Capo Dei Capi

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“The lines that blur between love and war are often the only thing keeping you alive

“Bury him, mourn his fucking death. But come Monday morning you mine Aliyana.” Marco


I wasn’t a full Italian. My mother was a Russian, a female of the Bratva. To create peace between the Famiglia her family, the Bratva gave her up. 

My father always said I was born lucky, I would never have to marry for power. I could choose. And for a while, I believed him. For a while, I thought I could marry Leonardo Catelli.

Until HE, Marco Catelli, eldest son of the Capo of the Famiglia lost his betrothed. Until he rose to be the Capo Dei Capi, The Boss of all Bosses. Until he needed an heir, a wife. Until he chose me. 

My name is Aliyana Capello, daughter of Consigliere Sartini Capello and this is my confession. 

A look inside

“You look at me as though you have seen all the ones I have laid to the ground.” His observation isn’t far off.
“Perhaps I am just thinking how deep a hole would I need to dig, to fit them all in.”
He smiles, his mouth twitching to the left, “Or, you’ve figured it out, and now you just crave the words.”
My teeth sink into the inside of my cheek, as his jaw flexes under my silent scrutiny. He is right again.
“Tell me, Aliyana, is that what turns you on? Is that what keeps all those boys wrapped around your little finger waiting for you to whisper their names?”
My mouth tightens, as my eyes get smaller, “Ren never mentioned you being the jealous type.”
He circles me slowly, as his finger twirls around my hair, “I’m surprised he mentioned me at all. I was under the impression I wasn’t up for discussion and gathering by that assessing look you so innocently gifted me minutes ago, I would presume I am correct.”


The story follows Aliyana Capello and Marco Catelli’s life and the events leading them to the alter.

When Lorenzo Catelli is murdered, Marco promises to avenge his brother’s death with the help of Aliyana and his siblings. But as the answers are found, more people in the 5th State are murdered. When a cold past comes back, Marco finally sees some light in his corner. But all is not as it seems.
Enemies are never far and few in the 5th State.
Forced into a war he never wanted to protect the one he loves, Marco must choose the extent of the crimes he will commit and the enemies he will make especially if that enemy happens to be his future wife.

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“This world will never offer you those comforts for very long, Aliyana. Sooner or later, your luck will run out, and all you’ll have left is yourself. You should find someone to love while you can and enjoy the beginning of that love because, if there is one thing I can guarantee you, Aliyana, is that love will end as fast as it began.” I have never met this man before today, and our brief moment is just this moment. But there is something in the sky at work tonight because when he stands next to me, I can
sincerely say that I feel safe. And his words have more truth to it than I will confess to even myself.
I shrug, digesting his all too knowing words.
“I should. But the one I love will be promised to my sister soon. It took me 5 minutes in his company to see, I am not the one he wants, and I have spent 5 years loving him.”

Capo Dei Capi Sizzler

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“Emotions make a man do crazy things. But a woman is a demon without it.”

Marco used me and hurt me, the day he left me in a crumbled mess on the floor. I convinced myself he hated me, that he is nothing but a distant dream I once wanted. 

Now, I am in his home and he is looking at me like I am more than just a Mezzosangue, and I am staring at him, like he is the enemy because he is. 

He took everything from me, now it’s my turn and what my husband isn’t expecting, is that I play on BLOOD

I was his second choice, his biggest mistake. I never wanted things to turn out the way they did, but they did. Now my choice is limited. Join him, or end him. What will I choose? The clock is ticking, my friends life is hanging on a thread and I, Aliyana Capello am the only who can save him. But at what cost?