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A question answered

Our town, unlike most of the small towns was not separated into four or five different categories of people. There were only two :- The Billionaires that lived in the central and surrounding area, not too far from the river, and the South’ers ‘the lower class.’
Color, race and all that jumbo didn’t matter in our town, it was all about the black cards and the Benjamins.
The older people from the South either worked for the billionaires, had something to hide or were given sanctuary for silence.

But neither of the reasons they stayed here were good. Didn’t mean the youngsters had a poverty stricken life.

It also didn’t mean we were living in trailer parks. No, this was the billionaires town.

Nobody starved, no one begged.

Our crime rate was five percent and even that was only because a few years ago, a woman named Gina Lorne was found dead.
But as I said, it was years ago.

The people that ruled our small town had since gated up our entire community of seven thousand and twenty eight. Now those unwanted people weren’t even allowed past the gate.

No matter which side of the river or which side of the hills, there was no way some foreign person was entering without THE towns knowledge. None of the founding families would allow it.
It was why our small town, just on the Hills in Good Ol’ Texas, infamously known as Liston Hills was also known by another name, a name that would shock this very foundation we once called safe, better and clean.

The name was the billionaires nest, though still a talked about myth, it was very true.

The history of our small town all started with the founding families of Liston Hills- Orniel, Bray, Stone, Hugh and Delroy, five of the worlds most richest families coming together with one goal in mind- security for their own.
Security for their children, spouses and future generations. It marked one of the biggest business transactions made in 1883. The group jointly purchased the empty Hills and surrounding land to start a life here, away from all the common people.

Liston Hills wasn’t shown on the maps, not even as a paper town, and our town was very hard to find without knowing where you’re going.
For most people, Liston Hills was a fictional place, but to us, the people that stayed here- Our town was very real.

So real that like any other town we had our public schools and our private schools. And in our schools, be it private or in our case public, we had our jocks, that was Jordon Dean Gregory the fifth and his crew- our football team.

Then of course there were the cheerleaders. We, as in most of the schools population referred to them as the ‘Demon Squad’.

‘Yup, we don’t piss off the pompom girls.’

Let us not forget our nerds- the newspaper team that sucked and the science freaks. Yes, it was harsh, but I did mention we were a public school, so name calling was tolerated, especially in my case, I was one of them.

And like all Public schools we had our riff raff rebels. But here in Liston High Public, they weren’t known as rebels. No, sorry, they were the bikers, the children and teenagers of The Sin Rider’s Motorcycle club.
Of recent years, which pains one to mention we now had our trust fund group- the rich kids that belonged on the other side of the Hills, but for some odd reason they preferred to be here.

Well not all, rumor has it that a few years back Jace Stone was abducted and just dropped out of Liston High Private and attended school here, the other side of the River. Apparently Victoria Stone, Natasha Bray and Mason Bray followed. But rumor or not they didn’t belong here, and it wasn’t long when they ran back to their private education. It did however start a chain of habit.

The trust fund kids that didn’t have much adult supervision, or weren’t controlled by their parents like us normal teens, decided to come to our school. Less rules, less work, less stress.

This year 2018 our new trust fund group was actually all related and it didn’t take long for our welcoming committee to brand them as the weird ones. From their first day, they huddled together, choosing to rather sit with themselves than socialize with the rest of the ‘down-graders’.

Not for the females lack of trying. The twin’s Dallion and Dillon Snow were a sight for a girl’s hormones and a mother’s nightmares. They were that hot and with a slight British accent it was a crime of will.

Adam Snow, the middle one always wore a black beanie and long Goth clothing which was weird but hey, there was a reason we called them weird. Well, okay I admit I am the only one who calls them weird, everyone else just calls them the Snow brothers.

Reed Snow, however, was the weirdest of the lot, he was a Dan Brown conspiracy fan. Since the first day which was a few weeks back he has had his long brown hair and glass covered eyes stuck in a Dan Brown novel, and his fingers always jotting down notes ‘weird’.
So anyway enough about them, let’s get back to the story.
Now, while many stories start with once upon a time or a new girl in a new school, this one starts a little differently.

It all starts when Sarah West, one of the best cheerleaders to attend Liston Hills Public school since Victoria Stone, got kicked out of the squad for missing practice.

Sarah West

We can’t always hold life by the horns. I used to, but recently these last few weeks since tenth grade started I have been on the tale end of an aggressive bull. Today, I finally fell off and it wasn’t a pretty fall. It was the ugly type, the hard fall- where you crack a few bones, injure your back and howl in pain.

As usual, today, no different from these past few weeks I had been sociably late to every lesson in class, every practice with the squad. Meetings and outings with my soon to be new parents took a lot of time. Yup, I was the foster kid. Well, the only one that attended Liston Hills Public School.

“SARAH.” The shrill scream that came from Macy Ward, our cheerleader captain or as I love to call her our Loony Ward had me rolling my eyes.

Stretching out my legs, I held my foot to my butt with my right hand and after an insufferable minute of not answering Loony Ward I finally caved. Her eyes were currently staring daggers on my back.

The heat of her gaze, whilst welcomed as it felt like middle of winter with this cold front, I knew I was skating on thin ice.

“Yes Macy.”

I stopped my warm up and ignored the rest of the girls idling around and giving me their worrisome stares. The whispers weren’t really whispers as I watched Macy Ward’s chocolate complexion turn to crimson as her round eyes that have had most of the male population in our school drooling behind her since she first walked the hallways of Liston High Public, narrow on me.

“You have been late everyday these past two weeks, you are sloppy, yesterday you dropped Tiya on the floor which could’ve led to a serious injury. Now, I know you have the potential to do better but until then you are out of the squad.”
Her hands planted on her hips. Those pink painted lips pulling up in a really terrible pout was the last straw.

“You kicking me OUT?” I screeched, my fingers rolling up into tight fists, “I have worked my butt off to get where I am and you think you are just going to kick me out of the squad, I gave you power over.”

