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School me p2 (page 6)

Fifteen months ago…

“Where are we going, this mask is dumb, why can’t I just see where I’m walking?, you know you don’t need an excuse to hold my hand.” She gripes for the umpteenth time.

I squeeze her hand in warning, “Vixen, don’t tempt me.”

We walk quietly after that, the vast expanse of open field comprising the outskirts of the Delroy and Stone Estate, eventually ends when we walk through the trees. The birds sing of new dawns and endless wonders as my vixen’s damp palm cups mine.

I’m nervous about today, Dainy and I have been an item for three months now and it’s been four since I had sex. We didn’t venture beyond kissing for the first few weeks, but last month my little Vixen started wondering, and wandering into adult territory. I’ve never met another couple like us. We’re different, we crave things that aren’t normal, we want things that aren’t legal and forgive me father, cos today I’m about to sin and Dainy Hallow is to be the willing victim.

Twenty minutes of slow walking, we stop by the three story cabin. Taking a big breath, I stand behind Dainy and cup her hips. She shivers as I bend down to suck a small piece of flesh on her neck. And my balls tighten when she artfully gives me access while pressing her round ass against my crotch.

The saltiness from the sheen of sweat glistening on her skin isn’t enough to put me off her silky flesh, “take it off now!”

I take a step back after giving my command, my hands tucked into my suit pocket as I wait.

Pulling the blindfold off carelessly, she flings it on the ground. My mouth lifts into a smile at the entire thing. I’m spared a brief glance before she faces the cabin and gapes, “it’s beautiful, Why didn’t you tell me this was on the property.”

“Technically it wasn’t until recently, when I bought it.” Her eyes widen as a naughty twinkle dances behind her golden gaze, “This is yours?”

The word no is on the tip of my tongue but I know my beauty will feel uncomfortable with the truth, so I just smile in answer and walk up to her.

Dainy wants to kiss me, I can see it in her eyes as I grip her shoulders and spin her around to face the cabin. My hands naturally fall to her waist when she starts walking up the stairs to the porch, mumbling incoherent words.

When we get to the door I pull her back snugly to my front with one arm around her waist whilst the other feathers down her arm to her hand where I place the single key, “Open it.”

The tremble in her fingers as she holds the key in the palm of her hand is the only sign that she is as nervous as I am.

“What is this cabin for Sabastian.”

I don’t squander with mindless thoughts, I just answer in all honesty, “Us, this is our secret place.”

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Author Shan R.K Liston hills

School me p2 (page 5)


“If I knew we were dressing casually I would’ve carried a tie.” Her face flushes a bright red at the mention of my tie and If she wasn’t the vision of my eyes at this moment I would have recalled every dirty thing I’ve done to her body with just a tie.

“Did I ever mention that you an asshole,” She mutters.

“Yes, mostly when you were begging me to let you come.” I shrug.

 Dainy glares at me as her shapely legs trot up the three wooden steps while she flips off her shoes leaving them on the porch where I stand with my hands in my suit pockets, silently watching her disappear into the cabin as if she owns the place.

She actually does own the cabin and surrounding area but she doesn’t have a clue. Dainy thinks this idle cabin that ‘magically’ appeared is mine. Truth is, I had it built for her when she was fifteen, a few days after her first real fight with her dad. Dainy and her father don’t know this, but that night when he swore my Vixen and told her to get out of his house I was in Aiden’s room. I didn’t have access to large sums of money at the time but one word with my dad and he was covering the cost. That’s my father for you.

Upon hearing the scrape of a chair, I walk into the cabin, and with it I step foot in to our past, where Dainy was just a girl and I was a starving beast.


Author Shan R.K

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Author Shan R.K Liston hills

School me p2 (page 4)


Have you ever seen beauty? You probably have, but have you really got to see it, taste it, live with it. Truth is, not many can answer that because you don’t really know true beauty. Most people will never know it, many will never experience it, because there is no true beauty with out true love. The gut wrenching, earth quaking, soul binding kinda love. In order to really understand the beauty of anything you have to be infected by that heady inexplicable disease that wraps around you, infecting you bit by bit.

