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School Me Season 4 (Page 2)

Liston Hills School Me Season 4

“Hey, have you seen Dainy.” I am standing in front of Dainy’s house. I was in the middle of practice when I saw her and Sabastian having it out. Not sure what the hell was going on. I wanted to run and go to her but I couldn’t.

The game was in less than a week and coach was getting aggravated with our newbie, Curt Dawson. The guy was a 9th grader that just moved to Liston Hills. His parents were known internationally for their generous contribution to the world’s aids organization a few years back. Rumours in the tabloids hinted the family had tight connections with the USA’S most notorious crime family, the Sanati’s.

Why they decided to move here was something I wanted to know. It was only after practice did I decide to forgo my shower and rush to Dainy’s house.

Now I am standing by the door, looking at Aiden, his hair is ruffled and his face is pulled into an ugly scowl.

“She’s at the cabin, with Sabastian, I suggest you give them space. They need to talk.”

I frown as my gut clenches, knowing that it is my insecurity. Doubt has an ugly side, especially when it is directed to my friend, and my girl.

“Does she love him?” Not sure why the words leave my mouth, why I even bother asking her brother.

“Yes, she has loved him for years, but I know Dainy has loved you for longer, he was the one in the background. While you chased panties Sabastian has been playing for keeps with my sister. And frankly, I am glad it isn’t an Orniel who she’ll choose.” He slams the door in my face and for once I don’t lose my fucking shit.

Sabastian’s words ring in my head, “She is mine.” He said it that night on the roof top of his house. The day Sabastian finally came clean about his feelings for Dainy, and it was true when he said that I knew deep down she was his. I just chose to ignore what I already knew because the truth was something that didn’t work in my favour.

Dainy does love me, but I know she loves Sabastian too. The question is what to do about that. I won’t just give up, I am an Orniel. I get what I want and I want Dainy Hallow to be mine. She is mine dammit.

I am not just going to give my girl up, not without a fight and maybe even then. I get to my car and jump in. I need to clear my head and think, before I do something stupid, like going to the Cabin and finishing what I started with Sabastian.

“FUCK.” I slam my hand on the steering wheel as I speed down the road at an insanely high speed. I head straight toward town. The night is clear, a contrast to the state of my mind.

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Liston Hills School Me Season 4

I am sitting in the diner on the South Side of this small town. A small town with big secrets, and one of those secrets is the name of the one who murdered my father.

Since I left school the day the cheerleaders pissed me off, I have focused all my attention on looking for my father’s executioner.

And every single time, I got a bit closer, I ended up in the same place as Dexter Kent.

I am not saying it is a coincidence, or not, as he did offer me help. But I know the reason he is currently dressed in a black suit surrounded by a group of seriously pissed off bikers has nothing to do with me.

I am not sure what they are talking about, but 6 bikers to 1 Dexter, I would say the guy is out numbered. It was the reason why I picked up my phone and dialed Reagan.

I look at their biker jackets, that read The Sin Riders MC on the back. The question of why they were here, baffled my brain, but I remained seated.

The place is my definition of an upper class Diner. Not the typical small town ones I’d see on TV. The white and silver table I am sitting on is rooted to the ground that is clean and looks spanking new.

The chairs are soft and covered in a grey and black fabric. I smile when I spot the waiter who served me as I walked in, a little over an hour ago.

She has her hair in a long braid that is dyed in a mixture of blue, red and dark brown.

Her slanted eyes go to the bikers and Dexter. She merely shakes her head and continues wiping the large granite slab, serving as a counter .When I got here, it was with intention I speak to the lovely said waiter.

One of the bikers push Dexter. He is saying something to the guys. Whatever it is they must not like it.

The biker burly man, shakes his head. Gosh, I am glad I called Reagan. The top of the door makes that click sound, alerting everyone of a new comers presence.

Imagine my surprise when it isn’t Reagan who enters but Sabastian Delroy with a very angry Dainy Hallow in tow.

Hello Liston Hiller’s, BETTER hang on to your screens, Dainy Hallow isn’t as happy as we thought, but what is Sabastian Delroy doing on the South Side of town. Find out tomorrow.

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So my night with Reagan ended , and began my night with Hennessey Ellipse a thirteen thousand dollar bottle of Hennessey, ranked ten in the world. It tasted like crap , it wasn’t my drink of choice. It was however the only bottle of alcohol I had in my room, which is where I ended up as the night progressed.
A knock on the door was a surprise and it wasn’t the European surprise either no, it was Lizzy. Reagan’s long last cousin and the daughter of my father’s latest woman. By then I was too drunk and she was not holding up well either. She however was not the woman in my bed, that award belonged to non other than Victoria Stone. Yes, the naked beauty that I would live to forget would be Victoria, and if anyone and I don’t just mean Aiden Hallow , Dainy’s brother who has loved Victoria since the guy figured out what his dick was used for but the Stone brothers.
We practically lived in the same yard since we were born. She was supposed to be like a sister to me, only thing, last night Victoria was no sister, she was a beautiful woman and I was a man. Now I am a criminal and she is my judge.
“Rae, wake up. “ I shake her a bit, her pale skin in contrast to the black and grey duvet wrapped around her top half of her naked body.
She groans, turning over, giving me a view and a half of her ass. The thought of smacking it hits me but I snort instead. Grabbing the duvet I pull it off her, “Rae, if you don’t wake up David is coming for you.” She practically jumps up falling toward the lush carpeted floor and I don’t stop the laugh that comes when I see her bug eyes glaring at me.
“Way to go, you know I was enjoying my sleep until you decided to wake me.” Rae gets up off the floor in all her naked glory and I roll my eyes as I also get up off the bed.
“What happened last night is a need to know basis and nobody besides you and I need to know, Dainy will freak, My brothers will end up in prison and I am pretty sure Aiden will become the joker or some crazy thing like that.” Rae rants as she picks up her dress and grabs her shoes.
“Maybe I should have just taken my chances and let you sleep.” I slip a clean white tee on, and walk toward the far end of my bedroom where my walk-in closet is situated and grab the track pants handing from the silver handle.

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