My steps drew me closer to Macy, the girls and Chad our only guy stood around watching our spectacle.
Macy vanished the rest of the distance until our chest were barely an inch or two apart, “Mr Lanco agreed, Mrs Frisco agreed, hell I bet the entire squad agrees, your squad days Sarah West are over.”

My laugh was hollow, my mind filled with thoughts of how easily it would be to just punch Macy in her face. Anger and a need for revenge filled me with mirth for Macy Ward.
“What?!!! If you think this is over Loony Macy think again, this means war.”

I bumped her shoulder as I marched past her and the rest of the squad who were clever enough to give me a wide berth to the stands.
Grabbing my blue Nike back pack I got for Christmas last year and my coke bottle I used as a water bottle, I left the sports centre as if I were on a mission.

Twenty nineteen wasn’t turning out as great as I’d hoped. It sucked in every major way. Well not every way, there was still one part of my life that proved to be a promising constant and that was my favourite book series, A Court of thorns and Roses by Sarah J.Maas. Without her books, without those stories of a strong heroine named Cerleun, I am not sure I would’ve survived Christmas and New Year. I spent it with my grandmother in Barfa.

The old witch drove me nuts. If she wasn’t drowning her ugly face in a bottle of vodka then she was dousing me with her irritant case of verbal diarrhea.
Why she found the need to torment me with the happenings of everybody else’s business was beyond me. Most of what she said anyway proved to be a bunch of bogus. It was just the pineapple vodka speaking.

Grandma Sue didn’t want me after my parents decided to hit the highway. But every holiday since my eighth birthday, the same year I entered the system, the state forced me to spend my holidays with her. For a fifty eight year old woman, she looked an easy sixty eight. Always drinking, always smoking, the woman didn’t know the word limit. She only understood limitless.

So imagine my surprise when she bought me a welcome back present. It was the first four books of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sara J. Maas and that was the only reason I didn’t chew her up when she left me alone in her three bedroom dilapidated house on Christmas day to go drinking with her friends.
My feet ate up the distance from the sports centre which was separated from the schools building to the girls bathrooms. Turning the corner of the once white now graffiti colored wall, I headed toward the side door with the fire exit sign stuck in red on the top.

Pushing the old door open, my hands, not for the first time today felt icky and had me turning toward the basement stairs right on the left as my sneaker covered feet skidded on the yellow tilled floor that was covered in gum, dirt and various other germinating materials.

The basement had the best soap to wash all the dirt off. In the girls bathroom most of the time it smelt of urine and there was hardly ever toilet paper let alone soap to wash our hands. Since I started eight grade two years back, I had secretly used the basements toilet, and soap to clean my hands.
Certain, I wasn’t the only one as more than one occasion I had caught a few of the other kids either making out or bunking class in the basement. The basement was a no teacher zone.

The one place designated safe from the preying eyes of Ms Lurns, our principal. The woman was an incarnate of Satan himself. It was also the place Mr Cam- the cleaner kept all his cleaning supplies.

I moved down the stairs until I reached the grainy door that was covered in carved letters, red pen, tip-ex and even old gum. Twisting the door nob, I wasn’t in the least surprised the room was dark except for the small exit window that brought in the dull glow from the early afternoon inside the small place.

Moving with familiarly to the side wall just past the door I switched on the small light and dropped my bag on the ground with a loud thud.

My back bent as I took a sip of water, and with it an unmistakable loud creak sounded from behind me. I turned naturally to see who I would find this time.
My bottle dangled from my fingers, as my left hand planted itself on my hip, reminding me that I had to change out of this short purple skirt and into my worn jeans if I was going to make it home in one piece.

“Hello, anyone in here.” I whisper yelled as I walked further into the basement.
It happened again, only now the creak sounded like a chair scraping the cemented floor. Treading with care, I turned the corner to where Mr Cam kept the cleaning detergents on an old metal shelves and my eyes literally bugged out.
A good couple of seconds past in a frozen state, as I stood there, looking at the figure with the brown scared eyes strapped to a chair. My coke bottle left my hand, and made a loud noise as it fell to the floor.

The hand on my hip dropped as my body shook and the unknown person bucked, begging me to help. Then I screamed, and screamed and screamed. I couldn’t stop screaming. The longer I stared at the male , the harder it became to understand that he was tied to a school chair, with duck tape over his mouth and dried blood on his face.
His head dangled to the one said as if it cost him too much energy to lift it up. Dreary swollen eyes urged me to help, but all I could do was scream.
People barged in, surrounded us by the dozens. Some of the guys opened the tied up boy, others helped the boy out of the chair.

Lots of nameless faces pushed me, bumping me as they all tried to fit in the basement and get a front row seat to the show.
My teachers waltzed in and somebody grabbed me, lifting me up, while I was still making noise. Only I didn’t know whether it was tears or shock that kept my shrills at an all time high pitch. Hushing me was not going to work and whoever carried me figured that out quickly.

Not sure who it was, but I shoved my faced in the persons chest and quieted myself. It was a really nice, hard chest that smelled very clean. Yes, clean.
I was taken to the schools nurse, and a small pill was shoved into my mouth soon after. Everything after that was a blur.

There was nobody to call for me as I was a foster kid. And there was nobody to comfort me as I also only had friends that were on the squad and like I predicted and would’ve done to them, they shunned me.
It was times like this that I really didn’t like my life.


“Yo, son, are you poppin’ in the shop after school, we can take the bikes to town, get some Mexican Mania, what do you say?” My dad’s tall broad shoulders and big belly took up my bedroom door as I slipped my blue converse on listening to his deep gruff voice.
My brown chin length hair fell forward into my face, obscuring my view of my dad for a minute. Once my shoes were on I stood up from my unmade bed and slid a hand through my hair. Taking a good look at my dad in his biker jacket, which we called a cut and an old faded jeans paired with his hard iron work boots.

“Yeah, Pop, sounds like one hella plan, I’ll tell Adam, his new bike needs a good run.”

