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1 Month Of Answering That Big Question “What is dating in the modern world”

In a nutshell “The sunrise before the storm.”

It is that short moment of smiles and butterflies. Most of the time it begins with that kiss and ends in those tears and that on going depression. Note I said ‘those tears’ because let us face it, the tears always pour.

Dating today can be amazing. It could be so amazing that you stop and think for just a second that it is a dream. An unimaginable dream as you stare at that person and have your whole life flash by. The past becomes a worthy story, the present a place that is perfect and the future that once seemed dim, blooms with possibilities.

My first month of research gone. What have I learned? I learned that what meets the eyes isn’t exactly what one is getting. In fact it is the opposite. The Christian Grey is far and in between. That Elvis Presley, James Dean gorgeous man is not going to change his ways because you wore that black dress and paid for a fancy makeover. And that tattooed bad boy that reminds you of Jason Momoa isn’t going to change his helmet and one night stands because you waited a day longer than the rest. Nah, what I have learned, is that those guys go for those women who don’t bother with the dress, the fancy make up and even the ‘wait before the third date’ sex. They go for those women who will break them more. (Sorry ladies)

And what about you men, that girl that is always smiling in the corridor of your work place that reminds you of Jessica Alba or Cara Delevingne, isn’t going to notice you because you decided to get yourself a six pack, or grow a beard (They are a hot trend now). They are going to go for their boss or some well known guy that is going to put that big diamond on their finger. And guys, he isn’t going to be anything to cringe about nor drool over. But he will make her stop and strike a conversation with him, so who cares. (Sad but true, so far).

Dating in this modern world, is not a ‘what you get what you see scenario’. It is a tidal of lies, a mirror of differences and a story of fleeting twists. Sometimes, I swear it is so close to a romance novel and at other times it is something from a nightmare or really depressing thriller.

Regardless, those who search for that special someone or perfect bed warmer, keep putting themselves through the endless game of the heart, or brain (I was told recently that love is a head space, that emotions are just the mind telling you what to do).

A few months back, I came up with this idea of writing a book about dating in a modern world. I sort of tested the waters at first with a few people to see their reaction (It wasn’t pleasant). But I am known to do my own thing, and proceeded regardless of the opinions of others, (It is my life, time and energy). I hooked myself up on a date site/s. The thought crossed my mind to lie and make up a fake profile but I chose honesty. My gran used to tell me that lies hurt when it is found, but the truth kills instantly and eventually brings one to life. I believe she had a point to her words and I live by them.

Two years ago, I myself became a single woman. It does feel like a bit longer, (I am still single). I have dated since my disaster marriage and went through the motions but it felt empty. Those relationships felt empty, like I was missing something.

What? I am trying to figure out as I proceed with this book.

It is amazing at how brass and fast people move today. It scared the romance right out of me and left it on the floor in a puddle of defeat. I chose a while back, that I wasn’t going to get myself caught up in the new way society look at dating and the ways in which they proceed. It was a conscious decision and I am glad I have stuck to my guns. (Though I am known to be a ‘runner’ so says my mother). It just means I am too fast to catch, nothing really wrong with that. Not my fault they are too slow. (Just Kidding).

So one month of research and talking to so many different people has really got me thinking about the future and how exactly this story is going to unfold. I have met so many different individuals.

Yes, I do get asked out a lot (I was warned before I started the book). I admit that I did get a bit side tracked and fell for a bit of charm and finesse. It was a fleeting moment, and reminded me that I am in fact human, I do feel emotions. Obviously nothing came out of it and I am back on track, but between you and I, I wish that I would meet someone who will last long enough for me to at least finish a book about our story. But as optimism still blooms brightly in my soul, I believe my cowboy is watching that sky darken until the stars tell stories of their lovers past. He is waiting for me with his heart full of love and his brain wanting to be filled with memories of us. But for now, he is growing, breathing and just waiting. I wait too.

This month has been an eye opener for me. I started this journey skeptical, convinced that I would only find fault, but I have found so much more. I have found strength, friends, people that still keep their heads up after getting beaten and cheated on.

