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School me p3 (page 28)


My night with Dexter was productive. When I arrived at his place Saturday evening I was a tad bit nervous.

I have not spent time with a guy alone EVER.

The most male contact I had was with Kyle Brandt, my dad’s clients son. We went to second base at the pool outside my house while my dad and his spoke. So believe it when I say I was tidal of nervous anxiety to be at Dexter’s place after 7.

When I arrived Dexter opened the door and took me straight to the kitchen where he had the centerpiece decked with a meal to feed a small army.

I finally met his sister and brother and watched in fascination as the two bickered about general Knowledge.

Dexter shut them both up when he integrated his piece of information.

Then I met the nanny who looked like she was a bodyguard rather than a babysitter.

Once we had eaten our five-course meal, Dexter and I moved to the library.

We drank half a bottle of whiskey and spent the rest of Saturday evening looking at all possible scenarios to why my dad and Gina’s death was related. At first, I was a nervous wreck but once he started telling me jokes and stories about him and Mason growing up I actually felt at home.

We ended up sleeping in the library on the black sunk in sofas and woke up this morning to Mason calling.

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School me p3 (page 12)


“Book me a flight.” I say, just as I finish off the last of my dinner.
“Why can’t you take the jet.” Because if our father finds out I left the house after he grounded me he is going to fuck me up. I think it, but I don’t tell Kylie that instead I bellow

“Fuck no, book me a damn flight, I’m on my way to the airport.” 

“Then make tracks, I’ll send you the confirmation. “ She snaps back in that bossy tone of hers.

“Yeah, yeah. Later.” The phone goes dead on my ear, which is a normal with my sister. 

When Kylie was younger, my sister Natasha and I had just moved in permanently with my dad. My mom died not long after that, and Kylie’s mother upped and left. One would expect our circumstances to have brought us closer but it didn’t. 
Kylie preferred to spend her days with my father. Most of the time they would fly to Washington and spend weekends at my dads penthouse. While Natasha stayed with Lisa, my dad’s sister here at the house. I was a lost eight year old with nothing to do and no one to talk to so I got bored and purchased myself a pair of binoculars from the local mall. Best thing I ever did. The same day I bought it was the same day I met Dexter. Turned out he stayed three houses away from me. Turned out he didn’t have a mother. Turned out he was just as eager to spy on the locals as I was. 
It turned out a lot of things we thought and did were similar. Which is why him and I became so close. I get up off the breakfast nook, grab my phone, walking toward the long spiral staircase I run up three flights of stairs, then speed dial Dexter.
It rings three times, “Hey, hey motherfucker.” He yells from the other end of the line.

“Jackass, how did the meeting with Sabastian go?” I ask him as I take the long hall toward the packing closets where Kendra, our housekeeper leaves the travelling bags.
“Some dude is threatening Sabastian by threatening Dainy. Got to do some digging, you up for it?” That is the thing about Dexter and I nobody knows. We are worse than women , we tell each other everything and also help one another. 

Most of the time I am the one who helps him. After his dad died he inherited his family fortune as well as his families debt that was only payable in time. 

And I meant time as in his obedience to be Delroys dirt cleaner and genie. Whatever the Delroys needed they would get it from Dexter. For the rest of his life he would have to work for the Delroys. Doing all their dirty work, cleaning up all their messes, finding all of their fucked shit art pieces they were so keen on collecting. It was a fucked up gig if you ask me, but blood is blood, we inherit the money and name we got to inherit the shit that come with it too.
“Yeah, but I called to cancel for tonight, Kylie offered me her bike if I babysit Dainy Hallow for the weekend, we need the bike.”

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Kylie Bray is LIVE 

He was a made man and I was his muse

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River’s Keeper Out WorldWide

She was forgettable, Why couldn't I stay away

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We all have a keeper

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River’s Keeper News

I have contemplated different ways to tell you this.

And you know what ? I’m just going to tell you guys the honest truth.

The wrong file was uploaded in the Amazon book and unfortunately Amazon is unable to make changes to this and upload the correct file.

Now many of you guys, well most of you know that I write because I love to write. I don’t give you my words for the money. I do it so at least one of you can smile. Even if it is just for an hour or two. I give you words because that is what i got. My stories are a way to let you in. You reading my books are letting me in. Words are a beauty that you can not hold, it travels deep within you. We translate it as we choose. They are mans greatest accomplishment.

The last three chapters which is a lot of words, is short. So I am going to un-publish River’s Keeper now. Upload the correct copy and have it published by tomorrow. As it should be.

So all of you guys and there is a lot of people who have pre-ordered a copy of River’s keeper will get your pre-order back.

And you may re purchase the correct version tomorrow.

I am truly sorry for all of this and while most people would say blame Amazon I am not most people.

A life spent making mistakes is not only honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing … By George Bernard Shaw