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I don’t hate lying and as many would convince themselves they do I would not, because lying will eventually be the strongest tool I have once Reagan finds out about my involvement with his dead mother. 
I do however despise the idea of doing it to protect myself against my own boyfriend. The same boyfriend that brings me cherries every morning. The guy that whispers delicious sensual promises in my ear at night.
There are mornings when I wake up and ask myself will today be the day that Reagan finds out the truth. I’m not going to make it easy for him if he does.

Reagan can’t just leave me.

I have wanted Reagan Orniel since I started liking boys, I loved the guy. He was my neighbor, my friend and now finally he is my lover
It isn’t the first time I think that, does my heart and mind go to war. 

My heart always beats faster, harder when Sabastian is  around, or he crosses my mind. 

But my mind , my mind warns me of his hurt, of the pain and power he wielded over me.

My mind cautions me of the moment he destroyed me without even a shred of guilt, he didn’t even have to face me, touch me.

“Dainy, Get your ass down here now, we gotta move bitch” That Southern belle voice perks me up, and brings my mood to a high

I was just sitting on my bed and staring at the blank, blackened screen of my phone. 

My denim shorts pulled up to the top of my thighs. My white vest blocked by the fan of my open blonde hair. 

Upon hearing that voice I am off my bed and rushing out the door in less than a minute

My feet take the stairs two at a time and right there by the end of the staircase dressed in tight hip hugging black denims , boots, and a body every woman envies and every man dreams about is Kylie fucking Bray

We hug each other, and it isn’t new to me that my face goes right to breasts.

“Are we living or dying? You said eleven its nine.” I take a step away from her embrace giving her eyes my own.

Since the night Reagan went missing Kylie and I have become closer friends. At first I found it weird she was calling me up, I mean she is a Bray, and it’s Kylie , 

She is a legend what would she want with me.

But I soon learnt that she just wanted to be friends. This weekend would be the first one I spend at her place in Washington, it is why she’s currently standing in my house and my bags are packed by the door. 

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