Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how one can go’

I am a South African author. Growing up I was a quiet, lonely child, often misunderstood as people mistook my silence for a lack of confidence. At age thirteen I decided to join a modelling agency to pursue a secret desire of mine by becoming a ramp model.

In 2015 over a cup of coffee, on an outside deck and under midnight stars, my husband (at the time) suggested I write a novel.

What started out as something fun with no intention of publishing my work I wrote my first novel. The word count was 475834 and called The Angel descendants. The book stemmed from my obsession with demonology and mythology. It took me seven months of extensive research, writing and editing. I think I edited the book at least twenty times or more. Once it was completed I sat with my manuscript. In May 2016 I found out about self publishing and Kristen Ashley an Author I ADMIRE was my inspiration I needed to publish my book.

I broke the book down into four different parts, and titled the first one House of Legions. Since May 2016 I have now published seven novels.

In 2017 I had a strong desire to start a blog and I wanted something centered to writing. I didn’t feel that I was ready to give people writing advice and I wasn’t thrilled about doing reviews as well. So after a week in a rural location while I worked on my second Novel Beggar, I decided to make my blog a live online series where I write a page a day of a full length series Monday to Thursdays. It gave me practice as an Author, as well as something original and exciting.

My blog series, Liston Hills is currently on its third season and is free for everyone.

‘We are only as great as the words we interpret.’ Silent Confidence