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School me p3 (page 34)


My thoughts of Sabastian must cloud my vision because I see him across the field walking to the other side of the school. I look at Reagan again and see he is chatting to the guys and coach.

“I’ll see you ladies tomorrow.” I grab my water and back pack and rush to Sabastian. I am half running, half walking.

He can’t see me and I don’t know why it makes me angry but it does.

“Sabastian.” He turns slowly, his face not showing a slight hint of surprise at seeing me here.

“What do you want?” He slips his hands in his pocket and stands there, not blinking, not even looking at me properly.

“What’s going on with you. Is it about Gina?”

He drops his head, “nothing that concerns you. See you tomorrow.” He turns his back again to me which is not what Sabastian does.

“Sabastian.” I run to him and pull on the back of his suit jacket.

He turns around so fast I almost trip but he grabs a hold of my upper arm.

“Go home Dainy, please just go.” He drops my arm. His face twitches.

“Not until you tell me why you ignoring me!” Wherever I went today he has turned and walked the opposite way. Now, while I might be okay with that on any other day, today is just not that day.

“I’m not in the mood Dainy.” He answers in such a tired way that it hurts me. I frown when he drops his eyes again. Which I find odd as I know Sabastian and Sabastian Delroy never drops his eyes when he talks to me.

And though I know about the fight, I also know that he would not feel guilty about fighting with Reagan. Because Sabastian doesn’t have a guilty conscience. Something else is up and while I tell myself that I shouldn’t care that I shouldn’t feel anything for this man who I once loved. Who left me without so much as a goodbye. A man that forgot about me so fast that it felt as though all our memories were just that- memories.
I know I do, I can’t stop myself. God help me because I feel so much for Sabastian. More than I should.

His eyes that are so familiar still refuses to look at me.
“Why won’t you look at me Sabastian.” I ask him and I know the need in my voice is for me. I want him to see me.

“I can’t Dainy. I just can’t look at you.”

“Do you remember that day in the cabin you told me that the only way to give a person a chance, is to tell them when they hurt you. ”

“Yes, how could I forget.”

“You are hurting me Sabastian by not even looking at me, you are hurting me.”

“But looking at you Dainy it hurts so much worse.” His eyes find mine as the sharp edge of his soft spoken words slay me more than the torture in his gaze.

I run, going as fast as I can. I trip, stumble and catch myself. It is a bleary mess, as the tears that track down my cheeks. The excruciating pain I am in is enough to stop my breathing. Why does he do this? Why does he say the things that he does? Why does it affect me so bad that I crumble.

A few months ago I convinced myself that I hated Sabastian but I know I just hate myself for loving him, for not been able to move past him past us. Even with Reagan, the boy who had me way before Sabastian ever did.

It is no wonder I run to the other side of the school to our secret place behind a forty year old tree.

My knees hit grass and my bag takes a fall. My face goes into my hands and I hail, it’s my cry of shame. A call for a return of the punishment that has become my life.

Hands wrap around my knees, cradling me in. A familiar scent reminding me of memorable times. I bang at his chest as I also breathe the deep scent that is his. The one scent I know for certain can’t break my heart this bad.

“I got you Dainy, it’s gonna be alright. I’m here.”

“Aiden, it hurts so bad. Why me.”

“He’s hurting too, you both gonna keep hurting each other like this until you talk it out.”

“I agree.” That voice comes from behind me. I turn my head from my brothers chest to look at Sabastian standing there.

I want to refuse but I know deep down that it is time we finally had that talk that I have dreaded since I saw him a few months back at this very same spot.

“Go with Dainy, I’ll cover with Reagan. Don’t hurt Delroy.” My brother warns him as i get up and grab my bag and kiss my brother on his cheek.

“I parked at the back, this way.” Sabastian says and I follow.

Hey guys… So things ARE heating up with Dainy and Sabastian. There is still a killer on the loose. And the people in Liston Hills aren’t too happy about it. 😊 Find Out what happens in The Final Part of School Me coming soon. 🐮

Liston hills

School me p3 (page 31)


I listen to mason talk about his life. I can’t help but think of my dad, would he like Mason.