I have, her skin was the finest sculpture that God ever made, every slope, every nick and glide ENRAPTURED me. The light dust of freckles painting her nose, teasing her cheek bones CAPTIVATED me. She called them imperfections, I called them entrapment because I never could help myself as I traced my finger lightly from one dot to the other.

The shape of her face, the curved bone from her jaw to her chin was enough to keep me hypnotized but her eyes when she stared at me from across the room condemned me. If you were ever lucky enough to stare into her gaze you’d swear it’s black, but if you ever got close enough, you’ll realize it was the deepest gold you’ll ever see. So you see, my beauty was perfect, from the smell of her skin to her perfectly curved lips that weren’t too big or too small but full lips that didn’t tease you with seduction it guaranteed perfection.

Dainy Hallow was beauty until I crushed her by protecting her. Leaving Liston Hills wasn’t difficult, but leaving my little Vixen sent me to the darkest parts of my mind and for one year I ruled it as judge, jury and executioner. I was lost without and crushed when she warmed the bed of one of my closest friends even after she knew I was back, when she chose him over me.

Just this morning I was willing to wait, willing to let her date Reagan and take a step back, but Dainy called me to our secret place, and something in me snapped. My grandmother told me the day she caught Dainy and I kissing under the mistletoe that it’s not the one who holds her hand while she strolls in the light that will capture her heart, but the one she calls when there is no light left. She called me.

When I spot her scantly covered body in those tiny shorts at the front door of the cabin I am only a man, and she is my weakness. I can’t take my eyes off of her for a second, even when Aiden greets me, even as he jumps in his car and leaves I still can’t take my eyes off her.

“If I knew we were dressing casually I would’ve carried a tie.” Her face flushes a bright red at the mention of my tie and If she wasn’t the vision of my eyes at this moment I would have recalled every dirty thing I’ve done to her body with just a tie.

Author Shan R.K Liston hills

School me p2 (page 3) 


“You heard about the dead woman on the news, the whole towns talkin’ about it.” Talon, my ten year old half brother practically screams from across the room while he manages to still keep his game going on the split screen of the tv that’s mounted to the wall. He lives for the weekends to play on his xbox and PlayStation atleast he opened the blinds this time, I guess he’s getting bigger right before my eyes.

If Lucan were here he would be doing the same thing, just sitting his ass down and killing zombies. I, on the other hand have my moments when I spend the entire weekend just playing PlayStation, but they hardly ever happen.

Most of the time on weekends I’m outside burning the pavement with my sneakers or taking short trips to the mountain range for a good climb. It’s amazing the amount of energy I have, well more like had, cause since I’ve been sleeping in Dainy’s bed this week I hadn’t had much of that energy, in fact, I’m feeling extremely lazy today. Waking up at four to get your ass home isn’t ideal when you got to be at school shortly after and still endure two hours of practice from Hitler himself. My coach is a psycho and that’s putting it lightly. Good thing Dainy makes it worth my while.

“I’ve just woken up buddy, what dead woman?” I stretch my arms in the air walking toward my little bro, that despite having a different mother, looks exactly like me. My boxer covered body flops down next to him on the Italian designed sectional. It’s only then I notice he has on swimming trunks, which means his friends are coming over. He never swims at this time otherwise.

“Some forty year old woman was found dead in the river just outside Liston, Jason said his mom called it murder.” His face lights up, and I swear sometimes I’m dumbfounded with what amuses young boys today.

I rub my face with my left hand and stare at my brother through my fingers. His face is stuck to the screen as his fingers, primarily his thumbs abuse the remote.

My mind is still a bit fuzzy from the long needed nap I had this morning but I’m not so out of it to know that there’s more to the story. So like the big brother I am I pull the remote out of his hand and pause the game.

“Hey, I was playing that, I’m telling dad.” He gripes and I roll my eyes as I drop the remote on the carpet.

“You’ll get it back after you spill it.”

His blue eyes glower at me, “Dad left a few minutes after we saw the news, he said mom is going to be back later but when she was taking stuff outa the car the police came by and she left with them.”

