Hey Guys…. I have recently got down to reading most of the mail and emails and I made a list of questions and answers to Kylie Bray. I WOULD ADD ON AS TIME GOES 😊

  1. What was your inspiration behind Kylie Bray? Kylie was a character I developed from my own inner self. It is a strength within you. I wanted people to understand that maybe life does not go the way you planned but it is all part of life. The destination will lead us all to death , but the journey is what makes us unique.
  2. Who is Kylie Bray’s second love? This one I get a lot. It is Storm from the Satan Sniper.
  3. Why was Kylie so unlikable in the beginning? Honestly ? She was a rich girl and had her whole life maped out, a promising future. I wanted people to really see her, and she was supposed to be hated by many but once you got to know her you would see parts of her that she hid behind- eg- She risked her life to save Beggars kid.

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