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Competition Time!!!

So who doesn’t like winning? As is custom in all things AWESOME, there should be a competition.

Make a (Liston Hills ) School me or Beggar (Satan Snipers) fan fiction YouTube video before the end of September 2017 and email me the link with your name eg. ( , Mary ). Winners will be announced October 1st.

All people are allowed to enter this one. 👯The Final Winner gets 🗣 A smart watch, male or female. Second runner up gets a $10 Amazon gift card✍🏻 and third runner up gets a $5 Amazon gift card✍🏻. 
The rules are simple: 🎤🔊

1. Work hard and try your best. 

2. No copying or stealing other people’s work

3. Don’t think you can’t do it, because you can.

4. A person can enter as many times as they like

5. Email me the links on 

6. If you have any questions you guys can email me or message me on Facebook, Twitter or WordPress. 

7. Videos must stay on YouTube until the end of the competition 

8. Enjoy and goodluck.

Winners will be announced October 1st and winners should email me necessary information once their names are announced

Author Shan R.K Satan snipers mc Satan Snipers MC

A Satan Snipers Novella :- River’s Keeper 

This is for all the Beggar fans, just to keep you guys busy while I write Zero. I will post the First chapter as I do with all my books and future books. So stay tuned. But for now🎬🎧 This is the cover… And yes, to all of you who are wondering, I don’t do cover reveals, I firmly believe it’s what is inside the book that counts hence the Chapter reveal.😚😊 Weird I know.

She was forgettable, Why couldn’t I stay away.

Coming soon.

Author Shan R.K Liston hills

Apologies to All

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen 
Sorry,🎭 sorry, sorry!!! I haven’t posted the school me page. I will post the page for yesterday today and today’s one tomorrow. I got a little bit sidetracked. A lot happening in my personal life…. Don’t stress it’s all good things I promise.

I also have an exciting announcement later on this week. 

I’m working on the first competition which will be out on Saturday. 

Enjoy the rest of your morning.🎤🎧🎺🎸