There is wonder in this world, stories that lay in the minds, screaming to be revealed, teaching us that we are so much greater than our past, better than what is seen through a strangers eyes. Face the facts, anyone that has come into your life, is that – A stranger. Whether they have known you for 10 minutes or 10 years, they are and will always be strangers. You are the only one who will ever know you. So love yourself better than you love anyone. Trust yourself first, before you trust anyone else and choose yourself above most.

It is hard at times to make these choices, but as my journey progresses and I learn more, I realize each day that the world looks at you through your own eyes.

And for those of you who have kids, our kids are our greatest treasures, our biggest accomplishment/s. They are the product of what we teach them, the hours of our life we give and don’t want back. One day when they become adults they will teach their owns kids and pave their own way, so let us guide them in a direction of truth, love, and knowledge. Teach them, love them, but do not make them weak. The world is one filled with chaos that can be dark but also just as wild and free.

What is Love in The Modern World

So here is the thing- ‘It is complicated’ Isn’t that the status on most of facebook’s About page 🙂 True isn’t it? Hey Guys. So I was working today on the plot for my new book. Researching required me to learn about dating in the modern world. So, like I always do with my books, I went to the source. I started asking questions, (In a sly way), trying to figure out the modern thoughts of past people. (Pun intended) My findings were quite the eye opener for a sheltered lady like myself. But what I heard, it does hold its volume in a crowded room. Modern love is in one way just like the movies. ‘You meet me, I meet you, we have our drama but we get married’ sounds familiar to a few of you doesn’t it?’ Sure does. But for most, your mind is probably going through those breakups that left you in a puddle, or got you drunk one night (you don’t want to remember those) or maybe that special one that got away and left you listening to Passenger ‘hearts on fire’. Or remember that one, who said all the right words and disappeared into dust after you responded in more ways than text (Catch my meaning). Oh, okay then, I will stop. Let us not talk about that one! How about the ones you met on a dating site? All the lines perfect but wait, they are NOT who they claim to be? (Sorry guys, I feel for you) Then there are the emotionally detached ones, who don’t know what they want. It is like hot and cold water, the perfect blend and you won’t get out of the shower. But I am not just referring to you guys, I am also talking about the ones who want to make the world better (the naive changers) ‘I can change her mind’, ‘I can make him want more.’ Sounds familiar? (Guilty) Sorry to tell you all, but Romance in the Modern world is not easy. It is more difficult than riding a motorbike, but like the throttle of that engine as it flies through the traffic and you feel like you are flying, it can be one hell of a ride. Society has now set standards. You can be matched up to your perfect somebody by AI, and a few short questions. (Talk about easy) Might as well just see what is out there. You meet, greet, or go running. Sometimes you have those goo eyed moments where it is ‘Christian Grey in the house’ (Hola ladies). Or a Meghan Fox with the bluest eyes you have ever seen (Whoa there men, control yourselves.) Sad thing about that picture? Even those who spend 16 hours in their office can find that ‘quality’ love, you know the superficial kind where you just swipe right. Who said we need dating tables, and parties, or those fancy dinners we go to. Galas, remember those? Well, those ones are even more rare than a persons dating history. (I am referring to the actual Boyfriend, girlfriend kind. Not the ‘I don’t want a relationship, let’s keep it casual one’). All you need is a really good camera and a device with a fast internet connection. Match made in heaven, or is it? The answer is simple, it depends on you. What you are searching for, when you search for it. (Timing is everything people) It is a predators world. The strong rise and the weak wither to nothing but crumbs. (tasty treats, yum) In the older times, it was similar except people didn’t have phones. And cars weren’t a must have. Now? We can just access the emotion (Love) from a phone.(In case you didn’t know, A phone can drop and break and you can go to a shop and pick up a new one) Just saying. No more going out on dates, just video call. No more leaving your comfort zone, just google a dating site (Duh). Don’t bother going shopping after work, spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy new outfit to attract the wanted attention because it is a video call and by the time they meet you, you’ll have already cracked all imperfections on a live camera. (Save for a trip to Prague) Don’t misread my words, and think I don’t like the new way of the world. I love it. I can’t not shop online, I can’t even write a blog without the internet. One better- I would have never have became an Author, with 9 books published and a blog with over 2000 followers. So believe it when I tell you that I love the internet. But what about the ways most use it to find love? (That one is touchy for a single person like myself) People actually find quality relationships on the internet. I mean have you guys seen how many dating apps are there? I have. There are hundreds if not more (I HOPE NOT). Hey! Let us not judge, it works. They even have ones specialized for your needs. Have any hidden fantasies, you want to come true? There is a dating app for that. Want some one night loving? There is an app for that too. Looking for your soulmate? YUP, you guessed right. There is an app for that. (PLENTY) But I get back to my question, what is LOVE IN THE MODERN WORLD I am dying to hear what IS your impression of love is, in this modern world. SO DROP THOSE COMMENTS AND WRITE THOSE EMAILS, INSPIRE ME.
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Killer’s Story

