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Now it was Monday and I have just arrived home to find Mason sitting on the bed of his truck waiting for me.

“Howdy there Ms. Sherlock.” He greets me with his new nickname as I jump out of my Camaro.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be like I don’t know, let me see, football practice? I heard you guys are playing against us this weekend.” I say as I grab my back from the passenger seat and slam the door.

His light green gaze wrinkles and it isn’t the first time I see the stark resemblance he has to his sister, Kylie, and father.

“Nope, we train at 6 am, not pm.” He jumps down and I get a full view of his sculpted legs in his light blue denim.

He crosses his arms and I arch my brow as he flexes his pec. Reagan Orniel is handsome and a total jock thru and thru and he is my cousin, but Mason Bray. Fuck me to blindness the guy puts Chris Hemsworth to shame. His dark rich brown hair is shorter than it was a few weeks back and the scruff on his jaw screams man. Not a seventeen-year-old preppy boy.

“So I came to pick you up. We meeting Dexter in the main house in an hour.” He stares at me intensely, my face flushes and I can my face, slip my bag over my shoulder and silently thank out creator for Mason Bray. Gosh, the guy is hot.

I have never considered myself as shallow or some girl who goes crazy over a hot face but now I seriously need to consider it. Since I met Mason I have had all kinds of crazy fantasies starring Mason Bray and myself.

My long legs eat up The distance to my door in no time. I get inside my house and drop my bag on the sofa in the lounge.

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Hey Guys

Sorry for not blogging. I have been consumed with stacks of work and just prepping for the holidays that I just couldn’t.

By the end of my day I am so tired I can’t wait to hop into bed and end the night.

I should be done with work and back with Liston Hills by Monday next week.

The good news is that ‘Zero ‘ and ‘Prince of Souls’ should be out soon.

With that said and done. Here is a pic of my kid and her new pink hair lol 😁😅

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