School Me Season 4 (Page 5)

Things take an interesting turn, when Dainy Hallow goes South.

Hold on Liston Hill’ers, seems like Dainy Hallow might not be that sweet any longer.

“Fancy seeing you here.” Dainy says as she slides in the opposite side of me. Her long blonde hair braided down her back, falls over her shoulder as she looks toward the large group on  my right. 

“I could say the same for you, but I don’t have any of that Texas charm.” I wink at her as I signal the waiter, trying very hard not to look at the group of men.

Dainy rolls her eyes. Her long finger tapping her top lip as she, regards me with a perplexed smile.

“What on earth are you doing all the way here, Lizzie? The South is no place for a girl like you.” 

I shrug, “What exactly is a girl like me ?” Arching my brow as I stare heavily at the girl my cousin is so in love with.

“Someone with a death wish, I can smell it on you.” 

The door opens again, but this time my eyes don’t stray.

They glare at Dainy. 

Could she know something about my dads murder? 
The question screams in my head, wanting my mouth to open and ask her. 

“Dainy.” That one word shuts my mouth. 
We will have our time again.

My eyes must say those exact words, as Dainy flinches before she looks up and gets out of the chair. 

“Hey, Reagan.” My cousin looks to me then her frowning.

The waiter shows up. And I should go, because I know tonight I am not going to get any answers. But the show has just began, So I order a strawberry milkshake, and a burger. 
Might as well enjoy the entertainment. 

“What are you doing here?” Dainy asks Reagan. 

“She came with me.” That deep smooth voice brings a smile to my face, and for the first time in ages I smile. 

Sit back Liston Hill’ers this is going to be fun.

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By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.