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Beauty’s Breath News

Hey Guys

So I have waited till the last minute to tell you guys that Beauty’s Breath is still not done.

I spoke to the editor and she said by next Wednesday but I have decided if it is not done on Tuesday next week I will publish it anyway by Friday and do my own editing as I do not know how long it takes for a person to edit a novel.

I really do apologise and hope in the future to find a new editor that is more competent with time and deadlines.

I will be posting a few adverts this week and the cover would be up from tomorrow as well as a synopsis.

Please do not send me bad mail, I am aware that you guys are upset and some just frustrated but it was really a lack of judgement from my side so I take full responsibility and will make sure the book is published on Friday 7th September 2018

Satan Snipers MC

Zero (Satan Sniper’s motorcycle club book 3)


“hey, how’s the leg? ready to get the fuck off that damn thing.” I ask my brother.

It has been weeks since he arrived to the clubhouse. A month and three days since Amariya Demarco betrayed us all. I called her Beauty, even though she insisted we call her Beggar.

I dumped Falon. I gave up everything for her and all she did was remind me what a failure I am. I was supposed to protect the clubhouse, my brothers, our women and I failed them all.

I live with it, the guilt and with the guilt comes my shame because where ever I look where ever I walk in this place I see her.

Those black eyes, that long hair and pale skin. Her voice haunts me. She is inside me. Like a layer of flesh attached to my very being.

Liston hills

School me p3 (page 21)


Rage is said to come in blindfolded in a moment when one loses their ability to logic. As Sabastian stands in front of me, hands in his pocket I feel the rage, I feel my logic and sense of control slip.
My eyes must narrow, my body lunges forward as my fist meets his face. The pain is a welcoming agony as it shoot up my hand to my wrist. Sabastian doesn’t go down from my glorified punch, he retaliates with a fist to my gut, knocking the wind out of me, as I mimic his motion, and knee him in his stomach. He hunches and coughs and I go for a upper cut to his chin which he ducks and punches me solid in my sternum.

I tackle him to the floor and we are both going at it. Fist after fist, the copper taste in my mouth, swelling on my jaw, thumping in my head is a mind pleaser as Sabastian goes down and lays on the floor staring up at the sky, I follow suit. We are both quiet. Our rage not lessened by our fists but caged by our mind. 
Neither of us can say anything, the truth is out there now, it is part of us. When I see Dainy tomorrow it will be a constant roar in my mind. Sabastian Delroy, a close friend is in love with my girl, he considers her his. And even I can’t deny that the thought of him being right isn’t crushing me, it isn’t masking my love in dread. Dainy was his. 
“Out of all the shit we have gotten through, a girl is what it comes down to.” Sabastian groans after he says this. 

The sky is dark, the faint noise of music and peoples voices drift through the air, “I love her too.” I tell him, and though I have never admitted the words to Dainy or hinted at it , I am honest when I admit it to him.
“Yeah, I know.” We both quieten, laying there on the hard ground where we once shared an easy laugh and an even easier silence. Now, what were we. 

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Liston hills

School me p3 (page 20)


The soft melody doesn’t follow as Reagan and I walk on to the outside deck. Reagan closes the door, and turns to face me as I do him, sliding my hands comfortably in my pants pocket, “So you wanted to talk about Dainy, talk.” I tell him with the slight smile to my lips. This has waited long enough.
“Last year you came home and I remember asking you about your feelings toward Dainy, you brushed the whole thing off like you and her were nothin’, we both know that ain’t true Sabastian, I see it when you look at her man, the whole world sees it.”

His eyes and stance are both accusing. Yes accusing , when you look at his finger directly pointed at me, his left leg bent in the front whilst the right one is stretched at the back. Yes accusing , I would say again. He is accusing me of something he already knew the day he asked me about my relationship with Dainy, he knew there was something more, he just chose not to care.

The entire thing should be laughable, but I don’t feel the hilarity of this, no not at all. 

