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Lizzie is at the Diner while Dexter get’s into a bit of trouble.

Liston Hills School Me Season 4

I am sitting in the diner on the South Side of this small town. A small town with big secrets, and one of those secrets is the name of the one who murdered my father.

Since I left school the day the cheerleaders pissed me off, I have focused all my attention on looking for my father’s executioner.

And every single time, I got a bit closer, I ended up in the same place as Dexter Kent.

I am not saying it is a coincidence, or not, as he did offer me help. But I know the reason he is currently dressed in a black suit surrounded by a group of seriously pissed off bikers has nothing to do with me.

I am not sure what they are talking about, but 6 bikers to 1 Dexter, I would say the guy is out numbered. It was the reason why I picked up my phone and dialed Reagan.

I look at their biker jackets, that read The Sin Riders MC on the back. The question of why they were here, baffled my brain, but I remained seated.

The place is my definition of an upper class Diner. Not the typical small town ones I’d see on TV. The white and silver table I am sitting on is rooted to the ground that is clean and looks spanking new.

The chairs are soft and covered in a grey and black fabric. I smile when I spot the waiter who served me as I walked in, a little over an hour ago.

She has her hair in a long braid that is dyed in a mixture of blue, red and dark brown.

Her slanted eyes go to the bikers and Dexter. She merely shakes her head and continues wiping the large granite slab, serving as a counter .When I got here, it was with intention I speak to the lovely said waiter.

One of the bikers push Dexter. He is saying something to the guys. Whatever it is they must not like it.

The biker burly man, shakes his head. Gosh, I am glad I called Reagan. The top of the door makes that click sound, alerting everyone of a new comers presence.

Imagine my surprise when it isn’t Reagan who enters but Sabastian Delroy with a very angry Dainy Hallow in tow.

Hello Liston Hiller’s, BETTER hang on to your screens, Dainy Hallow isn’t as happy as we thought, but what is Sabastian Delroy doing on the South Side of town. Find out tomorrow.

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By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.