“Yeah, tell him to bring the other’s too, we can make it a guys night. I’ll get Keira to watch Clay and pick up Brei. See you after school.”

Adam and I have been good friends since the beginning of eighth grade, that was three years back when I went to visit my cousin, Diamond at the Stones Estate for her birthday.

The place was an actual Estate with only two castles. And I say castles because they were huge, like hotel huge. Adam and his older brother Reed were at the cabin on the other side of the property where Diamond’s friend threw her a party. Adam and I were the youngest teens that night and just started talking. I gave the guy my number after he promised to hook me up with another gaming controller for my PS3 and since then we have been friends.

His brothers and I also got along but anybody else- Adam and his brothers, just shunned away, and called it trust issues. So basically without really saying it, I was the reason Adam and his brothers decided to attend Liston High Public School this year. I explained to them how different and more relaxed our school was from Liston High Private and the brothers were all in.

Their sister Brei wanted to join but we all agreed that the little trouble maker should stay in the private school. With their parents never home, Reed was the one in charge and he more than agreed to come this side.

He went as far as donating a new art class for the school. It all worked out, but I was just glad to have Adam around.

I haven’t been to school as yet, since my dad recently had his gallbladder removed. I stayed at home to make sure my little brother, Clay got to school on time and the workshop got open. My mom past on seven years ago from a car accident.
My brother, only three at the time, made a big difference in his life. He was young. Though, he remembered flashbacks of her, he wasn’t crippled by her death. Not like dad and I, we both had to step up to the plate.

One minute we were expectant men. My mom was a stay at home mother, so we were never short of a home cooked meal or a damp wash cloth when we ran a fever. Or getting my room cleaned. Then she was gone. I was just ten at the time, same age as Clay is now, and all of a sudden I had a three year old brother to look after, because dad couldn’t do it and run the shop and be the Enforcer of The Sin Rider’s Motorcycle Club, then still come home and cook.

So my brother fell on me, and I never complained, it is how I got my name Bullet.
My dad left the confines of my bedroom door, I listened attentively to his retreating form until I heard the front door open and close. I walked to my messy dresser and gave myself a quick once over before I slipped my cut on.
Four months ago I finally finished my prospect time for The Sin Rider’s MC and earned my cut as one of them. I was not ranked like my dad but I was one of them not just by birth but by time served too.

“Clay, move it bud, or your gonna miss your bus.” I walked toward my brothers bedroom door which was next to mine, and watched him as he straightened his striped tie.
His brown eyes that were identical to my moms and mine stared at me in irritation which was something I was used to.

Clay was almost as bright as my genius cousin, Diamond but his strength was more in computers and software. So my dad decided to send him to a better school, rather than push him to a higher grade, which I agreed.
Two years ago my brother started attending Liston Prep Academy. It was the best Prep school in Liston Hills and on the other side of the Hills.

When my mom passed away she left us with insurance and a good size savings for my brother and I. My dad’s shop was the only Mechanic shop in Liston Hills that actually knew how to fix a car, so we weren’t hurting for cash. Didn’t mean we were going to be living on that side of the Hills, it just meant that we didn’t have the stress that a lot of the South’ers had. Not that they had much issues, I mean we weren’t living in flats or one bedroom state houses. Most of us lived in three bedroom houses and drove decent cars. The South’ers weren’t dirt poor, we just didn’t have millions let alone billions.

In Liston Hills it was the one thing that separated us. The ones on the other side of the hills called it hierarchy but like my cousin, Diamond who befriended Kylie Bray, a born Billionaire, trust fund girl, I befriended Adam Snow. The Snow family was no Bray or Delroy but they owned Airspace and one of the biggest tiling companies in the world. They were also originally from England.

Like Kylie Bray, the Snow brothers were down to earth. They didn’t care about ‘hierarchy’ they cared about trust and loyalty.
After getting my brother on the bus, I finally took my motorbike and got to school.
Yesterday, Adam called and said that he had to see me today. My initial plan was to get back to school tomorrow but since the call, I changed my mind.
I parked my bike next to Dallion’s black Dodge. Most of the students were still in the parking lot talking in their groups. Some screamed as they laughed and argued, whilst others jumped off the hoods of some peoples cars.

A few of the students were on their skateboards doing monkey flips around the rest of us. All in all, it was just another normal day at Liston High Public. It was good to be back.
I grabbed my back pack out of my carry and threw it mid-air, caught it with my hand and slid the black object straight up my arm until it was over my shoulder. My eyes squinting in the bright light. I didn’t need to know the girls were all gawking at me, when I did that. It was a smooth move my dad taught me. He said girls dug that move, it was how he got my mom, just wished I had my glasses.
Last fall, a few months before our year end school party, I got in a bit of a fight with some prick and my glasses were smashed, since then I had been too proud to let my dad know I damaged my lenses.

Yes, I was a biker who wore glasses.

“Bullet, my man, where the hell have you been? I thought we were going to have to hunt your ass down this weekend.” Turning around slowly I seated myself casually on my bike and looked at the guy in front of me with a small one eyed open stare. His buggy blue eyes and black spiked hair and small beard, reminded me of a pixie with a beard, never seized to amaze me.
He was so tiny.

“Kenny my man, why you still sporting that kitty beard?” I lifted my hand out for him to shake, he took it giving me a brotherly hug with a pat on my back,

“One eyed man, leave the beard alone. Why is everyone after my man hair.” He rubbed his bearded chin as his grin grew bigger at whoever he stared at behind me.

“So I heard Moonshine is joining us this year,” I announced with a secret smile of my own. Moonshine was the daughter of our club president, Shoelace.

The girl was home schooled her entire life and nobody believed that her dad finally let her out of his sight to attend school. I, myself was shocked by this very new, and sudden information.

“Who do you think I’m looking at right now?” He smiled, licked his lips and still looked beyond me.

