Liston hills

School me p3 (page 25)

Dainy and Christopher chat about Mason and her weekend


I slam my locker door closed, and rush toward my science class.

Today is pop quiz day. The idea of the word pop is supposed to mean we don’t know about it.

But this is Liston High Private. Everybody knows about everything. Our school is like a pound filled with gossipers, trouble makers and divas.

Surprisingly the principal manages to keep our year exams a secret. (He doesn’t really, he sells our papers for five hundred dollars a page. And math he doubles it)

My best friend Christopher Hugh meets me at the door of our physics class while all the other kids rush in side, mumbling their hellos, while the girls giggle and bat their eyelashes at my best friend.

“Yo Dainy, how was the weekend with the infamous Madon Bray ?” Christopher asks me as I give him an one-arm hug by the door glaring at Ashley Herne as she passes me.

“Madon.” I snort at that ridiculous name Christopher made up in 8th grade when Mason punched our then history teacher, Mr Ricken after he told Mason to remove his entitled ass from his classroom when Mason told Mr Ricken that he should be teaching 4th graders history not 8th.

“Nothing to remember and I mean that in a totally grey way.”

Christopher leads me into the room with his hand on my back, and we immediately walk to our chairs that are four rows from the front.

“You telling me that the Madon Bray was actually tolerable? Have you been holding out on me? Or has my hearing finally gone awol?”

“I’m saying that it actually wasn’t that bad. Now back to more interesting topics, did you really shack up with Bronwyn and Billie Tanner?”

We sit down as Ms Carmichael and Ms Nelan enters the classroom.

“Pop quiz.”

By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.