Liston hills

School Me p3 (page 23)

Sabastian reels in the after math of his night with Rae and the consequences



life has a way of turning out, it has a method to its madness.

“Are you on the pill.” Rae sits on the edge of my bed, her dress that I ripped off her body last night now a master piece from my sin. And her one action turns my life on its axis. Rae shakes her head.

I stand in the middle of my room, my sweat pants my only item of clothing that doesn’t protect me. No, it reminds me. Everything in this room reminds me of what I did, of what we both did. Dainy once said that a lot can happen in a space of a night. I laughed, telling her that the only thing to happen in one night will be her and I actually watching a movie.

“It will be okay.” I say to Rae.

Rae lifts her face up, her black mascara slides down her smooth skin as one tear robs her of her strength.

The possibility of her and I possibly making a baby is evident.

There is options, we could get her a morning after pill, there were options. But as she sat at the end of the bed and touched her stomach bursting into tears as any sixteen year old would, I knew I wasn’t going to do any of it. I was going to own up to my pass in judgement. I was going to be selfless even if Rae hated me.

“I can’t do this. I am sorry, I need to go.” Rae says as she rushes out of the room, and I stand in the center of my floor watching her go. There is no excuse I could make, no story I can come up with that would explain this for what it is. The truth is it just happened.

I Sabastian Delroy had unprotected sex with Victoria Stone.

My phone rings, and I walk toward the end of the tumble bed to grab it from the floor.

“Yeah dad.”

“I hope you know what you doing son.”

I close my eyes, knowing my father just spotted Rae, “I don’t dad, I really don’t have a clue.”

“Figure it out Sabastian.” the phone goes dead on the other end. I throw it across the room, and the device smashes itself on the wall. Mirroring how I feel in the inside.

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By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.