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A Snippet From Killer’s Book (The Satan Sniper’s MC)

“What do you mean you can’t do it?”

“I can’t love you Kevin.” Loving you will hurt me, because you won’t love me back. I don’t the words out loud.

“Why not, am I so bad that I can’t be loved, because I am pretty sure that you love me Sienna.”

“You going to leave me.”

“But I will come back, this is who I AM..”

“I know Kevin, and you know that this is who I am , you said it yourself, I am not the one you wanted. I spent my whole life running, pretending, moving since before I was even able to talk. And then I saw you , I was only eight. You have been looking through me my whole life, and now you just barely starting to see me but I tell you Kevin if you dig hard and deep enough you will be disappointed in how ordinary I am. I am not Natasha. I have never been her.”

“I know that.”

“So tell me, I love you with all my heart and she walks through that door right now and tells you she loves you and wants you that you will choose me. You tell me that I will give you my heart. You already own every other piece of me.” I look at him and his eyes say it all. Kevin will never love me, he isn’t capable of that. Because of that very reason his obsession for Natasha will always come first.

How do I blame a soldier who has given his whole life for our country for not loving me. When he can’t love himself.

“Natasha is the only one for you Kevin. You helped Kellan and I, for that I will always be grateful, but your need to protect me is not enough.”

“You don’t know what the fuck you are talking about Sienna. I have been yours since you fell in my arms six years ago.”

I hope you guys enjoyed that small piece. More to follow soon. Let me know in the comments what you think. Sienna and Killer have grown on me, and I am loving the story. It is very different from Beggar and Zero, but I think you guys will enjoy it. The AMAZON link to Beggar is below if you haven’t gotten on The Satan Sniper’s MC’s ride as yet. For all other links go to my website

I was on the streets, until I wasn’t. They took me, fed me, clothed me. For a time I was happy, until he came back. I had five years to accept his chains, my monster. He owned me, until I met the Enforcer of The Satan Snipers.

His name was Zero. 

He wasn’t just an Enforcer. He was a stone blooded killer.
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Kylie Bray teaser

Vincent Stone wasn’t just my obsession he was my addiction and I Kylie Bray wasn’t just his stepsister I was nuisance until the outfit kidnapped me.


Liston hills

School me p3 (page 30)


My long legs eat up The distance to my door in no time. I get inside my house and drop my bag on the sofa in the lounge.

I grab an apple from the fruit bowl and hurry back to Mason who is now leaning against the outside pillar.

“Good to go?” He asks me as I stop right in front of him. His index finger pokes me so quickly that I yell. I instinctively throw the apple at him which he catches in a one hand grip. I stand gobsmacked as he smirks.

“Thanks for the fruit.” Mason says before he takes a big bite of the red apple.

Mason and I are currently sitting in his house on the tv room floor chewing popcorn and sharing school stories. After my long confession of how I got suspended in the 9th grade and failed the year, Mason one upped me.

“So wait, you and Ester got to the airport and then what? Did Diamond do it there ?” My eyes widen with interest as a lazy Mason lays sprawled on the wooden floor boards in the middle of the tv room with a cushion pillow propped up behind his head.

“Ester launched me, insisted it was some emergency, that was when Diamond rocked up, we came back here and then bang she kissed me, then she punched my nuts. Kylie and dad came home the next day to find me with the frozen steak on my balls.”

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Liston hills

School me p3 (page 29)


Now it was Monday and I have just arrived home to find Mason sitting on the bed of his truck waiting for me.

“Howdy there Ms. Sherlock.” He greets me with his new nickname as I jump out of my Camaro.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be like I don’t know, let me see, football practice? I heard you guys are playing against us this weekend.” I say as I grab my back from the passenger seat and slam the door.

His light green gaze wrinkles and it isn’t the first time I see the stark resemblance he has to his sister, Kylie, and father.

“Nope, we train at 6 am, not pm.” He jumps down and I get a full view of his sculpted legs in his light blue denim.

He crosses his arms and I arch my brow as he flexes his pec. Reagan Orniel is handsome and a total jock thru and thru and he is my cousin, but Mason Bray. Fuck me to blindness the guy puts Chris Hemsworth to shame. His dark rich brown hair is shorter than it was a few weeks back and the scruff on his jaw screams man. Not a seventeen-year-old preppy boy.

“So I came to pick you up. We meeting Dexter in the main house in an hour.” He stares at me intensely, my face flushes and I can my face, slip my bag over my shoulder and silently thank out creator for Mason Bray. Gosh, the guy is hot.

