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The Story of Us

I wrote this one years before I even learnt the difference between being and been. Last week I had the privilege to speak to some amazing people. It was sort of those don’t ask don’t tell things, and it got me thinking about a lot of changes that has happened recently in my life. And I wanted to share something with you all, something close to my heart… You guys may share this, use it, its called ….

The Story of US

There are many stories to the day we met, but only one thing stays the same.

That Friday when I swopped my shorts and boots for a pants and heels the sun wasn’t shining on me.

I was just a little mite moving from aimless wanderer to director, learning that a mite did have a purpose

how big? I couldn’t yet see that far.

I was still dreaming about stars and fairies, 

the winds harshness not yet painting me to its dark corners. 

We met at a time when the sun wasnt shining on me, 

then we blew up, 

We flew up so high I  was barely breathing.

My eyes masked by the pureness of nothing

My lips before your lips an eve of glory

And for that short while, 

Even while I barely breathed

While the sun refused to grace me with its golden glow I remained firm


You left me

When you were gone I learned to be stronger, 

I learned that I didn’t need the sun when I had myself. 

So I reaped the rewards of the darkness and soared in the shadows,

Then you came back,

Weak, needy, begging me to help you fly, 

It was in your eyes,

In your hunched back, 

Your old wrinkled frown 

and I did.

I crawled while holding your feet on my back, 

So you could learn to fly again, 

it wasn’t long ’till you opened those wings and lifted into the light, 

it wasn’t long until you soared, 

But you were so heavy

your weight hurt me, 

crippled me 

And again you forgot I was even there, 

You forgot I was still crawling

Barely breathing

There is a lot of memories I will cherish, 

A lot of roads  I will learn to walk on ,

Before I am able to look straight up, my head bent,

Without it falling,

Looking up into the sky until I squint and the sun blinds me that I just have one more thing to do and that’s laugh. 

Until then I will know in my heart, I was strong enough for the two of us, so just like my old country boots that has seen more soles than my years on this earth I will stand tall again because I am and will always be country strong.

By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.

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