Liston hills

School me p3 (page 28)


My night with Dexter was productive. When I arrived at his place Saturday evening I was a tad bit nervous.

I have not spent time with a guy alone EVER.

The most male contact I had was with Kyle Brandt, my dad’s clients son. We went to second base at the pool outside my house while my dad and his spoke. So believe it when I say I was tidal of nervous anxiety to be at Dexter’s place after 7.

When I arrived Dexter opened the door and took me straight to the kitchen where he had the centerpiece decked with a meal to feed a small army.

I finally met his sister and brother and watched in fascination as the two bickered about general Knowledge.

Dexter shut them both up when he integrated his piece of information.

Then I met the nanny who looked like she was a bodyguard rather than a babysitter.

Once we had eaten our five-course meal, Dexter and I moved to the library.

We drank half a bottle of whiskey and spent the rest of Saturday evening looking at all possible scenarios to why my dad and Gina’s death was related. At first, I was a nervous wreck but once he started telling me jokes and stories about him and Mason growing up I actually felt at home.

We ended up sleeping in the library on the black sunk in sofas and woke up this morning to Mason calling.

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