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Have you ever seen beauty? You probably have, but have you really got to see it, taste it, live with it. Truth is, not many can answer that because you don’t really know true beauty. Most people will never know it, many will never experience it, because there is no true beauty with out true love. The gut wrenching, earth quaking, soul binding kinda love. In order to really understand the beauty of anything you have to be infected by that heady inexplicable disease that wraps around you, infecting you bit by bit.

I have, her skin was the finest sculpture that God ever made, every slope, every nick and glide ENRAPTURED me. The light dust of freckles painting her nose, teasing her cheek bones CAPTIVATED me. She called them imperfections, I called them entrapment because I never could help myself as I traced my finger lightly from one dot to the other.

The shape of her face, the curved bone from her jaw to her chin was enough to keep me hypnotized but her eyes when she stared at me from across the room condemned me. If you were ever lucky enough to stare into her gaze you’d swear it’s black, but if you ever got close enough, you’ll realize it was the deepest gold you’ll ever see. So you see, my beauty was perfect, from the smell of her skin to her perfectly curved lips that weren’t too big or too small but full lips that didn’t tease you with seduction it guaranteed perfection.

Dainy Hallow was beauty until I crushed her by protecting her. Leaving Liston Hills wasn’t difficult, but leaving my little Vixen sent me to the darkest parts of my mind and for one year I ruled it as judge, jury and executioner. I was lost without and crushed when she warmed the bed of one of my closest friends even after she knew I was back, when she chose him over me.

Just this morning I was willing to wait, willing to let her date Reagan and take a step back, but Dainy called me to our secret place, and something in me snapped. My grandmother told me the day she caught Dainy and I kissing under the mistletoe that it’s not the one who holds her hand while she strolls in the light that will capture her heart, but the one she calls when there is no light left. She called me.

When I spot her scantly covered body in those tiny shorts at the front door of the cabin I am only a man, and she is my weakness. I can’t take my eyes off of her for a second, even when Aiden greets me, even as he jumps in his car and leaves I still can’t take my eyes off her.

“If I knew we were dressing casually I would’ve carried a tie.” Her face flushes a bright red at the mention of my tie and If she wasn’t the vision of my eyes at this moment I would have recalled every dirty thing I’ve done to her body with just a tie.

Author Shan R.K Liston hills

School me (previously)


“Son, you’re up early.”

I pour coffee into the empty cup next to mine at the sound of my fathers entry, “Yes, well Jace will be joining me shortly for an early game. It seemed important, he woke me up at two.”

My father’s bare feet walk the distance from the metal fridge to where I stand across the fifteen meter expanse of stainless steel and dark wood kitchen décor with his empty coffee cup in hand.

He takes the refill I’ve already poured from my outstretched hand and leans against the marble top table, “Any word from your sister?”

“She’s fine dad, she’ll be here before you get back tonite and so will I.”

He sips his coffee, a speculative agenda crosses his face, “How’s Dainy, haven’t seen her around here recently.”

I put my coffee cup down and slip my hands in my pocket, “I told you she’s with Reagan for now.”

He takes another gulp from his mug, “For now.”

I laugh silently as my dad walks toward the fridge again to prepare breakfast.

Two hours later, I got a putter in hand. Jace is standing next to me as I make my shot to sink in my first ball. The golf course is one of the many things the Stone’s and Delroy’s share since we are the only two houses in this place with over a thousand acres of land. Though people have rumored it to be more, it’s not.

We have one wall that goes around both our properties with four gates, two for the Stones and two for us. My dad and Hector are best friends. They are so close I wonder how the hell they managed to find time for each other if they both have empires to run let alone have kids. I mean Kids with an s, Hector Stone has six kids. Well seven if you count his step daughter, Kylie. I on the other hand just have my sister.

My ball sinks and I watch Jace set his. I shake my head when I see he’s wearing his leather sandals, “Where’s the shoes I got for you last week.”

Jace’s focus is on the ball, his knees bent. He’s about a half a meter from the hole.

“Michael swiped them last nite man. I’m going to need another pair. How about you just get for the others too.” He gets the ball in easy enough.

“He has a pair,” I shrug, “I sent them all one last week, even Ky got one.”

