Liston hills

School me page 8

“Tonight, leave the window open.” Though she seems reluctant she nods, and just like that I’ll be alone with Dainy tonight.
I remember the day when the Hallows moved in, my best friend, Lucan and I were ten. We were flying my helicopter around my house. It was Lucan’s turn when he tripped over one of the fountain rocks, and lost control of the remote.

The helicopter went over the fence and got caught in the tree next door. Lucan was inspecting his bruised knee, that was no doubt going to swell up like a roasted marshmallow. I’d never say a thing about it though, it wasn’t our way, we were boys not sissies.

I left him alone to go get the helicopter and stopped short when I saw a tiny girl with open waist length blonde hair already climbing up the tree to fetch it. Waiting at the bottom, I scratched my head and watched her steadily climb up the thick trunk. When she got it I expected her to throw it down but she didn’t. Surprising me she stuffed it under her t-shirt. More than half of the body didn’t fit but it was enough to secure it until she got back down to the ground.

My friends would’ve teased her by doing that but I was raised differently, my dad taught me to always see the bigger picture and I did. She was smart.

When she landed a few feet way from me, she pulled my toy out and turned to face me. She had to look up cause I towered over her even then. Her brown eyes were small and her chubby cheeks were all pink and flushed.

I stuck my hand out expecting her to give me the helicopter so I can go, but she took my hand in her free tiny, dirty one and shook it, “I’m Dainy Hallow, nice to meet you.”

“Reagan, ah, Reagan Orniel.” Her curious stare made me blush, she was so confident, making her sound older than I thought this tiny girl was, “How old are you Dainy.”

“Eight n a half, and you?”

“Ten, can I have my helicopter back.” Her smile was way too bright when she handed it back to me. Then I noticed we were still holding hands and quickly took mine back.

I walked away that day without a backward glance and stopped only for a sec when she yelled, “It was nice meeting you Reagan.” I didn’t respond but shook my head smiling, the helicopter dangling from my hand.

The sun seemed to shine brighter when I got back to Lucan sitting in the same position I left him, “What you smiling at?”

I laughed at my best friend shaking my head, “Nothing.”

He got up from the floor, dusting out his shaggy black hair and frowned at my smiling blue eyes, “don’t nothing me Orniel spill it.”

I looked over the fence at the tall tree shaking my head, “Nothing dude.” And that was the first time I met Dainy Hallow.

By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.