Liston hills

School me p3 (page 30)

mason and Lizzy spend time together.


My long legs eat up The distance to my door in no time. I get inside my house and drop my bag on the sofa in the lounge.

I grab an apple from the fruit bowl and hurry back to Mason who is now leaning against the outside pillar.

“Good to go?” He asks me as I stop right in front of him. His index finger pokes me so quickly that I yell. I instinctively throw the apple at him which he catches in a one hand grip. I stand gobsmacked as he smirks.

“Thanks for the fruit.” Mason says before he takes a big bite of the red apple.

Mason and I are currently sitting in his house on the tv room floor chewing popcorn and sharing school stories. After my long confession of how I got suspended in the 9th grade and failed the year, Mason one upped me.

“So wait, you and Ester got to the airport and then what? Did Diamond do it there ?” My eyes widen with interest as a lazy Mason lays sprawled on the wooden floor boards in the middle of the tv room with a cushion pillow propped up behind his head.

“Ester launched me, insisted it was some emergency, that was when Diamond rocked up, we came back here and then bang she kissed me, then she punched my nuts. Kylie and dad came home the next day to find me with the frozen steak on my balls.”

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