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Liston Hills (school me)

Hey guys!!! What a week. *groaning, alot*
🔱I have removed the pages off the website besides the first eight pages. ⚜As promised part 2 will be back on April 17th. 

🔱To all the new members who have joined The First Online Novel Ever-🔊Welcome to Liston Hills. 

⚜I am aware many of you don’t have WordPress and would like to comment on the post. 🔱To solve the problem I have decided to create a closed group on Facebook where you guys can comment and share your ideas. I’m looking forward to you guys joining in.

For those of you who haven’t read ‘school me’ part 1. It’ll be available for Pre-Order from March 27th for 99c and 🔛sale early April as promised. I’ll put the links on a blog post as promised with the cover (once it’s done). 

Enjoy the rest of your week😘 and thank you for being you.