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Secrets p1 

We all have our secrets….

I wanted to share this with you guys as I told a lot of lies myself recently in order to keep a few of my own secrets.

Let me just say I swapped my heels for boots and pretended angels could fly. To say it didn’t end well… Is a long story I am never confessing.

Part two of this dark poem will be out tomorrow after the new page of school me p3 

Author Shan R.K

Dark persuasion

Coldness take me, reel me in,

Frosted blood of the oldest sin, 

Retribution twists in this reign of night , 

Stars flicker in evils daylight. 

Still I’m numb, feeling nothing but the burn of the forbidden turn, 

I scream “noiseless silence , take me on , oh savior free me from my worst behavior.” 

Turning,twisting, a restless Commander as dark persuasion sweats in my honor. 

I close the door, 

when the past marks the floor, 

so treachery and secrets remain once more. 

Hells open and celebrated calls lifts my armour until its naked walls, 

Still I yell, screaming from my core “noiseless silence , take me on , oh savior free me from my worst behavior.” 

Restless voices , 

deadly stares, 

come to me like a haunting caress. 

Closing eyes, open wounds, 

I welcome the dark persuasion of these ruins, 

Earth crumbling, 

I understand the nightmares of a killing man. 

Deep , buried beneath the skin is dark persuasion and all its sin.