Hey Everyone.

How was the first Monday back in the office?

Well, while I was reading Beauty’s Breath, because it is getting released tomorrow, I had this feeling of so much emotion clogging me.

PHEW. So, with all my dramatics I cried horribly. My daughter was looking at me weird. I told her I was reading and she started laughing and said, “Oh mama.”

So long story short, the book is a great book. I am happier with this piece of work than I was with River’s Keeper. The story has you wanting to pull out your hair at times. Which is funny because I wrote it. But I have always wrote stuff for my own enjoyment so I find it easy to forget that I wrote a book and read it.

I am getting off track again, sorry guys. When reading Zero and Beggar’s fight scene it hit me. Killer’s Story.

So I wrote a small piece and It isn’t much but I want to share it with you guys.

“Baby girl you breaking my heart.” 

“Kevin, don’t please, I just, I can’t.” Words don’t come easy when a heart is breaking, it gets harder when the only one who can mend it chooses not to.

“I thought I will never find a woman who made me feel, but baby girl, I love you. You are it for me Sienna. You were never the one I wanted, but you are the only one I will ever want again.”


“I know baby, I feel you too.” 

So that is it so far. But I see awesome things coming to the Satan Snipers. I want to spice things up. Killer is also going to get a two or three part story. Then my hope is to write Rivers and Hannah’s story. So more on that soon. Don’t forget to stay awesome. Email me on and let me know what you people think 

 Don’t Forget to get your copy of Beauty’s Breath


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School Me News

Hey guys

So it has been a while since I have posted anything about anything really.

Writing my books have taken up all my time(sorry). I have started this blog post and stopped over a thousand times over (I am exaggerating maybe it was close to 50), but sometimes my words just don’t come out like they should(perks of a human being).

I have read through the past three seasons and see we have come along way from School Me Part 1.

But for all of you wondering – School Me Part 4 will be returning on November 1st, 2018.

I will do a recap of the previous 3 parts before that and put up some teasers and adverts.

The previous 3 seasons are over, in season 1 we had our introduction, in season 2 we had our storyline taking off, and season 3 we reached our climax and the fourth season will be the conclusion of book One which is going to be titled and published as School Me Sabastian. Next year we will commence with the Liston Hills series Book 2 Study Me.

School Me part 4 will have 60 pages over a course of three months and will be available straight on your emails (No Spam).

It has been almost two years since I have started the blog and from 30 people we have now increased to 2400 people and counting which is amazing.

Previously many of you have been asked to post suggestions on my website, but from November you guys may post comments on the blog as well as email me.

Last year was a very difficult year for me as I had a lot of personal issues going on and I was unable to blog all the time.

I am happy to say that this season we will not experience those issues.

I will also be blogging more about other topics from now until November.

As well as some advice on writing. I have been reading some authors blogs pertaining to ‘their advice about publishing and writing books’ and while many are really informative I find a lot of them discourage New Authors.

I am a firm believer of optimism as well as results(More on that next week).

Back to School Me News, I was thinking about making a youtube video trailer for School Me and I am keen on hearing all your opinions.

So do let me know what you think. I am always interested in your ideas and suggestions.

A warm welcome to all our new subscribers and a big thank you everyone else for sticking around and reading Liston Hills (School Me) and actually taking time to send me lenthy emails. You are Amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a more loyal Group of people. So thank you all





Tease Me😊 Yes Please

A small Teaser from Zero

I can’t wait to show all of you the first three chapters. IT IS EXCITING STUFF.

What is more exciting us the emails I get from you guys.