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“You heard about the dead woman on the news, the whole towns talkin’ about it.” Talon, my ten year old half brother practically screams from across the room while he manages to still keep his game going on the split screen of the tv that’s mounted to the wall. He lives for the weekends to play on his xbox and PlayStation atleast he opened the blinds this time, I guess he’s getting bigger right before my eyes.

If Lucan were here he would be doing the same thing, just sitting his ass down and killing zombies. I, on the other hand have my moments when I spend the entire weekend just playing PlayStation, but they hardly ever happen.

Most of the time on weekends I’m outside burning the pavement with my sneakers or taking short trips to the mountain range for a good climb. It’s amazing the amount of energy I have, well more like had, cause since I’ve been sleeping in Dainy’s bed this week I hadn’t had much of that energy, in fact, I’m feeling extremely lazy today. Waking up at four to get your ass home isn’t ideal when you got to be at school shortly after and still endure two hours of practice from Hitler himself. My coach is a psycho and that’s putting it lightly. Good thing Dainy makes it worth my while.

“I’ve just woken up buddy, what dead woman?” I stretch my arms in the air walking toward my little bro, that despite having a different mother, looks exactly like me. My boxer covered body flops down next to him on the Italian designed sectional. It’s only then I notice he has on swimming trunks, which means his friends are coming over. He never swims at this time otherwise.

“Some forty year old woman was found dead in the river just outside Liston, Jason said his mom called it murder.” His face lights up, and I swear sometimes I’m dumbfounded with what amuses young boys today.

I rub my face with my left hand and stare at my brother through my fingers. His face is stuck to the screen as his fingers, primarily his thumbs abuse the remote.

My mind is still a bit fuzzy from the long needed nap I had this morning but I’m not so out of it to know that there’s more to the story. So like the big brother I am I pull the remote out of his hand and pause the game.

“Hey, I was playing that, I’m telling dad.” He gripes and I roll my eyes as I drop the remote on the carpet.

“You’ll get it back after you spill it.”

His blue eyes glower at me, “Dad left a few minutes after we saw the news, he said mom is going to be back later but when she was taking stuff outa the car the police came by and she left with them.”

“Ha, where’s Lara?” I question as he bends over my legs to get his remote.

“Dad dropped her off for her play day at Uncle Hectors house, Aiden and Kylie came to visit for the weekend.” I ruffle his head as he goes back to his game.

It’s twenty minutes later after I jump out of the shower do I put my tv on in my bedroom.

CNN finishes its financial report as I’m slipping on a white tee. I pick up the volume when the news bulletin returns.

“…After the dead body was found so close to Liston Hills. The town is famously known to occupy America’s richest families with multi billionaires Hector Stone and Andrew Delroy. The death of Jane Doe is bound to cause an uproar in the small and quiet community.”

I frown and shake my head as I stare at the reporter in the screen. She holds the receiver plugged into her ear, letting us know that she’s receiving something new.

“I’ve just received a new report. It seems that one of Liston Hill’s founding families have just confirmed the name of the forty year old Jane Doe as Gina Lorne.”

“Who’s Gina Lorne.” I’m frozen in place, when Talon’s voice from the doorway to my bedroom has me answering him with two words that I’d never thought I’d ever rhyme with Gina Lorne.

“My mother.”

This weeks theme song – “people help the people by birdy”

By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.