Jace stops, and though he’s playing it cool I know he’s pissed, but with a brother like Michael what are you going to do.

Michael probably lost his while he was having some major breakthrough. The guys a genius in true form and huge, like muscle football player huge. But I got those shoes custom made and it was Jace’s birthday gift. I bought the others a sports brand.

“I’ll order you another pair, you can keep it by my place.”

The Sun isn’t fully out since it’s 5.15 am on a Saturday morning, and I’m not fully awake either. But it’s nice playing golf after so long. We walk to the next hole as we’ve done since we were ten. We’ve never taken a caddy or a cart, it’s not the first time I wonder why the hell not.


“Hows the house looking?”

“Your room needs unpacking.” Jace decided a few days to move in with Connor and Myself.

The house I purchased across the road from Dainy is a three storey and six bedroom mansion. Nothing compared to what Jace and I are used to, but definitely something to talk about. We had a jacuzzi and sauna installed in the past few days and extra closet space. The alarm system and house functions was made entirely by Jace’s brother Michael so we know it’s safe and top quality.

The indoor pool had to be refurbished and the walls surrounding it was replaced by electronic tints.

“Have you heard from Dainy?”

My shorts vibrate, letting me know of the incoming call, but I ignore it.

“Haven’t seen Dainy since Tuesday, I would’ve thought she’ll come by, by now.”

Jace frowns, but I just focus straight ahead.

“She’s coming over to see Rae today, Aiden called, apparently he wants to get keep her away from Reagan, I don’t blame him. Reagan’s my cousin but I don’t agree with him dating Dainy.” Jace’s words isn’t news to me. Aiden hates Reagan more so after he beat him up.

I pull my golf bag harder than needed and ignore the hurt I feel that Dainy is actually sleeping with my friend.

Her eyes the other day when he was kissing her, told me that the best thing to do for now would be to let it play out. Reagan and Dainy wouldn’t last. I wish she could just figure it out sooner so I wouldn’t have to show her.

When will she come to me freely, will I always be chasing after Dainy.

I put my tee in the sand and pull the driver from my bag while Jace puts the ball on queue.

“Now that we got all that out of the way, what had you calling me at two in morning.” I ask as I swing my shot and look at the ball go.

“Kylie heard Kevin talking to David about some new girl they picked up in Washington last week. She calls herself Beggar.”

“You want me to call Kent and fill in the blanks.”

“Yeah, no P.I’s”

“You a few days too late, Dexter was already informed by my dad, David must’ve had the same idea, but I can get you a copy of the info once he gets it.”


“Don’t mention it. How’s things in public.”

He snickers, “Mason got suspended, had to coin out a school bus to keep his dad from knowing.”

I chuckle and watch Jace set his ball up. My mind now on Dexter Kent who has been tailing Dainy for me this past year, he went as far as joining her squad. I have to give the guy points he has balls.

A few months back Dexter Kents dad died and he was recently elected sole owner of his dad’s company. So at just seventeen he is now a business owner and Delroy’s latest side man. His family has been indebted to mine for almost sixty years now. So whenever we need stuff done that isn’t a hundred percent legal we call The Kents. I gotta love my family.

My afternoon passes by in a rush of attending to the business. Getting the family crust and my share of the cash meant I inherited the piece of the company that came with it. The responsibilities were part of the package and like all Delroys I had to put in my thirty five hours a week.

I’ve just about done with the last contract signing when my phone chimes. The study I’m conducting my work in is one of the older down stated models. It’s a mess.

I pick up the phone from my study desk, “Talk.” I say.

“It’s Dainy, can we meet, it’s important.”

“When and where?”

“Our spot in twenty.” The call goes dead and I clutch the receiver in my hand. She called me, for what ever reason she called me. I stand up and walk toward the coat rack. I slip my jacket on and switch the light off. As I open the door I button up my suit. My father is in the hallway on his phone. When he sees my expression he stops and arches his brow.

“Where are you off to son?”

“Securing my future.” I walk past him and don’t stop even when he asks, “Are you sure son.”

I’ve never been so certain in my life. Dainy Hallow just called me and all bets are off. She’s mine now and she’s about to learn her first lesson. Once a Delroy’s girl always a Delroy’s girl.

Author Shan R.K

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