Liston hills

School me p3 (page 27)


“Tad Presley, hmmmm, now what do I owe the pleasure of today?” The sarcasm is thick in my voice as the handsome richly dark skinned Billionaire playboy sits next to me on the cemented seating.

The guy is a critically important jackass at our prestigious school. He is on the lacrosse team because apparently ‘dum fool’s’ Play football but a real man plays lacrosse.

He is an egotistical rich boy. A cliché if I am speaking from the world’s point of view.

His dad was an engine specialist for Lamborghini until he developed his own engine with parts and all. Now they use it in NASCAR and other major races. He is also the newest man whore since my boyfriend changed his status from playboy to taken.

“I’m inviting you and loverboy to my house this Friday,” Tad says as he snatches my juice box from my tray and puts his chino covered leg on the table not too far from my food.

“Can’t, Reagan has a game.”

“The game is Saturday Dainy, besides I was talking about Delroy, Reagan is like a bull and everyone else is waving a red flag his way, did you hear about his and Delroy’s punching match? Heard Delroy won.”

He shoves the straw in my juice box and lifts it to his mouth. I get up fast and snatch my juice box back and suck the mango goodness down as I stare at Tad.

My smile is as false as my words when I tap his face with my finger and say , “And I heard Rita and Wendy got an s t d after a night with you. Now I could choose to believe these rumors or I could be a good Christian and remind myself it ain’t any of my business.”

His face tightens in anger and that is when I laugh and sit back down, “Now, back to that party, Of course, I would love to come to your party.”

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