When I was younger my dad and I used to sit by a fire and talk about the uncomfortable topic of boys, now he is dead.

Someone killed my dad.

Somebody hurt him and I know my now dead aunt knew something about it.

My mother knows I am right yet she still insists that I am wrong.

Mason stares at me from his vantage point.

I say nothing, there’s nothing really to say.

Today marked a month since I’ve have stepped foot in Liston Hills.

Some people call it The Billionaire’s nest, the town for the rich and all their secrets.

Now it’s not just for the rich, but a town for the killers.

A week ago I couldn’t wait to leave Liston Hills.

The place reminded me of a Stepfords paradise, false, pretentious and full of people who thought they were made of titanium.

Look at me now, sitting in Mason Bray’s house, on his carpet while I wait for Dexter Kent to get here.

Two guys from the most wealthiest families in this place and the world.

The thought makes me laugh, I am the lazy girl from New York City whose father wasn’t born with millions but had to work his ass off to pay the bills and still got kicked up it with a bullet to his head, Bang Bang.

Yet, here I am, slowly worming my way into their lives.

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Liston hills

School me p3 (page 21)


Rage is said to come in blindfolded in a moment when one loses their ability to logic. As Sabastian stands in front of me, hands in his pocket I feel the rage, I feel my logic and sense of control slip.
My eyes must narrow, my body lunges forward as my fist meets his face. The pain is a welcoming agony as it shoot up my hand to my wrist. Sabastian doesn’t go down from my glorified punch, he retaliates with a fist to my gut, knocking the wind out of me, as I mimic his motion, and knee him in his stomach. He hunches and coughs and I go for a upper cut to his chin which he ducks and punches me solid in my sternum.

I tackle him to the floor and we are both going at it. Fist after fist, the copper taste in my mouth, swelling on my jaw, thumping in my head is a mind pleaser as Sabastian goes down and lays on the floor staring up at the sky, I follow suit. We are both quiet. Our rage not lessened by our fists but caged by our mind. 
Neither of us can say anything, the truth is out there now, it is part of us. When I see Dainy tomorrow it will be a constant roar in my mind. Sabastian Delroy, a close friend is in love with my girl, he considers her his. And even I can’t deny that the thought of him being right isn’t crushing me, it isn’t masking my love in dread. Dainy was his. 
“Out of all the shit we have gotten through, a girl is what it comes down to.” Sabastian groans after he says this. 

The sky is dark, the faint noise of music and peoples voices drift through the air, “I love her too.” I tell him, and though I have never admitted the words to Dainy or hinted at it , I am honest when I admit it to him.
“Yeah, I know.” We both quieten, laying there on the hard ground where we once shared an easy laugh and an even easier silence. Now, what were we. 

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School me p3 (page 18)


Time is a space ,a continuous movement from past to present to future. For me right now it is a reality check of my recent past, a guilty promise of my coming future and a regretful reality of my current state. The woman in my bed next to me is that regret. A big one.

I think back to the evening before. 

“Sabastian Delroy, could say I am surprised to see you here but that would be a wasted lie now would it? Considering your father is the host.” 
The black haired European beauty stares at me as she sips the crystal in her manicured hands. 

I’ve stood here in this corner just off the right side of the fire place, watching the bustle of people charade around our entertainment Hall in their branded attire and false faces. My father and Hector Stone haven’t left the table where they are currently seated. Which is not odd as the people in the circle would undoubtedly make contact with the two most richest men in this room.

“How are you Arena?” My eyes travel down her short pearly white dress and toned legs down to her silver four inch heels before meeting her flirty gaze. Her brown eyes twinkle as her bronze skin shines in beauty and probably a small layer of makeup. 

“Always good to see you Sabastian.” She answers before she takes the final sip of her Champaign. Giving me the full view of her long naked neck.

