My fall scattered all the pieces in me until I had a small part left. That last sliver of my humanity was stolen from me by the enforcer of The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club.

His name is Zero.


Let me tell you a story:

Once Upon a time I met a girl and I loved her with everything in me. She was my beauty and I, her beast.

One day she betrayed me. She chose him over me.

Now she is back, but for how long ?

The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club continue with their hunt for The Outfit Crime Boss, Lucca Sanati as another threat lurks in the misty waters of Kanla.

Women are dying and it is up to The Satan Snipers to find the ones who are guilty.

As the club hunts down their enemies, Beggar and Zero are faced with questions and new obstacles in their path.

“How do I choose between the woman I love and my own flesh and blood?” ZERO

A Romantic Suspense filled with Action, Adventure, Mystery and A Club Full Of Alpha Males and Bad Ass females.