Liston hills

School me page 7

Liston hills, Where the Elite breathes.

Dainy squeaks my name and that dominant part of me is thrilled that she’s nervous, maybe even a little scared. She should be scared, if the girls at school found out, she’d be screwed, fuck, most of the guys on the team would be too.  

Groaning at the thought of all that fucking drama, I stare into those small brown eyes. For the first time I notice, that her blonde locks are wet and has fallen out of that messy bun she loves to put it in after she jumps out of the shower. Noticing where my eyes are at, a hair falls as she masterly secures it again.  

My gaze follows the wayward hairs descent to the floor. I take in the cut off denims she has practically tattooed from the top of her thighs stopping at the flesh of her hip bone that peaks out from the blue tank top. 

Some distant part of my brain is telling me to stop it, stop noticing, cut it out, you have a sexy girl waiting for you. Yet, my eyes slowly rake up her stomach, following the direction of her toned pathway until I’m finally staring at what got me into this mess, those perky rounded gems. 

It’s only when I hear her throaty sound do I look at Dainy’s face. Her flushed round cheeks, and slightly scrunched nose are enough for me to realize I’m ogling her like some sick twisted fuck.  

“Dainy,” Her name rolls off my tongue like some sappy pup and I cringe. Shaking my head, I focus on why I’m here, “We have to talk about last night.”  

Her plump top lip becomes wet as her tongue glides across it, and I try, I really do, to muster the control I need to stop me from doing something, that I know would land us in a gallon of regret when reality comes knocking. 

“We can’t, Aiden’s here and my parents are on the way.” 

“Tonight, leave the window open.” Though she seems reluctant she nods, and just like that I’ll be alone with Dainy tonight. 

By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.