“What do you want me to tell you Reagan? That I don’t care about Dainy? I can’t, I’m in love with her , I have always been in love with her, why do you think I came back man? It was because of her. I had all these thoughts, all these scenarios planned in my head of how my girl and I were going to hash things out, but not once did I picture you in there, not one time did it even cross my MIND that you, who was supposed to be my brother , that was supposed to be my best friend was fucking my girl, MINE! So don’t stand there and accuse me when the one at fault looks right back at you in the mirror damn day.” 
The words tumble, as the wreckage that has become my heart shows itself. I don’t notice that I have my hands in tight fist still stuck in my pocket. I do notice Reagan’s shocked face, his blue eyes wide, his mouth set in an angry line and his forehead scrunched up in what I would say misery. 
“So this is how you really feel, you hate me for something I can’t change, I am not the one who left her here with a broken heart for someone else to pick up the pieces. You left her Sabastian, you were gone for a year, I didn’t even know you were coming back.” He yells and kicks the hand carved table. 
“I did what I had to,” I don’t raise my voice, “I made sacrifices for Dainy and I, and maybe now she chooses you but I guarantee you it won’t be forever, Dainy belongs to me, she has been mine all along Orniel, you just too blind to see it man.” 

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School me p3 (page 17)


Dexter slips the girl off his shoulder and she instantly runs to the freezer on the other end of the kitchen and pulls out a tub of ice cream.

“My stepmother had the place redone before she passed on.” He slams the tub of ice-cream on the counter and I can’t help the flinch at hearing his sneer when he talks about his stepmother. 
“How many sisters do you have?” I ask him as a way of changing this direction of conversation
“One, she is a twin, her name is Niya and her twin my brother Nolan, they are in Liston Prep Academy. This little one is my aunts daughter. So what brings Reagan’s cousin to my front door? Plan on stealing some art?” His green eyes twinkle as he opens the tub of chocolate ice cream and I squirm at the look he gives me. 
“No, Mason said you might be able to help me find my dads killer.” He stops what he is doing as his small sister runs back to him, “Decky, give me ice cream.” 
He holds my gaze for a few seconds before he drops his head down to face the small little girl , “Ah, but I didn’t hear any magical words Casandra?” 
“Pleeeease Decky?” 
He rolls his eyes as he bends down and opens a cupboard pulling out three bowls , “Go wash your hands, your mother should be around any minute now.” 
“Mason said you might be able to help me find my dads killer?” He slides the ice cream spoon perfectly along the surface of the ice cream, resembling a perfect circle. 
“And how am I suppose to do that exactly?” He has a big grin on his face and I am not sure if it is from hearing Mason Brays name or the fact that I am here for his help?
“I have no idea, kind of why I’m here.”  
He laughs and I hate to admit it, but my stomach flutters as my cheeks heat up when I blush. Dexter  is strikingly attractive, his face is sharp ,like cut glass with high cheek bones and firm full lips, but when he laughs it transforms his sexy persona to a boy next door look.
“Okay, come over tonight after eight bring what ever you got and we can take it from there.”

Author Shan R.K Kylie Bray Kylie Bray (Love Hate and Billions 1) Uncategorized

Kylie Bray is LIVE 

He was a made man and I was his muse

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There will be more places in a few days,including kobo, B&N , Lulu, Ibooks and a few more. The paperback with be exclusive to Amazon from Tuesday next week. Please share this post and let me know what you thought about the book. 

NB. School me will continue from Monday to Friday next week. And I will be releasing Dexter’s first novella. He will have his own adventures. 

Enjoy your Saturday 😊

Author Shan R.K Kylie Bray Kylie Bray (Love Hate and Billions 1) Uncategorized

Kylie Bray book cover and competition

How could life tumble in turfs that are unravelling to the human mind , how could I succumb to this latitude of proportions that take me to this darkness. It’s breaking me. I keep believing that the world is whole , that my mind isn’t.

It’s like my soul is pushing me to this place I can’t see, but my heart is taking me somewhere else , to a place where I can’t fathom, how do I see it happening when my very existence is slipping from my fingers, when I look in the mirror I barely recognise myself. I am just empty, dying.  I feel there are days where I want to end it, end this treachery of these unknown parts, I am scared. Oh god help me. 

This weight is beating me down, taking me in. I breathe every second, telling myself I am human, I should feel something , but I can’t because every time I think, everytime I even consider it he goes and takes more lives, he says I am his muse , yet all I see in the mirror all I feel is a monster, a killer. 

He kills them in my name, he takes their lives because they took me. He makes me watch, he forces me to accept it. 

I know it’s wrong, I know I should stop him,  but when he touches me something awakens in me that I can’t feel unless I am with him. 

They say to be strong is to face your weakness, but how do I face him when he is also my strength

I was raped , left to die, and there he was the man I have given my heart to, there he stood,  the only person to see that I was dead the day I left that dock, I was no more. I was just a frosted robotic version of myself. I wasn’t the person who was captured all those months ago I was now Frost. A woman capable of much worse than him.

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