A Descendant dictionary

  • A

Adaula – (verb) Elvan word for Run

Alurya – (noun) Mark of the knower- possessed only by Irin

Aquadore mountain- (noun) mountain of deceased Lightwatchers

Asguardians – (noun) off spring of Angels, pure bloods who have not earned a place in the Infinity

aveu – greetings

  • C

Caster – (noun) child of a Tempter

Cadre – (noun) Leaders of hell (Paros)

Cherub – (noun) Name for Angels in the Infinity

  • D

deceptor – (noun) human beings

Demon – (noun) creatures created by Tempters

Descendants – (noun) created by the seven children of Adonai and Archangels, or born to the Angels and Tempters. (Shifters, Casters, Naturahs, Lightwatchers, Asgaurdians, Fuized, Elvan.)

Dresta – (noun) Angelic laced whip named and made by Azazy-el (The master of weaponary)

  • F

Fuized – (noun) only partial Lightwatcher eg, mother is a lightwatcher but the father is a shifter

  • G

Garde – (noun) Lightwatchers or Fuized who bring justice to those who have broken the law, and hold up the descendants treaty. They are the policeman of the descendant world.

Gazool – (noun) energy

Guiders – (noun) birds of the Angels

  • H

Harpien blade – (noun) angel blades, can not be wielded by any other besides a full angel or someone even more powerful

HOL – (abv) house of legions

  • I

Ichor – (noun) demon blood

Igori – (noun) the original watchers

Infinity – (noun) heaven

Irin – (noun) Angel of a high rank in the Infinity, but not as powerful as an Archangel

  • K

Khiron – (noun) land of the lightwatchers

  • L

Lightwatchers – (noun) part Venusian, part angel, ( descendants of four archangels Mikael , Gabriel , Raziel , Casteal)

Legions- (noun) Lightwatchers who ascend and gain legacies. The Lightwatchers assassins

Legacies – (noun) Angelic abilities only possessed by Legions

  • P

Paros – hell

  • R

Realm – country

  • S

Seals- verses mixed with souls of the Lightwatchers dead or blood from the living… Sometimes found on the body of Lightwatchers and angelic descendants or in rare angelic stones

Seeker – (noun) half caster and half shapeshifter’s (rarest of matings)

Seraph – (noun) Guardians of Infinity, minor angels still earning a higher rank

Sytna- (noun) the mark of a new birth

  • T

Tempters – The 200 hundred fallen angels who were kicked out of the Infinity

  • V

Verses – (noun) spells that are angelic in nature, Used by Lightwatchers. Found in the book of Watchers.


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