The Angel Descendants Dictionary 

Aveu – greetings

Deceptor – humans

Seeker – The seventh son of a half caster and half shapeshifter, (rarest of matings)

Lightwatchers – part Venusian, part angel, ( descendants of four archangels Mikael , Gabriel , Raziel , Casteal )

Infinity – heaven

Paros – hell

Khiron – land of the lightwatchers

Guiders – birds of the Angels

Fuized – only partial lightwatcher

Gazool – energy

Legacies – abilities only possessed by Legions

HOL – House Of Legions

Asguardians – children of angels

Irin – powerful angel

Cherub – angel

Cadre – leaders of hell (Paros)

Realm – country

Harpien blade – angel blades , can’t be wielded by any other besides a full angel or someone even more powerful

Seraph – Guardians of Infinity

Aquadore – mountain of deceased