Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

He wasn’t just an Enforcer. He was a stone blooded killer.

“I was an Enforcer, she made me a man.

“When I was younger I was a beggar by circumstance, when I got older I remained a beggar by choice.” Beggar


A Suspenseful Biker romance about a beggar and an Enforcer .

I was on the streets, until I wasn’t. They took me, fed me and clothed me. For a time I was happy, until he came back. I had five years to accept his chains, my monster. He owned me, until I met the Enforcer of The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club.

His name was Zero. 

He wasn’t just an Enforcer. He was a stone blooded killer.


I’ve never known a day of being normal or having a hot plate of food to eat. I don’t even know what it feels like to have a bath. The streets of Washington has been my home since the day I was born. As the years went on by, I learnt to survive on these streets, I even learnt to smile. 


I know I should let it rest, but I can’t drop it. I need to know her name. My gut is riding me hard. My instincts are telling me it’s important. 
I’m the enforcer. If there’s even a thread that she’s a danger to my club I need to know.

A look inside

He freezes, his mouth glistening and partly red
from my macerations.
I watch and wait in silence. His green gaze takes
in my face, which I’m sure is dead. That’s how I have
to be.
That’s how I need to feel to survive my demons,
my monster.
I watch in silence as his own rough features glimmer with his inner emotions, realization, regret, disgust, disbelief, and finally coldness, a coldness I’ve
come to understand this week for what it truly is.
A coldness of a deadly killer, a coldness of a
“Leave then. Run away, Get. The. Fuck. Out.”
He grinds the words between his clenched teeth.
I don’t have to be asked again as I practically
stumble off his bed.
I’m not sure how, but I make it to the door.
My hand on the knob.
“I can’t believe I thought… know what you
nothing but a fucking beggar.”
I swallow at his brutal words, but remain silent.
Waiting for him to say the rest, to plunge the
knife he wishes to twist into my heart, my mind.
“Don’t go fucking up things for Falon and I,” He
continues, yet I don’t turn.
I don’t look at him, I won’t give him that.
“If I hear you said anything, being homeless
would be the least of your problems,” His voice
breaks on the end betraying his words.
I still stiffen at his harsh warning, his threat but
the hurt leaves me.
He is right, I am just a beggar.
We don’t get heroes like Zero.
“I understand!” I whisper enough for him to
hear and leave his room.
I’m not weak, I’m not strong either, I’m a survivor.
I’ve lived through hunger for years until my
body didn’t crave a meal for two days.
I became resilient to embarrassment when I
was left naked for weeks until a lady gave me her
clothes from her packet with the tags on, only to see
me a few days later and charge me for stealing.
I survived a monster until a family showed me
mercy and lifted me up from the pit, I stayed in only
to leave me on the side of the road naked, because
they were too shit scared to help further.
I survived a pregnancy at sixteen with no money
in my pocket while running from a monster that was
determined to find me.
I’m still running because I’m a survivor.
So, with one foot in front of the other I walk
through the corridor knowing that I will fucking
survive the Enforcer of The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club.


When Beggar saves Falon, she passes the biggest test of The Satan Snipers

Taken as a prospect, Beggar can finally get the life she wanted.
She gets more than she ever hoped to, a man’s heart.
But secrets from her past and the man in question set on uncovering the dark that plagues her, threatens her new life. 

Will she learn that the Enforcer of The Satan Snipers is more than able to handle anything, even the reason she calls herself Beggar?

Preview Beggar below

“Staring into his depths I know that I want to be his, I want to be owned by a hero just one time, but just like that I’m reminded that I am someone else’s possession, a beautiful monster, who will never let me go. He will always search for me; he will always find me.“Tu sei mia mendicante.” You are mine beggar. Those were the last words he whispered to me, two years ago, the last time he found me. The thought should scare me, should leave me in fear but I find myself resigned. I had 5 years to accept my fate. 5 years to accept my chains. I hide my turmoil as I stare into this man’s harsh face, this man that keeps the monster away. By doing that I also hide my fate but I’m determined to live in this moment, for once I just want to live in this moment. Can’t I just have that? “You gonna jump on the back of my bike, gotta meet my dad woman.” I’m taken back by that and the serious look in his eyes. I drop my hands from his neck and cross them over my chest. “That doesn’t sound like a question Logan.” He smiles at the mention of his name and I fight
my own. “Wasn’t asking you a question woman, just thinking out loud.” I shrug, holding in my laugh,“You gonna call me Beggar?” He’s silent for a moment and I pay attention to the curve of his strong jaw and not his eyes. So, I’m startled when he throws his head back and laughs.

Beggar Sizzler

The day I met River I knew I wanted him. How could I not, and for one night I had him.

I thought he wanted me too but he didn’t.
He told me he wanted his past.
She was also his future and Me ? I was the weak moment.
River hurt me that day but I blamed myself because I let him.

How do you love your brother’s enemy?

My fall scattered all the pieces in me until all I had left was a small part. That last sliver of my humanity was stolen by the Enforcer of The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club.

His name is Zero.

How do you choose between the woman you love and your own flesh and blood?

Her plight for vengeance will not be deterred, even by the one who owns the last piece of her.

I was once just a beggar on the street, then like all poor girls I met a prince and fell in love. But I didn’t get my happily ever after as beauty was the Devil’s joke that only the blind could see. So a twist in my tale I ended up becoming a hunter and executioner, until one day an Enforcer crossed my path.