Liston hills

School me p3 (page 26)


“Pop quiz.” Ms. Nelan announces. A few of my classmates groan but most of us, me included roll our eyes.

I put my iPhone on silent as Christopher whispers, “Did you hear about the fight between Sabastian and Reagan everyone is talking about it”

I nudge my best friend since four grade, “obviously I had a dummy, you the one who told me, I just wish I knew why. I tried calling Rae this morning but her phone went straight to voicemail. If somebody knows it will be her.”

“Or you could get it straight from your boyfriend’s mouth, naked.” Christopher chuckles as I lightly punch his arm.

“Ms. Hallow and Mr. Hugh talking before a test will get you detained for a week.” Ms. Nelan yells from her desk as the entire classroom quietens down.

I glare at her as Christopher smiles and apologizes, “Sorry mam, won’t happen again.”

“Be sure it doesn’t, I want no pencils and books laying on your tables, IPad out, the link address and password are on the board. You have one hour, you may begin in five.” Ms. Nelan says.

It’s lunch break when I finally get my first stress free breath of fresh air.

Reagan is spending his lunch break with the football team preparing for this weeks game against Liston High Public.

I am spending my break with my feet propped up while I indulge in a selective variety of assorted fruits and veggies. My skin is soaking up the suns heat as my mind riddles with Gina’s death and Elizabeth’s connection to it all. While talking to Mason this weekend he let slip about Elizabeth’s dad and the possibility of his death linking to Gina Lornes. The problem with the story was Sabastian and my involvement with Gina.

Normally I would have spoken to Sabastian but after I heard about his fight with Reagan I am nervous and if I must admit dreadful to face him.

“If It isn’t the school’s personal tormentor.” The deep voice has me turning my head as I pop a baby carrot in my mouth.

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