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Fifteen months ago…

“Where are we going, this mask is dumb, why can’t I just see where I’m walking?, you know you don’t need an excuse to hold my hand.” She gripes for the umpteenth time.

I squeeze her hand in warning, “Vixen, don’t tempt me.”

We walk quietly after that, the vast expanse of open field comprising the outskirts of the Delroy and Stone Estate, eventually ends when we walk through the trees. The birds sing of new dawns and endless wonders as my vixen’s damp palm cups mine.

I’m nervous about today, Dainy and I have been an item for three months now and it’s been four since I had sex. We didn’t venture beyond kissing for the first few weeks, but last month my little Vixen started wondering, and wandering into adult territory. I’ve never met another couple like us. We’re different, we crave things that aren’t normal, we want things that aren’t legal and forgive me father, cos today I’m about to sin and Dainy Hallow is to be the willing victim.

Twenty minutes of slow walking, we stop by the three story cabin. Taking a big breath, I stand behind Dainy and cup her hips. She shivers as I bend down to suck a small piece of flesh on her neck. And my balls tighten when she artfully gives me access while pressing her round ass against my crotch.

The saltiness from the sheen of sweat glistening on her skin isn’t enough to put me off her silky flesh, “take it off now!”

I take a step back after giving my command, my hands tucked into my suit pocket as I wait.

Pulling the blindfold off carelessly, she flings it on the ground. My mouth lifts into a smile at the entire thing. I’m spared a brief glance before she faces the cabin and gapes, “it’s beautiful, Why didn’t you tell me this was on the property.”

“Technically it wasn’t until recently, when I bought it.” Her eyes widen as a naughty twinkle dances behind her golden gaze, “This is yours?”

The word no is on the tip of my tongue but I know my beauty will feel uncomfortable with the truth, so I just smile in answer and walk up to her.

Dainy wants to kiss me, I can see it in her eyes as I grip her shoulders and spin her around to face the cabin. My hands naturally fall to her waist when she starts walking up the stairs to the porch, mumbling incoherent words.

When we get to the door I pull her back snugly to my front with one arm around her waist whilst the other feathers down her arm to her hand where I place the single key, “Open it.”

The tremble in her fingers as she holds the key in the palm of her hand is the only sign that she is as nervous as I am.

“What is this cabin for Sabastian.”

I don’t squander with mindless thoughts, I just answer in all honesty, “Us, this is our secret place.”

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