I have never considered myself as shallow or some girl who goes crazy over a hot face but now I seriously need to consider it. Since I met Mason I have had all kinds of crazy fantasies starring Mason Bray and myself.

My long legs eat up The distance to my door in no time. I get inside my house and drop my bag on the sofa in the lounge.

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Liston hills

School me p3 (page 28)


My night with Dexter was productive. When I arrived at his place Saturday evening I was a tad bit nervous.

I have not spent time with a guy alone EVER.

The most male contact I had was with Kyle Brandt, my dad’s clients son. We went to second base at the pool outside my house while my dad and his spoke. So believe it when I say I was tidal of nervous anxiety to be at Dexter’s place after 7.

When I arrived Dexter opened the door and took me straight to the kitchen where he had the centerpiece decked with a meal to feed a small army.

I finally met his sister and brother and watched in fascination as the two bickered about general Knowledge.

Dexter shut them both up when he integrated his piece of information.

Then I met the nanny who looked like she was a bodyguard rather than a babysitter.

Once we had eaten our five-course meal, Dexter and I moved to the library.

We drank half a bottle of whiskey and spent the rest of Saturday evening looking at all possible scenarios to why my dad and Gina’s death was related. At first, I was a nervous wreck but once he started telling me jokes and stories about him and Mason growing up I actually felt at home.

We ended up sleeping in the library on the black sunk in sofas and woke up this morning to Mason calling.

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Liston hills

School me p3 (page 26)


“Pop quiz.” Ms. Nelan announces. A few of my classmates groan but most of us, me included roll our eyes.

I put my iPhone on silent as Christopher whispers, “Did you hear about the fight between Sabastian and Reagan everyone is talking about it”

I nudge my best friend since four grade, “obviously I had a dummy, you the one who told me, I just wish I knew why. I tried calling Rae this morning but her phone went straight to voicemail. If somebody knows it will be her.”

“Or you could get it straight from your boyfriend’s mouth, naked.” Christopher chuckles as I lightly punch his arm.

“Ms. Hallow and Mr. Hugh talking before a test will get you detained for a week.” Ms. Nelan yells from her desk as the entire classroom quietens down.

I glare at her as Christopher smiles and apologizes, “Sorry mam, won’t happen again.”

“Be sure it doesn’t, I want no pencils and books laying on your tables, IPad out, the link address and password are on the board. You have one hour, you may begin in five.” Ms. Nelan says.

It’s lunch break when I finally get my first stress free breath of fresh air.

Reagan is spending his lunch break with the football team preparing for this weeks game against Liston High Public.

I am spending my break with my feet propped up while I indulge in a selective variety of assorted fruits and veggies. My skin is soaking up the suns heat as my mind riddles with Gina’s death and Elizabeth’s connection to it all. While talking to Mason this weekend he let slip about Elizabeth’s dad and the possibility of his death linking to Gina Lornes. The problem with the story was Sabastian and my involvement with Gina.

Normally I would have spoken to Sabastian but after I heard about his fight with Reagan I am nervous and if I must admit dreadful to face him.

“If It isn’t the school’s personal tormentor.” The deep voice has me turning my head as I pop a baby carrot in my mouth.

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Liston hills

School me p3 (page 25)


I slam my locker door closed, and rush toward my science class.

Today is pop quiz day. The idea of the word pop is supposed to mean we don’t know about it.

But this is Liston High Private. Everybody knows about everything. Our school is like a pound filled with gossipers, trouble makers and divas.

Surprisingly the principal manages to keep our year exams a secret. (He doesn’t really, he sells our papers for five hundred dollars a page. And math he doubles it)

My best friend Christopher Hugh meets me at the door of our physics class while all the other kids rush in side, mumbling their hellos, while the girls giggle and bat their eyelashes at my best friend.

“Yo Dainy, how was the weekend with the infamous Madon Bray ?” Christopher asks me as I give him an one-arm hug by the door glaring at Ashley Herne as she passes me.

“Madon.” I snort at that ridiculous name Christopher made up in 8th grade when Mason punched our then history teacher, Mr Ricken after he told Mason to remove his entitled ass from his classroom when Mason told Mr Ricken that he should be teaching 4th graders history not 8th.

“Nothing to remember and I mean that in a totally grey way.”

Christopher leads me into the room with his hand on my back, and we immediately walk to our chairs that are four rows from the front.

“You telling me that the Madon Bray was actually tolerable? Have you been holding out on me? Or has my hearing finally gone awol?”

