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School me p3 (page 6)


We sitting downstairs on the deck, the outside breakfast table set with a variety of cheese, 

fruit , nuts, and cold meat. 

I’m sipping on my ice tea, whilst my father reads the paper. 

The Suns rays shinning directly on the swimming pool when my phone chimes. 

I admit that my first thought is Dainy but that hope quickly dies a humiliating death, she 

won’t be dialling out as she is with Kylie and one of the things I asked Kylie to do was keep 

my vixen busy these next two days .

“Delroy.” I say, answering the blocked number.

“Stop digging or you and your little bitch will be wearing orange suits pretty fucking soon.” 

The call is cut, and the male raspy voice rings in my ear. 

I remain cool and collective even though I am completely pissed off. My father remains 

reading and I push my chair back in a polite manner. 

“Not finishing your tea? Did Sheila make it too sweet ?” My father asks not dropping the 

paper from his face.

“Tea was lovely as always, I’ve got some business needing my attention, I will see you tonight dad.” 

I button up my suit jacket and walk around the house. 

My mind, body, even my blood is wanting to run and track this fucker down, 

then destroy him. 

Nobody threatens my Vixen and gets away with it. 

As I round the corner phone still in my hand I speed dial Kent. 

“If it can’t wait until next week don’t let me know. I’m stacked,” He says in greeting

Normally I find his dry sarcasm slightly amusing, today somebody I don’t now got a hold of my number. 

Today some strange man threatened Dainy

Today I think I just might have found out who killed Gina

“Meet me at the cabin, someone just threatened Dainy.” I put the phone down but not before I hear his muttered fuck. 

By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.