The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club members are back, and this time they are not just carrying ammunition but these bikers are holding a deep secret, that might just be the end of them.

“We were never meant to end this way, but death has been calling us since the day we were born” Sienna

Death is like a wind blowing, touching you all over. It’s the kiss from the sun on your face, the experience of everything, but the feeling of nothing. Death is an inevitability of our life. It is the ride that gets us there which makes all the difference.

I knew Sienna was going to be a problem from the day she drove back into our lives, but the more I pushed her, the stronger my need to protect her grew. Never thought it would come to this, me saying goodbye. Romance, love, a happy ending, and marriage were supposed to be how our story got told, but none of that got to happen. She was shot, left to die, and for once I couldn’t save the person I swore to protect.

I’ve spent years in the army, saving as many people as I could, killing just as many too, all for my country, only to lose the one person I wanted to keep alive in the end. Even after knowing what she’ll eventually bring to our doorstep would be chaos I still can’t let her go.

My brothers think I am going to explode, but all I want to do is find out who killed my wife and then bring a reckoning to their lives. But when I go hunting what I find might just be the end of me.

The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club returns with its 6th book, filled with romance, mystery, and a storyline that is fresh.

This book might just be what you need to read when you open a book so give it a try.

Shan R.K is an International Multi-Genre Author. She has published 15 books in the last 3 years covering more than 7 different genres. Her goal in life is to become an International Bestselling Author in all Genres. She is currently living a peaceful and whacky life with her rockstar daughter and feisty furry kitten, Aura.

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