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School Me Season 4 (Page 7)

Liston Hills School Me Season 4

“I wasn’t aware that the latter was even a thought.” Reagan’s face practically burns in anger.

To think that a few years ago this time, we would never have been seen in the South, or on other ends of the invisible line. And today, we are in a diner on the South side of town, standing on opposite ends. In love with the same girl. Life.

A group of bikers stand behind us. A girl that suspects one of us killed her father, or knows who did, sits right in front of us. And the one girl, Reagan and I have allowed to between us. We are all in one room.

“Can we all just sit down for a minute,” My sweet Vixen, always trying to tame a fire when she senses the beginnings of one.

I shrug in response as Reagan looks at Dainy as she slides back into the opposite side of Lizzie.

Reagan chooses the seat next to Lizzie and I take the one next to Dainy. The waiter must sense the tension dissipate for now.

She comes to the table and takes our order.

“Why didn’t you guys order for me.” I roll my eyes at Dexter’s accusatory question as he takes a chair from the other table and seats himself next to me.

“You in dark denims, and a biker jacket, I don’t think a milkshake is what you want,” Lizzie muses with a secret smile of her own. Dexter informed me of their extra mural activities and her growing relationship with Mason. Biting my tongue, is my only response to it.

It has been a while since I have seen Mason, we have never been close, he was a year older than I am, and where I strive off my family name, Mason does everything to hide who he truly is. I wonder why is that.

Dexter winks at Lizzie as the waiter walks to our table with a tray of milkshakes, “You are right about that, but some cake and a pepsi isn’t off the table.”

“Enough with the chit chatter, what the hell are you doing with the bikers? The Sin Rider’s aren’t our friends Kent.” Reagan says as he looks between Dexter and I.

Here is the thing, I could tell him a part of the truth, but Dainy would call me out on my bullshit, and I didn’t want her to know, I had just employed an entire Clubhouse of bikers to protect her.

So I lie, “We are trying to find out if they knew anything about Lizzie’s father. Dexter filled me in and I thought I would try and help out. My father is quite taken with your mother. ” I ignore the bitter taste in my mouth as I think of that woman. A Trent, tramp.

“And Mr Delroy asked me himself if Sabastian and I could find out a few things, apparently the Sin Riders knew something.” Dexter adds, and though it is bullshit, Reagan believes it, because to him, Dexter Kent is the Delroy’s lapdog. The thought makes me smile, when I think of how untrue it is.

“Why are you here?” Dainy asks Reagan.

“Yeah, Orniel, what are you doing here?” Dexter adds.

“Thought I was coming to save your ass from a beating.” He replies before he lifts his milkshake and takes a sip.

Dexter puts his hand on his heart, and I inhale a deep breath for patience.

“Who said I needed saving, maybe I was hoping to start a brawl on the wrong side of the tracks. It will be good for my reputation.”

I roll my eyes, “Enough. I need to get Dainy home.” I tell them.

“I can do that.” Reagan says.

“No need, we are staying at the Estate tonight.” I tell him.

“I am right here, can I think for myself,” Dainy voices out.

“No.” I say as Reagan says yes.

What happen Dainy, feeling a bit left out? Or maybe you just want Lover-boy to noitce, that you are in fact there. Either, you better watch out Dainy, or you might find yourself in the middle of a man fight.

By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.