“Ha, where’s Lara?” I question as he bends over my legs to get his remote.

“Dad dropped her off for her play day at Uncle Hectors house, Aiden and Kylie came to visit for the weekend.” I ruffle his head as he goes back to his game.

It’s twenty minutes later after I jump out of the shower do I put my tv on in my bedroom.

CNN finishes its financial report as I’m slipping on a white tee. I pick up the volume when the news bulletin returns.

“…After the dead body was found so close to Liston Hills. The town is famously known to occupy America’s richest families with multi billionaires Hector Stone and Andrew Delroy. The death of Jane Doe is bound to cause an uproar in the small and quiet community.”

I frown and shake my head as I stare at the reporter in the screen. She holds the receiver plugged into her ear, letting us know that she’s receiving something new.

“I’ve just received a new report. It seems that one of Liston Hill’s founding families have just confirmed the name of the forty year old Jane Doe as Gina Lorne.”

“Who’s Gina Lorne.” I’m frozen in place, when Talon’s voice from the doorway to my bedroom has me answering him with two words that I’d never thought I’d ever rhyme with Gina Lorne.

“My mother.”

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Author Shan R.K Liston hills

School me p2 (page 2)

The back route to the Delroy’s and Stone Estate is mercilessly quiet. My brother’s comment is something that for some reason holds me in a haze between cautious curiosity and nervous understanding.

Our normally quiet roads are unnaturally busy today. This is Liston Hills, people are indoors, either having a party or attending one. If you not doing that then you must be working, or jumping on your helicopter leaving for the weekend. People in Liston Hills aren’t out, driving their Porsches in the afternoon unless there’s reason and we all know it’s the forty year old Jane Doe, with the black butterfly tattooed to her flesh.

I shiver for no other reason than the image from the t.v while I watch the unusual bustle in my small community. Is there any other reason? We have one major mall and a couple of restaurants that knows a Saturday is a quiet day, of course there is no other reason, and as we drive to our destination, my stomach turns and twists like a warning call of what’s to come.

It’s easy to spot the three storey cabin, which can be seen clearer from end of the road as we skirt around the edges of the titanium enforced, brick covered walls surrounding the Estate.

Five miles pass the Estate is the Delroy’s cabin, my brother is still quiet, there is no music to fill the void unless I’m counting the loud drumming of my heart as I see the chrome metal that I know belongs to Sabastian parked out front as my brother drives up on to the driveway.

“Are you going to be okay.” My brothers voice should help my sudden stupor but I remain silent. I’m not sure how to answer him, truth is It feels like I’m doing something wrong, like I’m betraying Reagan ‘cause my traitor of a body is excited, yet my scraped and beaten heart is still suffering the effects of Sabastian Delroy. You know the one where you just have to block it out, and forget that you care for that person, forget that you saw your future only with that person. As it consumed you, until you were there at the edge waiting for them to wrap their hands around your waist and whisper those delicious words you crave like the hit of caffeine in the morning. It came for me, he did it all, and I forgot about Reagan, I forgot about everything except him, Sabastian Delroy. Then he reminded me, he showed me why I hated him, why I was suppose to stay away from him. He showed me how it was to really rip someone to shreds, to leave them bleeding without a trace of evidence but the silent tears that leave the glow of a shattered heart behind. Sabastian Delroy taught me fear.


Author Shan R.K Liston hills

School me p2 (page 1)


Three days. 

We all have a moment or few when we fly through life, forgetting the minuscule times whilst we focus on the bigger ones that will pave our way for a more ‘appealing’ future.

I’ve had some, the last one was just this week. I was paving my future of getting Sabastian Delroy out of it.

For the past three days I succeeded. I’d avoided Sabastian Delroy, even as I felt his presence lurking in the shadows, waiting. I succumbed to the touch of Reagan Orniel because he was the boy I’d always wanted, knowing that when I closed my eyes at night it wasn’t his blue eyed gaze I sought and for three days I succeeded until Saturday afternoon when I switched on the wall mounted tv my dad kept in the dining area to watch the stock.

