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Liston Hills (school me)

Hey guys… Thanks for the emails and get well wishes… 🐸 I’m feeling a lot better.

So Liston Hills has come to a break 🌬. Part one is done. 20000 words completed. 
Don’t grumble…. Part two will be starting next month and school me part 1 will be removed off my blog by Friday this week and made available on Amazon and smashwords for $1 soon after with added parts of course.
I will post the links for you guys once I get to that. Still working on Kylie Brays editing… *sigh*

Let me get back on track… 💨. Okay… when part two returns I will be accepting comments and ideas. You are free to voice your opinions and because I write a page a day will add your guys ideas as we go along. Proof that I really do write a page a day.

Part 1 was more of an intro. We got to meet Dainy Hallow, Reagan Orniel and Sabastian Delroy and other characters. But like any novel there has to be a plot. Which will start in Part 2.

I was also thinking of doing a playlist and maybe a recap day. Where we can discuss stuff on an open platform, let me know. I want the writers and new Authors as well to have their say, so don’t be shy. 

No one is going to judge… All ideas are great ideas. We want some action, drama, adventure and romance. Maybe even a little suspense. 
I also want to let you guys know that Kylie Bray, Beggar, Capo di Capi and Liston Hills are all linked in the same world. Just different places and completely different people. 
I want to create a world with these stories. You guys will meet Kylie Bray in all my books and Liston Hills of course. She is my own personal chain that links these different people together. 

Let me know what you guys think about having a closed group on Facebook for Liston Hills. Won’t it be easier to meet and discuss things?

By Shan R.K

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