Turning my head, I stared over my shoulder and finally spotted the girl he was so engrossed in.
Man, my dad was going to rip me to shreds if he saw me looking at her with the thoughts playing in my head. Moonshine was a boys dream and a girl’s enemy.

She skilfully straightened her leg back, slipping it over the black and silver Harley with a finesse only mastered by a person who was one with the bike they rode.
Moonshine was Shoelaces only kid, he taught her how to ride a bike when she was like four, well maybe eight. I remember when she turned ten, and her dad brought her to see her Aunt Jen.

She was already riding her dads Harley up Hill side. Now, she was all grown up. I wonder if sending her here was her dad’s idea.
Her golden hair fell in waves to her waist, as she flung her satchel over her left shoulder.

Her ripped check shirt skewed to the left and a small piece of flesh was made visible. More than a few people stopped to watch her.
“Her dad will kill us if he knew we were staring.” Kenny whisper yelled, and it was the truth. A huge reason to drop my eyes and get to class, but I still stood and drooled.
Her dad had been gunning for me since they first moved to Liston Hills, that was three years ago.
The club needed a President so our Mother Chapter in Los Angeles sent Shoelace since the guys we had weren’t so thrilled with the choices. Shoelace was the Vice President in L.A, and spent most of his time here visiting family anyway.
So, no one lifted an eyebrow when he joined and was voted President by the main members.

Moonshine spotted us as Jaden Newt did a double flip with his skateboard. Not long after, she faced us and waved. I waved back, no point ignoring her.
She wasted no time walking toward us. Kenny nudged me, whispering ‘stay cool, stay cool.’
Not sure whether he was talking to himself or me.
Her ripped jeans that fit loose were covered in tip-ex and red marker pens. Knowing her friends probably wrote some stuff on them as good luck, I thought it looked cool. It was our thing in The Sin Rider’s MC, whenever one of the youngsters had something important happening, we’d write either on the skin or clothes.

“Bullet and Kenny, I knew I’d be seeing you guys, but not this early in the morning. I heard Travis and Beans were supposed to give me the run down. If I knew you two were actually going to arrive on time I would have liked to have the option.”
“Next time Moonshine.” I said to her, and tried hard not to stare when her brown eyes lit up with interest.

I liked my President’s daughter and I knew she crushed on me too, but the thought of how much her father’s fist would be liking on my face and other parts of my anatomy made me stay away.
Moonshine was more than eager to go where I didn’t think we should be going. But like all rebels I couldn’t say no to a girl as pretty as her. Not for long anyway.
Kenny cleared his throat, opening his legs slightly.
I think he thought it looked cool, but I told the brother that it made him look weird when he did it, and then the hunched back.
He copied that from Adam, it looked good when Adam did it because he was Six foot two, Kenny was five foot four.

So when Kenny did it, he resembled the skinny version of an ogre, “Yeah, I don’t think your dad would be cool with you havin’ options Shine. Beans and Travis are your cousins hence why your daddy said you should get the tour from them.”
I grimaced and turned my head to the side as I watched Moonshine’s smiling face redden in anger at Kenny’s words.

Moonshine hated it when someone pointed out the obvious, ‘DADDY CALLS THE SHOTS’. She hated it more when it was the truth.
“I am just going to ignore what you just said and save my knuckles for when I have a worthy opponent.”
I chuckled at her comeback knowing what she meant.
Last spring, we were all up at the local pool club when Kenny gave mouth to Vice, Moonshine’s best friend. Vice was also The Sin Rider’s road captain, Kingpin’s daughter. She’s half the size of Moonshine and knocked Kenny out with a punch to his sternum.

It was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen.
Principle Lurn’s voice echoed through the speakers around our school, to get to class. It was a recorded message, one of the many things our principle did that made us groan.

The three of us walked toward the school doors, following the crowd of other students. Moonshine stepped in next to me and I should have said something about it, I didn’t.
“Have you heard that the school is under investigation?” Moonshine asked me as we reached the old glass doors,
“Ah no. It’s my first day back, remember!” I replied as I walked toward the male lockers.

Moonshine on my heel whilst Kenny disappeared in the crowd of on goers.
“Word is, three days ago someone found a boy tied up in the basement.” She stated with a little bit of eagerness that if it was anyone else, I would be worried, but when Moonshine said it like that I just couldn’t help but wince. Most likely, they were going to look at the rebels, which was the bikers, meaning us.

“Have you gotten a name of the boy who was tortured?.” I asked her as I reached my locker and started keying in the code.
“Nope, but I’m sure I can get one, see you later,” She mused and I didn’t stop my eyes as they looked deep into her hazel depths with a secret promise that I couldn’t keep.
“Go to class Moonshine.”
She chuckled, shaking her head, before she finally saluted me, then turned on her heel and left me standing by my locker.
Watching her go as her legs got further across the hallway I didn’t stop the rational thought embedded in my brain.
Yeah, I am going to hell.

You know her

Three days are already gone since the mysterious abduction and torture of Percy Daniels- the nerd everyone hated.
Including me, well not particularly hate, more like can’t stand. The whole school could’ve been guilty, even the teachers. But, like any mystery, there was always the most probable suspect. It seemed as if life just didn’t want me to catch a break.

This will be my first official book co written with Kady Co. To all of you, there will be an awesome Shock Me Twice Game coming soon. All paperback purchasers who tag me on a social media post with a picture of you holding a paperback copy of Shock Me Twice will automatically be entered to our big giveaway hamper worth $300.

Shock Me Twice is out June 20th 2019
The Disappearance of Percy Daniels

School Me Season 4 (Page 5)

“Fancy seeing you here.” Dainy says as she slides in the opposite side of me. Her long blonde hair braided down her back, falls over her shoulder as she looks toward the large group on  my right. 

“I could say the same for you, but I don’t have any of that Texas charm.” I wink at her as I signal the waiter, trying very hard not to look at the group of men.

Dainy rolls her eyes. Her long finger tapping her top lip as she, regards me with a perplexed smile.