“How is your brother? Has his trips to Brazil been forthcoming in his studies?” I ask her as a way to stir up a conversation but also send her a subtle message that I am not interested in rekindling our past. 

“Yes, he is still convinced that medicine is his calling, but father would not allow it any longer.” She confesses which takes me back, as in our world knowledge is power. Giving me inside in her brothers ideas isnt smart business , because it shows weakness but knowing Arena Karon I would be a fool to believe she is not thinking about what she is telling me. 

“Business is business, legacy is birthright.” I tell her as I shove my hands in my pocket. 

“I have some news I wish to share, maybe after the evening is over?” She smiles, but I can easily tell it isnt an easy one. Arena almost seems nervous. I don’t hide the grin tugging my lips as I watch her squirm. 

The voice calling my name has my grin dropping and my eyes narrowing as I look beyond the European beauty to the Texan born blue eyed jock who was once my bestfriend now he is just the guy that stole my Vixen and crushed my heart. 

“Thought you would be spending the evening with Dainy.” I make a show of looking behind him just for good measure. I don’t want him to know that I am aware Kylie took Dainy to Seattle with her. Reagan isn’t stupid he would know I had a hand in it by one slip up. 

“She’s with Kylie, my dad sent me in his place instead.” He reaches out to me and I clap him on the back as he does the same to me. He turns and I have to admire that he doesnt even have the slightest of interest as he looks at Arena, but I guess if you had Dainy Hallow in your bed one cannot blame you. The thought makes me frown and dampens my mood to an all time high. 

“This is Arena Karon, Arena meet Reagan Orniel.” I make the introduction.

Arena makes the first effort and lifts out her hand which Reagan shakes, “Karon, your father is the main investor in the Capital Sourcing.” 

She grins as she places her empty glass on a passing servers tray, “Yes, and you the heir to the Orniel fortune, lucky boy.”

Her eyes twinkle and I can already see the wheels turning in her head as to how could Reagan benefit her family name. 

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School me p3 (page 17)


Dexter slips the girl off his shoulder and she instantly runs to the freezer on the other end of the kitchen and pulls out a tub of ice cream.

“My stepmother had the place redone before she passed on.” He slams the tub of ice-cream on the counter and I can’t help the flinch at hearing his sneer when he talks about his stepmother. 
“How many sisters do you have?” I ask him as a way of changing this direction of conversation
“One, she is a twin, her name is Niya and her twin my brother Nolan, they are in Liston Prep Academy. This little one is my aunts daughter. So what brings Reagan’s cousin to my front door? Plan on stealing some art?” His green eyes twinkle as he opens the tub of chocolate ice cream and I squirm at the look he gives me. 
“No, Mason said you might be able to help me find my dads killer.” He stops what he is doing as his small sister runs back to him, “Decky, give me ice cream.” 
He holds my gaze for a few seconds before he drops his head down to face the small little girl , “Ah, but I didn’t hear any magical words Casandra?” 
“Pleeeease Decky?” 
He rolls his eyes as he bends down and opens a cupboard pulling out three bowls , “Go wash your hands, your mother should be around any minute now.” 
“Mason said you might be able to help me find my dads killer?” He slides the ice cream spoon perfectly along the surface of the ice cream, resembling a perfect circle. 
“And how am I suppose to do that exactly?” He has a big grin on his face and I am not sure if it is from hearing Mason Brays name or the fact that I am here for his help?
“I have no idea, kind of why I’m here.”  
He laughs and I hate to admit it, but my stomach flutters as my cheeks heat up when I blush. Dexter  is strikingly attractive, his face is sharp ,like cut glass with high cheek bones and firm full lips, but when he laughs it transforms his sexy persona to a boy next door look.
“Okay, come over tonight after eight bring what ever you got and we can take it from there.”

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School me p3 (page 16)

“Yes, I would shake your hand but as you can see.” He tilts his head referring to his look alike that has her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. 