I was drinking a cup of coffee and waiting for Aiden to take me to see Rae. My white denim shorts and blue t-shirt I was wearing was exactly the outfit I needed to climb up the attic ladder that Rae and I would eventually end up doing so we can enjoy a few beers without her brothers sniffing our noses. I was still flying high, my day looking good.

Then everything just seemed to slow down as I listened to the brunette reporter, “… While investigators are attempting to get a name of the forty year old jane doe found yesterday night just outside Liston Hills, insiders that found the body says that we could be looking at first degree murder..” Her voice faded from my listening as I stared at the corpse and what caught my eye, what really had me doing what I did next is the butterfly tattooed to her hand.

So now here I am, my still full coffee cup on the white ivory antique table and the ringing in my ear.

“Talk.” The bite of Sabastian’s voice on the other end of the the phone I’m clutching like a lifeline in my trembling hand tells me that I’ve made the right choice in calling him. Sabastian will fix this.

“It’s Dainy, can we meet, it’s important.” I say not knowing what else to.

He doesn’t even think about it, not even a second of thought when he answers, “When and where?” And the relief in my tense shoulders lessens because that is the Sabastian I know, the guy that I once called mine.

So is it any wonder that I choose the one place I know won’t be disturbed by anyone, “Our spot in twenty.”

When I get off the phone I let out a small scream when I find my brother lounging casually on the corner chair. His white tee and crisp jeans are new and the yellowing bruises on his face a few days old. My parents had left yesterday to New York so my brother was all too happy to come home.

“Ready to go?” I ask him

“Yeah, who were you talking too?”

“Sabastian, I need to go see him.” He is quiet for a beat and my heart rockets that my brother might know something is up.

He stands up and pulls his key out of his denims, “we’ll go the back way, I’ll drop you close to the cabin.”

My eyebrows shoot up, “How did you, how ah…” I stutter.

“You my sister Dainy, there isn’t much I don’t know. Come on.” He smiles a little and I follow him out the door.


Author Shan R.K Liston hills


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Author Shan R.K Liston hills

School me (previously)


“Son, you’re up early.”

I pour coffee into the empty cup next to mine at the sound of my fathers entry, “Yes, well Jace will be joining me shortly for an early game. It seemed important, he woke me up at two.”

My father’s bare feet walk the distance from the metal fridge to where I stand across the fifteen meter expanse of stainless steel and dark wood kitchen décor with his empty coffee cup in hand.

He takes the refill I’ve already poured from my outstretched hand and leans against the marble top table, “Any word from your sister?”

“She’s fine dad, she’ll be here before you get back tonite and so will I.”

He sips his coffee, a speculative agenda crosses his face, “How’s Dainy, haven’t seen her around here recently.”

I put my coffee cup down and slip my hands in my pocket, “I told you she’s with Reagan for now.”

He takes another gulp from his mug, “For now.”

I laugh silently as my dad walks toward the fridge again to prepare breakfast.

Two hours later, I got a putter in hand. Jace is standing next to me as I make my shot to sink in my first ball. The golf course is one of the many things the Stone’s and Delroy’s share since we are the only two houses in this place with over a thousand acres of land. Though people have rumored it to be more, it’s not.

We have one wall that goes around both our properties with four gates, two for the Stones and two for us. My dad and Hector are best friends. They are so close I wonder how the hell they managed to find time for each other if they both have empires to run let alone have kids. I mean Kids with an s, Hector Stone has six kids. Well seven if you count his step daughter, Kylie. I on the other hand just have my sister.

My ball sinks and I watch Jace set his. I shake my head when I see he’s wearing his leather sandals, “Where’s the shoes I got for you last week.”

Jace’s focus is on the ball, his knees bent. He’s about a half a meter from the hole.

“Michael swiped them last nite man. I’m going to need another pair. How about you just get for the others too.” He gets the ball in easy enough.

“He has a pair,” I shrug, “I sent them all one last week, even Ky got one.”

Jace stops, and though he’s playing it cool I know he’s pissed, but with a brother like Michael what are you going to do.