“What on earth are you doing all the way here, Lizzie? The South is no place for a girl like you.” 

I shrug, “What exactly is a girl like me ?” Arching my brow as I stare heavily at the girl my cousin is so in love with.

“Someone with a death wish, I can smell it on you.” 

The door opens again, but this time my eyes don’t stray.

They glare at Dainy. 

Could she know something about my dads murder? 
The question screams in my head, wanting my mouth to open and ask her. 

“Dainy.” That one word shuts my mouth. 
We will have our time again.

My eyes must say those exact words, as Dainy flinches before she looks up and gets out of the chair. 

“Hey, Reagan.” My cousin looks to me then her frowning.

The waiter shows up. And I should go, because I know tonight I am not going to get any answers. But the show has just began, So I order a strawberry milkshake, and a burger. 
Might as well enjoy the entertainment. 

“What are you doing here?” Dainy asks Reagan. 

“She came with me.” That deep smooth voice brings a smile to my face, and for the first time in ages I smile. 

Sit back Liston Hill’ers this is going to be fun.

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School Me Season 4 (Page 6)

There are times for things to happen. Places for them to play out in violence, and people who should be behind those things.

I am listening to the bikers bitch and moan about guarding Dainy. The price is right but the job isn’t. We were in the middle of dinner when Dexter messaged me. My father was in great mood after seeing Dainy. In his mind I probably played the catfish and got her right where I wanted her. I didn’t correct his wayward thoughts.

Dainy wasn’t please at all, with my recent misgivings, but I was hoping she’ll admit her love for me, breakup with Reagan and finally be mine. There were more pressing matters to worry about.

When I received the message, I excused myself, saying it was Kent. No need to lie to my father.

Dainy frowned, and followed me, saying she wanted to stop for waffles. I wasn’t going to refuse her, plus, now the bikers could get a proper visual of the one they’ll be guarding. So, I brought her a long for the ride. I was still worried about Dainy’s safety.

Since I received that threatening call, I haven’t heard anything since.

Kent was still looking around, but my father was starting to get curious. I didn’t want him getting involved, at least not just yet. Learning to handle my own problems was instilled in me since I was a kid.

The ring on my finger, and the name I took as my last, with the blood in my veins, said I was more than capable of handling anything that came in my way. Even a killer.

Dainy was ecstatic when I handed her the keys to the jeep after I told her where we were going. And they say money doesn’t buy happiness? I laugh in my head.

I watched her in the car, as her bare legs flexed as she drove. My mood took a nosedive once we walked into the Restaurant. I expected the bikers, what Kent failed to mention was the girl with the pixie hair cut, now dyed blue, sitting on the end of the diner, by the wall, trying very hard to blend in. Lizzie.

“Don’t.” I tell Dainy, aware she isn’t going to listen to me.

I had a suspicion as to what Lizzie was doing here. Right now, I had more pressing matters to deal with.

The bikers were trying to intimidate Dexter which wasn’t going to end well.

“I see my friend has left an impression.” I say as I walk toward them.

I ignore Dexter, as the bikers make way for me to get through. The tall one with his hand on the stool, and a patch on his right pocket, reading Road Captain is the guy I look at.

“So I take it, there is a problem, here?” I slide my hand in the pocket of my slacks. My face expressionless, but my eyes have a hard glint as I stare at the man who is undoubtedly twice my age. His beard isn’t that long, but black, with the first few strands of grey.

“Yeah, the price is right, but as I told your friend, we ain’t feeling like babysitting your girlfriend.”

“There is a killer in town, and my girlfriend is now on that list, did I mention she is a Hallow? ” The man frowns as the other biker on the side of me moves a bit.

“What does that have to do with us?”

“The property you guys deem as your clubhouse, belongs to her family,” I inform them. What I don’t mention, is that it belonged to me, I just made sure it had Dainy’s name on it. My father taught me to have only one plan, no back ups, but make sure that when I had a plan, it was impenetrable. Failure wasn’t a word we use.

“I’ll talk to shoelace, we’ll be back.” The road captain said.

“You do that, in the interim, Dexter will fill you in on the details. I suggest that you see that Shoelace has a positive response for me by the end of tomorrow, I hate to have to give your new president a call.

I hear the bell on the door behind me opening. And when I turn my mood goes from ‘agitation’ to plain down soar when I spot Reagan standing in front of Dainy.

“What are you doing here?” He questions her in an accusing voice.

“She’s with me.” I say as I walk toward my old friend.

He is every bit the jock he was born to be. His football jacket with his dark washed denims and Solomon taks, reminds me of our differences.

His blue eyes that I once looked at as a brother who understood me, now burns right through me.

So much anger.

I smile a bit.

“The question is why are you here? Came to see your cousin? Or came to find out if you still had a girlfriend left?” I ask him as I widen my stance and place my hands in my pocket. I don’t miss his angry eyes going to my ring before I do.

Oh, Reagan, seems like YOU want something Sabastian has, questions is, are you sure it is just his girl? Or does Loverboy have something else you want. Stay tuned Liston Hill’ers things are just getting started.

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School Me Season 4 Playlist

School Me Season 3 (Recap 4)


“Yes, I would shake your hand but as you can see.” He tilts his head referring to his look alike that has her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. 

“Is she your sister?” It’s the dumbest question I could ask. Come on, they are practically identical, same green eyes, same blond hair, same complexion even their face is shaped a like except hers is much younger. But point made, dumb question. He doesn’t answer me, he does however take a step away from the door to allow me to step inside. 

When I do, it is like I am taken back to the 1600’s. I feel like I am under dressed with my ripped jeans and David Harley sweat shirt I am wearing. Not to mention my old sneakers that has well passed seen its expiration date. I can’t throw them out, I should but my dad got it for me two years ago. And if he was alive I would’ve tossed them out but now he so not alive. 