“Is she your sister?” It’s the dumbest question I could ask. Come on, they are practically identical, same green eyes, same blond hair, same complexion even their face is shaped a like except hers is much younger. But point made, dumb question. He doesn’t answer me, he does however take a step away from the door to allow me to step inside. 
When I do, it is like I am taken back to the 1600’s. I feel like I am under dressed with my ripped jeans and David Harley sweat shirt I am wearing. Not to mention my old sneakers that has well passed seen its expiration date. I can’t throw them out, I should but my dad got it for me two years ago. And if he was alive I would’ve tossed them out but now he so not alive. 
“Would you like something to drink? Or better yet let’s just go sit in the kitchen.” He doesn’t wait for me to respond as he walks effortlessly with the giggling little girl still attached to him down a long and wide wooden floored passage way. I rush behind him, my sling leather bag hitting my thigh as I do so. We round another corner going down a long corridor before we make a right and pass down the photo room filled with probably thousands of photos framed on the wall. We take a few steps down then turn left. 
“This place is like me a maze.” The awe in my voice doesn’t go unnoticed by Dexter who chuckles and takes another right in front of me.
“It’s fun, Decky needs exercise. “ She giggles after she’s done talking and I don’t stop the big goofy grin on my face from making an appearance as we finally make it to the kitchen which is something from the movies, dark oak doors, silver fridges, dark oak counters with a tinge of white here and there, “Wow, this place is nice.” 
Dexter slip his sister off his shoulder and she instantly runs to the freezer on the other end of the kitchen and pulls out a tub of ice cream.

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School me p3 (page 14)


Listen , speak , learn, that is what I have done today. I listened to my stupid coach screaming in my ear as I did !y drills. I spoke when I needed to and I learned, I learned that I was actually sick and fucking tired of this asshole. He has had my ass since last week. Not sure what is up the guys ally. But when I got home today, I decided fuck it. It is Saturday evening. I should be out and today it is exactly what I am doing
The Delroys are hosting a dinner party tonight, and my dad was in no way going to make it with the important deal he has going on in Toronto tonight, so it ended up on me. 
I step in front of the long length cupboard mirror. My bow tie hanging loosely around my shirt collar. Buttoning up my shirt I look at the scratches Dainy left Thursday evening. It never ceases to amaze me how wild and crazy she gets sometime. 
In fact the other day she left me speechless when she walked into my bedroom with nothing but a red tiny piece of material covering her snatch. Her hair was curled to the side, and she had this deep red lipstick painting her lips. 
Just thinking about now has me going hard. And there is nothing I can do about it right now, as my girlfriend decided to spend her time with Kylie. Which is weird because from my knowledge Kylie hasn’t been taking visitors. 
But what do I know. Recently things with Rainy is going great. I never looked at myself as a one woman man until I ended up in Dainy’s bed. 
Then I was thinking how I messed up, but now as I tie my bow and grab my black tux jacket , I can honestly say thank fuck I did go steady with Dainy, if I didn’t I am sure Sabastian would have her all wrapped up in him by now. 
I see the way he looks at my girl, I haven’t said a thing about yet. So far he hasn’t made any plays and I can’t fault the guy for wanting her back, I mean look at her. But Dainy is mine and I am glad she isn’t coming with me tonight. Tonight is the time Sebastian Delroy and I settle somethings.

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School me p3 (page 12)


“Book me a flight.” I say, just as I finish off the last of my dinner.
“Why can’t you take the jet.” Because if our father finds out I left the house after he grounded me he is going to fuck me up. I think it, but I don’t tell Kylie that instead I bellow

“Fuck no, book me a damn flight, I’m on my way to the airport.” 

“Then make tracks, I’ll send you the confirmation. “ She snaps back in that bossy tone of hers.

“Yeah, yeah. Later.” The phone goes dead on my ear, which is a normal with my sister. 

