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It is time Dainy Hallow started paying attention

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Liston hills

School me p3 (page 20)


The soft melody doesn’t follow as Reagan and I walk on to the outside deck. Reagan closes the door, and turns to face me as I do him, sliding my hands comfortably in my pants pocket, “So you wanted to talk about Dainy, talk.” I tell him with the slight smile to my lips. This has waited long enough.
“Last year you came home and I remember asking you about your feelings toward Dainy, you brushed the whole thing off like you and her were nothin’, we both know that ain’t true Sabastian, I see it when you look at her man, the whole world sees it.”

His eyes and stance are both accusing. Yes accusing , when you look at his finger directly pointed at me, his left leg bent in the front whilst the right one is stretched at the back. Yes accusing , I would say again. He is accusing me of something he already knew the day he asked me about my relationship with Dainy, he knew there was something more, he just chose not to care.

The entire thing should be laughable, but I don’t feel the hilarity of this, no not at all. 

“What do you want me to tell you Reagan? That I don’t care about Dainy? I can’t, I’m in love with her , I have always been in love with her, why do you think I came back man? It was because of her. I had all these thoughts, all these scenarios planned in my head of how my girl and I were going to hash things out, but not once did I picture you in there, not one time did it even cross my MIND that you, who was supposed to be my brother , that was supposed to be my best friend was fucking my girl, MINE! So don’t stand there and accuse me when the one at fault looks right back at you in the mirror damn day.” 
The words tumble, as the wreckage that has become my heart shows itself. I don’t notice that I have my hands in tight fist still stuck in my pocket. I do notice Reagan’s shocked face, his blue eyes wide, his mouth set in an angry line and his forehead scrunched up in what I would say misery. 
“So this is how you really feel, you hate me for something I can’t change, I am not the one who left her here with a broken heart for someone else to pick up the pieces. You left her Sabastian, you were gone for a year, I didn’t even know you were coming back.” He yells and kicks the hand carved table. 
“I did what I had to,” I don’t raise my voice, “I made sacrifices for Dainy and I, and maybe now she chooses you but I guarantee you it won’t be forever, Dainy belongs to me, she has been mine all along Orniel, you just too blind to see it man.” 

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