“Would you like something to drink? Or better yet let’s just go sit in the kitchen.” He doesn’t wait for me to respond as he walks effortlessly with the giggling little girl still attached to him down a long and wide wooden floored passage way. I rush behind him, my sling leather bag hitting my thigh as I do so. We round another corner going down a long corridor before we make a right and pass down the photo room filled with probably thousands of photos framed on the wall. We take a few steps down then turn left. 

“This place is like me a maze.” The awe in my voice doesn’t go unnoticed by Dexter who chuckles and takes another right in front of me.

“It’s fun, Decky needs exercise. “ She giggles after she’s done talking and I don’t stop the big goofy grin on my face from making an appearance as we finally make it to the kitchen which is something from the movies, dark oak doors, silver fridges, dark oak counters with a tinge of white here and there, “Wow, this place is nice.” 

Dexter slip his sister off his shoulder and she instantly runs to the freezer on the other end of the kitchen and pulls out a tub of ice cream.

Dexter slips the girl off his shoulder and she instantly runs to the freezer on the other end of the kitchen and pulls out a tub of ice cream.

“My stepmother had the place redone before she passed on.” He slams the tub of ice-cream on the counter and I can’t help the flinch at hearing his sneer when he talks about his stepmother. 

“How many sisters do you have?” I ask him as a way of changing this direction of conversation

“One, she is a twin, her name is Niya and her twin my brother Nolan, they are in Liston Prep Academy. This little one is my aunts daughter. So what brings Reagan’s cousin to my front door? Plan on stealing some art?” His green eyes twinkle as he opens the tub of chocolate ice cream and I squirm at the look he gives me. 

“No, Mason said you might be able to help me find my dads killer.” He stops what he is doing as his small sister runs back to him, “Decky, give me ice cream.” 

He holds my gaze for a few seconds before he drops his head down to face the small little girl , “Ah, but I didn’t hear any magical words Casandra?” 

“Pleeeease Decky?” 

He rolls his eyes as he bends down and opens a cupboard pulling out three bowls , “Go wash your hands, your mother should be around any minute now.” 

“Mason said you might be able to help me find my dads killer?” He slides the ice cream spoon perfectly along the surface of the ice cream, resembling a perfect circle. 

“And how am I suppose to do that exactly?” He has a big grin on his face and I am not sure if it is from hearing Mason Brays name or the fact that I am here for his help?

“I have no idea, kind of why I’m here.”  

He laughs and I hate to admit it, but my stomach flutters as my cheeks heat up when I blush. Dexter  is strikingly attractive, his face is sharp ,like cut glass with high cheek bones and firm full lips, but when he laughs it transforms his sexy persona to a boy next door look.

“Okay, come over tonight after eight bring what ever you got and we can take it from there.”


Time is a space , a continuous movement from past to present to future. For me right now it is a reality check of my recent past, a guilty promise of my coming future and a regretful reality of my current state. The woman in my bed next to me is that regret. A big one.

I think back to the evening before. 

“Sabastian Delroy, could say I am surprised to see you here but that would be a wasted lie now would it? Considering your father is the host.” The black haired European beauty stares at me as she sips the crystal in her manicured hands. 

I’ve stood here in this corner just off the right side of the fire place, watching the bustle of people charade around our entertainment Hall in their branded attire and false faces. My father and Hector Stone haven’t left the table where they are currently seated. Which is not odd as the people in the circle would undoubtedly make contact with the two most richest men in this room.

“How are you Arena?” My eyes travel down her short pearly white dress and toned legs down to her silver four inch heels before meeting her flirty gaze. Her brown eyes twinkle as her bronze skin shines in beauty and probably a small layer of makeup. 

“Always good to see you Sabastian.” She answers before she takes the final sip of her Champagne. Giving me the full view of her long naked neck.

“How is your brother? Has his trips to Brazil been forthcoming in his studies?” I ask her as a way to stir up a conversation but also send her a subtle message that I am not interested in rekindling our past. 

“Yes, he is still convinced that medicine is his calling, but father would not allow it any longer.” She confesses which takes me back, as in our world knowledge is power. Giving me inside in her brothers ideas isn’t smart business , because it shows weakness but knowing Arena Karon I would be a fool to believe she is not thinking about what she is telling me. 

“Business is business, legacy is birthright.” I tell her as I shove my hands in my pocket. 

“I have some news I wish to share, maybe after the evening is over?” She smiles, but I can easily tell it isnt an easy one. Arena almost seems nervous. I don’t hide the grin tugging my lips as I watch her squirm. 


The voice calling my name has my grin dropping and my eyes narrowing as I look beyond the European beauty to the Texan born blue eyed jock who was once my best-friend now he is just the guy that stole my Vixen and crushed my heart.

“Thought you would be spending the evening with Dainy.” I make a show of looking behind him just for good measure. I don’t want him to know that I am aware Kylie took Dainy to Seattle with her. Reagan isn’t stupid he would know I had a hand in it by one slip up. 

“She’s with Kylie, my dad sent me in his place instead.” He reaches out to me and I clap him on the back as he does the same to me. He turns and I have to admire that he doesn’t even have the slightest of interest as he looks at Arena, but I guess if you had Dainy Hallow in your bed one cannot blame you. The thought makes me frown and dampens my mood to an all time high. 

“This is Arena Karon, Arena meet Reagan Orniel.” I make the introduction.

Arena makes the first effort and lifts out her hand which Reagan shakes, “Karon, your father is the main investor in the Capital Sourcing.” 

She grins as she places her empty glass on a passing servers tray, “Yes, and you the heir to the Orniel fortune, lucky boy.”

Her eyes twinkle and I can already see the wheels turning in her head as to how could Reagan benefit her family name. 


Thanks.” Reagan gives her a tight smile, and I glare at him, as he is not really benefiting my point of having her here in Liston Hills. Alena doesn’t take well to unpleasant people. As far as she is aware Reagan and I are still good friends. 

“Alena can Mr Orniel and I have a moment, I’m afraid it is quite important.” I inform her with a smile that is as genuine as Reagan’s is fake.