“I’m saying that it actually wasn’t that bad. Now back to more interesting topics, did you really shack up with Bronwyn and Billie Tanner?”

We sit down as Ms Carmichael and Ms Nelan enters the classroom.

“Pop quiz.”

#books Author Shan R.K Kylie Bray

Kylie Bray (Excerpt 2)

“Sweet thang, I thought it was you.” Storm’s voice has me spinning so
fast I almost tumble and fall. Instead of falling and tumbling to the hard
ground and damaging my new dress and perfect skin, Vincent grabs my
arm, pulling me into his chest.

“This conversation is far from over Kylie, you and I are not done.” His
whispered words are heard clearly in my ear before he gives me a gentle

Just as I right myself, Storm’s arm is wrapped around my waist.

“Miss me Sweet girl.” His words aren’t just a question to me but a statement and warning to Vincent.

Storm is territorial, he is claiming me like the biker he is. I think it is sweet, cute but really unnecessary.

It is Christmas and I don’t want to ruin anyone’s mood so I let it slide
and walk with Storm to the bonfire ignoring the man with the face that
owns my soul staring daggers into my head.

“Thought you haven’t seen the guy in a while.” Storm points out as his fingers flex around my waist.

“I didn’t, guess he decided to show up for Christmas this year, past him as I was leaving.”

He chuckles, “When I sent the invite didn’t think you would show.”

“Gotta keep a man on his feet if he wants you in his bed.” I drawl, knowing he likes it when I do that.

He shakes his head with a big grin to his face, “Does that said man get a kiss.”

I stop walking. We are on the corner of the farm house, the bonfire just on the hill with at least forty bikers. I hear their lively shouts and curses and howling laughs.

I look at Storm, slip my backpack off my shoulder and shove it in to his chest.

Storm laughs and I admit the guy has a really good laugh, who knew a biker could be so darn cute with dimples. More so today, I can see he is glad I made it, and I admit I am glad I came too. Though my reasons are very different. It is refreshing that tonight I, Kylie Bray have a man who is happy to see me. Even if it isn’t the one I want.

I move to carry on with our trek, he stops me by grabbing my arm in a gentle yet firm caress, his eyes serious as he looks at me under the
outside lights.

Storm drops my bag, pulls me by my arm until I am plastered to his body, capturing my chin between his roughened fingers.

I tilt my head, staring at him, I don’t think a thought and neither does he as our mouths meet in a languid dual of star crossed lovers. His tongue sweeps into my mouth, and we kiss for the first time like we are more than just us.

Storm takes my mouth like I am his, and I don’t stop him. I don’t even allow myself an opportunity to come to my senses and slow things down.

I kiss Storm like we could have something, I kiss him with a false sense of hope.

That night was the night I would say Storm moved himself into my life.

It was on that day on the corner of the Satan Snipers clubhouse, under bright lights and watching eyes of a man that I didn’t know was watching
did the Satan Sniper’s vice president and I start our story.

I’m not going to say that it didn’t end well, I am not going to say that It wasn’t my fault he turned out the way he did.

Truth is, we are all pro choice, but sometimes our choices become duty,
sometimes those duties have consequences that alter so many peoples paths. Changes so many lives. Sometimes our choices are not our own, they are the outcome of peoples actions.

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The story of Kylie Bray

Writing Kylie Bray

A few years back I started Kylie Bray. It was just a basic story about a girl in love with her billionaire brother.

The story was bland and I quickly got bored of it and continued to write the sequel to House of Legions.

After I published Beggar I started the blog of Liston Hills (school me) and I needed more characters. Then came in Kylie Bray and her siblings.

Once I brought her in, my obsession for the familia came to play then one thing led to another and before I even understood it myself I was writing three different series that all linked to each other because of one girl ‘Kylie Bray’. Her story kept bugging me, and I wrote it up in stages. On and off until I completed it a month back.

She is and will always be a character I can relate too as well as many women and men who have experienced unrequited love.

Below is a small piece of Kylie Bray 😊😁

People look at me and see a monster. They look at me and see a killer but no body knows I am so much worse.

I was once Kylie Bray , billionaire heiress, a Southern belle until Mafia boss Vincent Stone walked back into my life.

He was my obsession, I was addicted to his darkness and instead of nurturing it , he used it as the worst form of torture.

I knew Vincent was a bad person , but I never knew how bad he really was until I was already too deep, lost to the maze of obsession.

I couldn’t find my way out no matter how hard I tried.

He tainted me, marked me as his knowing that he would never be mine.

You see , Vincent Stone wasn’t just my stepbrother. He was a made man and I was his muse

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