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Three days. 

We all have a moment or few when we fly through life, forgetting the minuscule times whilst we focus on the bigger ones that will pave our way for a more ‘appealing’ future.

I’ve had some, the last one was just this week. I was paving my future of getting Sabastian Delroy out of it.

For the past three days I succeeded. I’d avoided Sabastian Delroy, even as I felt his presence lurking in the shadows, waiting. I succumbed to the touch of Reagan Orniel because he was the boy I’d always wanted, knowing that when I closed my eyes at night it wasn’t his blue eyed gaze I sought and for three days I succeeded until Saturday afternoon when I switched on the wall mounted tv my dad kept in the dining area to watch the stock.

I was drinking a cup of coffee and waiting for Aiden to take me to see Rae. My white denim shorts and blue t-shirt I was wearing was exactly the outfit I needed to climb up the attic ladder that Rae and I would eventually end up doing so we can enjoy a few beers without her brothers sniffing our noses. I was still flying high, my day looking good.

Then everything just seemed to slow down as I listened to the brunette reporter, “… While investigators are attempting to get a name of the forty year old jane doe found yesterday night just outside Liston Hills, insiders that found the body says that we could be looking at first degree murder..” Her voice faded from my listening as I stared at the corpse and what caught my eye, what really had me doing what I did next is the butterfly tattooed to her hand.

So now here I am, my still full coffee cup on the white ivory antique table and the ringing in my ear.

“Talk.” The bite of Sabastian’s voice on the other end of the the phone I’m clutching like a lifeline in my trembling hand tells me that I’ve made the right choice in calling him. Sabastian will fix this.

“It’s Dainy, can we meet, it’s important.” I say not knowing what else to.

He doesn’t even think about it, not even a second of thought when he answers, “When and where?” And the relief in my tense shoulders lessens because that is the Sabastian I know, the guy that I once called mine.

So is it any wonder that I choose the one place I know won’t be disturbed by anyone, “Our spot in twenty.”

When I get off the phone I let out a small scream when I find my brother lounging casually on the corner chair. His white tee and crisp jeans are new and the yellowing bruises on his face a few days old. My parents had left yesterday to New York so my brother was all too happy to come home.

“Ready to go?” I ask him

“Yeah, who were you talking too?”

“Sabastian, I need to go see him.” He is quiet for a beat and my heart rockets that my brother might know something is up.

He stands up and pulls his key out of his denims, “we’ll go the back way, I’ll drop you close to the cabin.”

My eyebrows shoot up, “How did you, how ah…” I stutter.

“You my sister Dainy, there isn’t much I don’t know. Come on.” He smiles a little and I follow him out the door.


By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.