“Of course, it was a pleasure meeting you Mr Orniel.” She smiles at Reagan, acknowledges me with a quick nod and walks away. I slip a hand out of my pants pocket and straighten my black bow tie as I watch Alena slip into the crowd of people. 

“What do you want to say Reagan? We both know you aren’t the guy who follows his fathers orders, especially one to agree to attend a formal business function.”  

He smiles , “No I am not, we need to talk about Dainy and you.” 

“Trouble in paradise??? There is no Dainy and I, but let us get this over with, follow me.” I say as I start walking a head of him, passing the guest and through the back doors leading to the side steps. 

I take it two at a time, the wooden floor spirals up onto the third floors deck. Reagan, Connor, Lucan, Jace, Mason and I used to spend our weekends up on this deck getting high. Those days were now just a memory. 

Mason was on his own beat since his dad found out about Sienna and him. They were distant cousins who just couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. Sienna was now in boarding school in Manhattan. He blocked her out of his mind and now opted to spend more time with Dexter. 

Kylie considered her a sister. But nobody really spoke about her anymore. 

Jace is now living with Connor, Aiden and I across from Dainy’s place, but he couldn’t be more further away. Something is up with him. He is spending less time with Aiden which I find odd and more time in my space. 

Connor has been going to the Satan Sniper’s clubhouse on weekends helping them with security while the leaders search for Beggar, a supposedly female Mafia assassin. 

Lucan spent his time his time gaming as usual. He was supposed to live with us but changed his mind. Never looked forward to it anyway.

And Reagan was occupied with his mothers death, finding out who was behind it while focusing on my vixen and his cousin Lizzy. 

I spent my time protecting Dainy, doing business and keeping Reagan from finding out too much information with regards to Gina’s death among other things.

We were all going our separate ways, growing in different directions. The one upside to it all was at least Connor, Jace , Aiden and I were in the same house, so we saw each other regularly. The one person that was missing was Dainy. 

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School Me Season 3 (Recap)


“If you didn’t want to do it, why agree?” I ask my eldest sister, Kylie who is on the end of the phone I currently place down, putting on speaker. I sit my denim covered ass on the breakfast nook eating my double cheese burger I ordered an hour ago. It tastes like shit. Not as shitty as my life but close.

“I never said I didn’t, nobody besides the family knows Diamonds gone, Dainy ain’t stupid, she already suspects something is up. I shouldn’t have used Diamond as an excuse to get her over here in the first place..” Kylie retorts. 

My sister and I are not as close as she is with the Stones, and recently she isn’t even close to them. But we do share a common gene, we are both Marcus Bray’s children. We don’t need to be close to count on one another. Diamond , her best friend since second grade and my foster sister since my dad decided to take custody of Diamond, recently left to some unknown government location. My dad was the one to inform me of this little bit of news a few days back. 

Like always I had nothing to say about it, Diamond was crazy but cool. She stayed with us practically every weekend but the thing is our house is four floors high, with seventeen bedrooms. Much bigger and grandeur in comparison to The Estate. My room is on the far left, away from everybody besides my father. So unless I was actually in the same space as Diamond I hardly spoke to her. But she was for all intent and purposes part of our family and I did feel a tinge of sadness that she was gone, more so for Kylie.  

But I would never share that with my father or sisters. When it comes to my family as a whole I tend to stay out of it. I am the quiet one, preferring to stay out of drama. For this reason and many, I also prefer to spend my weekends faraway from here. 

“Ask someone else, I’m sure Reagan can do it, it’s his girl.” Lifting my burger, I take another big bite of my crappy burger. 

“One week Mason.” I sit up when I hear this. There is something Kylie has that I need for a  while, but my stingy sister has continuously said no. 

“It is two days Kylie, fourth eight hours with Dainy. “ 

“If I wasn’t so sure Papa is your daddy , now would be the time I am. Fine.” I hear the groan but i ain’t buying shit, this is my sister she is worse than me, 

“So?” I question my hard headed sister , 

“Two weeks Mason, you scratch my bike and it will be the last thing you scratch, now, what time are you coming?” I smile full on when I hear the words I have tried to get out of her for the last three months.

“Book me a flight.” I say, just as I finish off the last of my dinner.

“Why can’t you take the jet.” Because if our father finds out I left the house after he grounded me he is going to fuck me up. I think it, but I don’t tell Kylie that instead I bellow

“Fuck no, book me a damn flight, I’m on my way to the airport.” 

“Then make tracks, I’ll send you the confirmation. “ She snaps back in that bossy tone of hers.

“Yeah, yeah. Later.” The phone goes dead on my ear, which is a normal with my sister. 

When Kylie was younger, my sister Natasha and I had just moved in permanently with my dad. My mom died not long after that, and Kylie’s mother upped and left. One would expect our circumstances to have brought us closer but it didn’t. 

Kylie preferred to spend her days with my father. Most of the time they would fly to Washington and spend weekends at my dads penthouse. While Natasha stayed with Lisa, my dad’s sister here at the house. I was a lost eight year old with nothing to do and no one to talk to so I got bored and purchased myself a pair of binoculars from the local mall. Best thing I ever did. The same day I bought it was the same day I met Dexter. Turned out he stayed three houses away from me. Turned out he didn’t have a mother. Turned out he was just as eager to spy on the locals as I was. 

It turned out a lot of things we thought and did were similar. Which is why him and I became so close. I get up off the breakfast nook, grab my phone, walking toward the long spiral staircase I run up three flights of stairs, then speed dial Dexter.

It rings three times, “Hey, hey motherfucker.” He yells from the other end of the line.

“Jackass, how did the meeting with Sabastian go?” I ask him as I take the long hall toward the packing closets where Kendra, our housekeeper leaves the travelling bags.

“Some dude is threatening Sabastian by threatening Dainy. Got to do some digging, you up for it?” That is the thing about Dexter and I nobody knows. We are worse than women , we tell each other everything and also help one another. 

