburb, Liston Hills and the sisters of Kylie Bray.

Kylie ruled the school from the first day she stepped foot on Liston high private. Even the male population cowered under her gaze, people lowered their heads and her best friend Dakota, who was rumored to be a science genius and princess of the Sin riders mc made sure that they never forgot who was in charge. I was fortunate to see her good side. The one she kept reserved for her close friends and family.

“I’m not sure what’s going on between Reagan and me, but If he’s already on the prowl that should answer your question.”

The muttered “fuck” behind me doesn’t improve my mood when I get off the phone. Standing up I turn to face my brother who’s unceremoniously rubbing his hair with a small towel while attempting to button his jeans with his free hand.

“You got any of that hair wax you got from Milan, mines finished.”

Shrugging, I smirk knowing how this is gonna play out, “You gonna loan me your jeep this weekend?”

Liston hills

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The Angel descendants continue


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