When Kylie was younger, my sister Natasha and I had just moved in permanently with my dad. My mom died not long after that, and Kylie’s mother upped and left. One would expect our circumstances to have brought us closer but it didn’t. 
Kylie preferred to spend her days with my father. Most of the time they would fly to Washington and spend weekends at my dads penthouse. While Natasha stayed with Lisa, my dad’s sister here at the house. I was a lost eight year old with nothing to do and no one to talk to so I got bored and purchased myself a pair of binoculars from the local mall. Best thing I ever did. The same day I bought it was the same day I met Dexter. Turned out he stayed three houses away from me. Turned out he didn’t have a mother. Turned out he was just as eager to spy on the locals as I was. 
It turned out a lot of things we thought and did were similar. Which is why him and I became so close. I get up off the breakfast nook, grab my phone, walking toward the long spiral staircase I run up three flights of stairs, then speed dial Dexter.
It rings three times, “Hey, hey motherfucker.” He yells from the other end of the line.

“Jackass, how did the meeting with Sabastian go?” I ask him as I take the long hall toward the packing closets where Kendra, our housekeeper leaves the travelling bags.
“Some dude is threatening Sabastian by threatening Dainy. Got to do some digging, you up for it?” That is the thing about Dexter and I nobody knows. We are worse than women , we tell each other everything and also help one another. 

Most of the time I am the one who helps him. After his dad died he inherited his family fortune as well as his families debt that was only payable in time. 

And I meant time as in his obedience to be Delroys dirt cleaner and genie. Whatever the Delroys needed they would get it from Dexter. For the rest of his life he would have to work for the Delroys. Doing all their dirty work, cleaning up all their messes, finding all of their fucked shit art pieces they were so keen on collecting. It was a fucked up gig if you ask me, but blood is blood, we inherit the money and name we got to inherit the shit that come with it too.
“Yeah, but I called to cancel for tonight, Kylie offered me her bike if I babysit Dainy Hallow for the weekend, we need the bike.”

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School me p3 (page 11)


“If you didn’t want to do it, why agree?” I ask my eldest sister, Kylie who is on the end of the phone I currently place down, putting on speaker. I sit my denim covered ass on the breakfast nook eating my double cheese burger I ordered an hour ago. It tastes like shit. Not as shitty as my life but close.
“I never said I didn’t, nobody besides the family knows Diamonds gone, Dainy ain’t stupid, she already suspects something is up. I shouldn’t have used Diamond as an excuse to get her over here in the first place..” Kylie retorts. 
My sister and I are not as close as she is with the Stones, and recently she isn’t even close to them. But we do share a common gene, we are both Marcus Bray’s children. We don’t need to be close to count on one another. Diamond , her best friend since second grade and my foster sister since my dad decided to take custody of Diamond, recently left to some unknown government location. My dad was the one to inform me of this little bit of news a few days back. 

Like always I had nothing to say about it, Diamond was crazy but cool. She stayed with us practically every weekend but the thing is our house is four floors high, with seventeen bedrooms. Much bigger and grandeur in comparison to The Estate. My room is on the far left, away from everybody besides my father. So unless I was actually in the same space as Diamond I hardly spoke to her. But she was for all intent and purposes part of our family and I did feel a tinge of sadness that she was gone, more so for Kylie.  
But I would never share that with my father or sisters. When it comes to my family as a whole I tend to stay out of it. I am the quiet one, preferring to stay out of drama. For this reason and many, I also prefer to spend my weekends faraway from here. 
“Ask someone else, I’m sure Reagan can do it, it’s his girl.” Lifting my burger, I take another big bite of my crappy burger. 
“One week Mason.” I sit up when I hear this. There is something Kylie has that I need for a  while, but my stingy sister has continuously said no. 
“It is two days Kylie, fourth eight hours with Dainy. “ 
“If I wasn’t so sure Papa is your daddy , now would be the time I am. Fine.” I hear the groan but i ain’t buying shit, this is my sister she is worse than me, 

“So?” I question my hard headed sister , 

“Two weeks Mason, you scratch my bike and it will be the last thing you scratch, now, what time are you coming?” I smile full on when I hear the words I have tried to get out of her for the last three months.

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Kylie Bray is LIVE 

He was a made man and I was his muse

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