Most of the time I am the one who helps him. After his dad died he inherited his family fortune as well as his families debt that was only payable in time. 

And I meant time as in his obedience to be Delroys dirt cleaner and genie. Whatever the Delroys needed they would get it from Dexter. For the rest of his life he would have to work for the Delroys. Doing all their dirty work, cleaning up all their messes, finding all of their fucked shit art pieces they were so keen on collecting. It was a fucked up gig if you ask me, but blood is blood, we inherit the money and name we got to inherit the shit that come with it too.

“Yeah, but I called to cancel for tonight, Kylie offered me her bike if I babysit Dainy Hallow for the weekend, we need the bike.”

He chuckles, “Fuck, I doubted she will agree to look after Dainy without a back up, heard your sister has been on lockdown since Diamond left, and fuck how the hell did she offer you her bike, fuck man, once we have that bike we can finally find that damn disc.” That is the point.

A few months back, Dexter and I stumbled upon a box of CD’s with locations and map point on them in my dad’s old office on the first floor. We were clearing the place out and deciding where we were going to put my gaming stuff and the new pool table my dad got me for my birthday. 

We checked the CD’S out and it took us a month to go through them all. 

Once we deciphered it we found that one of the CD’s were missing. Diamond happened to walk in on us the one morning and Dexter didn’t think it was a secret so he shared our findings with Diamond. 

She then proceeded to tell us that her and Kylie saw these CD’s years ago and that the other piece was locked in the vault which only Kylie and my dad had keys to.

Diamond also mentioned that the keys happened to be on Kylie’s bike. What she didn’t mention is that it was on my sisters new bike. The one that currently stayed in Washington in my dad’s garage.

After I heard that, my interest in motorbikes became an all time high , well according to Kylie it was my new teenage phase. Since then I have bugged Kylie to let me ride her bike. And she easily refused me every time until now.

“Once we have that piece we can finally put this stuff together and find out what was my family hiding.” I say to him as I open the closet door.

“So back to Sebastian , are you up for a bit of hacking??”

“Dude, am I ever not up for cracking peoples secrets?” He chuckles as I pull the black Ferrari back pack out of the long mirrored cupboard.

“Cool, see you Sunday, enjoy.” Dexter clicks the call off and I put my phone in my back pocket.

“Let’s get this fuck show done,” I say to myself 

Listen , speak , learn, that is what I have done today. I listened to my stupid coach screaming in my ear as I did !y drills. I spoke when I needed to and I learned, I learned that I was actually sick and fucking tired of this asshole. He has had my ass since last week. Not sure what is up the guys ally. But when I got home today, I decided fuck it. It is Saturday evening. I should be out and today it is exactly what I am doing

The Delroys are hosting a dinner party tonight, and my dad was in no way going to make it with the important deal he has going on in Toronto tonight, so it ended up on me. 

I step in front of the long length cupboard mirror. My bow tie hanging loosely around my shirt collar. Buttoning up my shirt I look at the scratches Dainy left Thursday evening. It never ceases to amaze me how wild and crazy she gets sometime. 

In fact the other day she left me speechless when she walked into my bedroom with nothing but a red tiny piece of material covering her snatch. Her hair was curled to the side, and she had this deep red lipstick painting her lips. 

Just thinking about now has me going hard. And there is nothing I can do about it right now, as my girlfriend decided to spend her time with Kylie. Which is weird because from my knowledge Kylie hasn’t been taking visitors. 

But what do I know. Recently things with Rainy is going great. I never looked at myself as a one woman man until I ended up in Dainy’s bed. 

Then I was thinking how I messed up, but now as I tie my bow and grab my black tux jacket , I can honestly say thank fuck I did go steady with Dainy, if I didn’t I am sure Sabastian would have her all wrapped up in him by now. 

I see the way he looks at my girl, I haven’t said a thing about yet. So far he hasn’t made any plays and I can’t fault the guy for wanting her back, I mean look at her. But Dainy is mine and I am glad she isn’t coming with me tonight. Tonight is the time Sebastian Delroy and I settle somethings.


Death and fear, is it something that works hand in hand, are the two related? Since my arrival in Liston Hills I have come to an involuntary stop trying to find out who killed my father. 

Where ever I go I am left with more questions than answers.         Gina Lorne my mother’s evil sister died recently and I know her death is somehow linked to my fathers. Proving my theory a few days ago was  impossible. But not now. Today, thanks to Mason Bray I have hope.

Mason Bray has followed me continuously these last few weeks and when I snuck into the morgue he made himself visible. I thought about lying and giving him a lame reason why I was practically breaking into the police stations morgue but in the end I just told him the truth. 

The guy is crazy, because when I did he offered to help, he bribed the cleaner and before we knew it we were inside getting a first row seat to the dead woman who stirred up things in a dead town. 

Not to say that anything came out of it. We found nothing surprising, nothing to indicate the link of Gina and my fathers deaths. 

And now a few weeks later here I am looking at the monstrosity of old double doors that came out of a Tomb raiders novel. 

It is an easy four meters high and while the Bray house and The Estate are massive, this house is medieval, maybe slightly smaller than the Estate but its like an antique in the form of a house. 

Taking in a much needed deep breath I lift my hand to the big square button on the top of the left door and press. 

When I was at the main gate a woman buzzed me in and it took me at least five minutes to walk to the house. 

Who needs a driveway so long? The people in Liston Hills love their big houses but I notice they are obsessed with their yards. It makes me wonder whether keeping the yards clean is just another way to hide the secrets that are laying in wait inside their homes. 

The doors swings open with a loud creak and the blond haired billionaire and CEO of Kent Vaults International stands in from of me with a small girl attached to his back. 

My eyes widen when I see that she looks just like him, and a million and one thoughts erupt in my head, 

“Hey, you must be Dexter, Mason sent me.” I say as my gaze tracks back to the little girl on his back that is now peeping at me. 

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