Michael probably lost his while he was having some major breakthrough. The guys a genius in true form and huge, like muscle football player huge. But I got those shoes custom made and it was Jace’s birthday gift. I bought the others a sports brand.

“I’ll order you another pair, you can keep it by my place.”

The Sun isn’t fully out since it’s 5.15 am on a Saturday morning, and I’m not fully awake either. But it’s nice playing golf after so long. We walk to the next hole as we’ve done since we were ten. We’ve never taken a caddy or a cart, it’s not the first time I wonder why the hell not.


“Hows the house looking?”

“Your room needs unpacking.” Jace decided a few days to move in with Connor and Myself.

The house I purchased across the road from Dainy is a three storey and six bedroom mansion. Nothing compared to what Jace and I are used to, but definitely something to talk about. We had a jacuzzi and sauna installed in the past few days and extra closet space. The alarm system and house functions was made entirely by Jace’s brother Michael so we know it’s safe and top quality.

The indoor pool had to be refurbished and the walls surrounding it was replaced by electronic tints.

“Have you heard from Dainy?”

My shorts vibrate, letting me know of the incoming call, but I ignore it.

“Haven’t seen Dainy since Tuesday, I would’ve thought she’ll come by, by now.”

Jace frowns, but I just focus straight ahead.

“She’s coming over to see Rae today, Aiden called, apparently he wants to get keep her away from Reagan, I don’t blame him. Reagan’s my cousin but I don’t agree with him dating Dainy.” Jace’s words isn’t news to me. Aiden hates Reagan more so after he beat him up.

I pull my golf bag harder than needed and ignore the hurt I feel that Dainy is actually sleeping with my friend.

Her eyes the other day when he was kissing her, told me that the best thing to do for now would be to let it play out. Reagan and Dainy wouldn’t last. I wish she could just figure it out sooner so I wouldn’t have to show her.

When will she come to me freely, will I always be chasing after Dainy.

I put my tee in the sand and pull the driver from my bag while Jace puts the ball on queue.

“Now that we got all that out of the way, what had you calling me at two in morning.” I ask as I swing my shot and look at the ball go.

“Kylie heard Kevin talking to David about some new girl they picked up in Washington last week. She calls herself Beggar.”

“You want me to call Kent and fill in the blanks.”

“Yeah, no P.I’s”

“You a few days too late, Dexter was already informed by my dad, David must’ve had the same idea, but I can get you a copy of the info once he gets it.”


“Don’t mention it. How’s things in public.”

He snickers, “Mason got suspended, had to coin out a school bus to keep his dad from knowing.”

I chuckle and watch Jace set his ball up. My mind now on Dexter Kent who has been tailing Dainy for me this past year, he went as far as joining her squad. I have to give the guy points he has balls.

A few months back Dexter Kents dad died and he was recently elected sole owner of his dad’s company. So at just seventeen he is now a business owner and Delroy’s latest side man. His family has been indebted to mine for almost sixty years now. So whenever we need stuff done that isn’t a hundred percent legal we call The Kents. I gotta love my family.

My afternoon passes by in a rush of attending to the business. Getting the family crust and my share of the cash meant I inherited the piece of the company that came with it. The responsibilities were part of the package and like all Delroys I had to put in my thirty five hours a week.

I’ve just about done with the last contract signing when my phone chimes. The study I’m conducting my work in is one of the older down stated models. It’s a mess.

I pick up the phone from my study desk, “Talk.” I say.

“It’s Dainy, can we meet, it’s important.”

“When and where?”

“Our spot in twenty.” The call goes dead and I clutch the receiver in my hand. She called me, for what ever reason she called me. I stand up and walk toward the coat rack. I slip my jacket on and switch the light off. As I open the door I button up my suit. My father is in the hallway on his phone. When he sees my expression he stops and arches his brow.

“Where are you off to son?”

“Securing my future.” I walk past him and don’t stop even when he asks, “Are you sure son.”

I’ve never been so certain in my life. Dainy Hallow just called me and all bets are off. She’s mine now and she’s about to learn her first lesson. Once a Delroy’s girl always a Delroy’s girl.

Author Shan R.K Liston hills

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