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New Years

In life many of us wait until December to make resolutions for The New Year Ahead. Some stick to it whilst most don’t. Yet come next year we will be doing the same thing.

I remember when I was younger I would listen to my aunts, uncles and parents talk about their new year resolutions. Talk about their hope for the future. How this will be the year they stopped smoking, went to gym, stopped partying, learned to be nicer , the list in endless. 

Thing is do we really need a new year for a new beginning? Do we honestly need till end of the month to start a new path? No we don’t. 

Life is never stopping, every minute we waste thinking about what we should be doing or going to be doing is every minute we could be doing it. 

I used to be like that, with the stars in my eyes and my dreams in my heart until I decided to stop waiting, stop asking yourself how and start telling yourself now. I wanted it bad enough that I did everything I could to get where I needed to be. For me it was strength, the inner kind. 

Most of us are born with our limbs intact, a head on our shoulders so why not use it? 

Why is that one chooses to listen to the opinions of society. 

Why do you have to be waiter because your mum was?

Or dress a certain way because everybody else does? 

Why does one have to wait, when waiting isn’t going to get you where you want or need to go. 

Planning is good, but most people are always planning. When does the planning stop and action starts. 

I say to all of you, don’t wait for tomorrow to live, live now. Don’t keep telling yourself soon when now is the time

I find in life that questions always have answers. Find yours and get out there and do what you need to. 

You don’t need a new year , you don’t need a new month or week to follow your dreams. You need focus.

So starve that distraction that takes you away from that which you crave and give you all to where you want to be because if you don’t , you would spend the rest of your life living a life you never wanted, a life you didn’t really have to have. 

Sacrifice, focus and push harder than you have ever pushed. Fight harder for what you want because it is yours. 

Happy New Year to all of you and may this year be the year that you stop saying when and start saying now 

By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.