River's Keeper

I came here to find a missing girl, I never knew I’d find my keeper

A small town tale about a lost man who found his love in the form of a little girl

While The Satan Snipers hunt for a missing Beggar tension rises as they get closer to finding her. River must decide where his loyalty lies. Faced with his oath to National and keeping the Kanla Chapter United an old enemy lurks in the misty waters of Kanla.
Will the national sergeant-at-arms unite the club in time to bath in the blood of their enemies? Or will Beggars departure be the ultimate weapon against them!

We all have a keeper, I have finally found mine

The day I met River I knew I wanted him, how could I not and for one night I had him. I thought he wanted me too but he didn’t. He told me he wanted his past. She was also his future and Me ? I was the weak moment.
River hurt me that day but I blamed it on myself because I let him.

Hannah Evans was forgettable, a complication I didn’t need nor want. I went back to Kanla to face my past and find Beggar, never thought killing a frog will lead me to my future.
I thought I knew what I wanted, but I forgot why I didn’t take it when I had a chance. Now Hannah hates me, but not for long. She once told me we all had a keeper, I found mine.

When Beggar saves Falon, she passes the biggest test of The Satan Snipers. 

Taken as a prospect, Beggar can finally get the life she wanted.
She gets more than she ever hoped to, a man’s heart.
But secrets from her past and the man in question set on uncovering the dark that plagues her, threatens her new life. 

Will she learn that the Enforcer of The Satan Snipers is more than able to handle anything, even the reason she calls herself Beggar?