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“Times a wastin’ Crazy Dainy, we needa stop in New York for a few, Diamond sounded like she was on the brink of another one of those impromptu meltdowns. I don’t wanna miss the show Sugar.” Kylie drawls those words like a true Texan

Not one of those fashion Icon Barbie’s you get these days with their fake white smiles and the quarter inch of make up plastered to their faces. 

She always has this genuine ‘I am me, not you,’ attitude to her , and what she’s about.

That is the thing that always holds Kylie to high standards, well besides the fact that she is a billionaire’s daughter and basically known as Southern royalty

Kylie is just real, no falsetto vibes to those she holds close. 

To others, well let’s just say Kylie is known for that Southern Charm.

Kylie turns around walking straight to her car as I get my suitcase.

It is twenty minutes later that we arrive at The Estate. 

I hop out of the black Jaguar, and follow Kylie to the back of The Stones mini palace and straight to the black jet that is already waiting. 

“Mind yourself , Tanner can be a bit hasty on those engines.” Kylie yells so loud that the man Tanner hears every word. 

From the matte black outer shell, to the weirdly shaped wings, the slim line Jet stands out like an otherworldly space ship under the Southern Sun. 

I have never seen Stones international’s jet up close. 

I’ve been in the helicopter and their planes a few times but never this Jet.

This is Michael Stones private jet, and my nerves shoot to the skyline the closer we get. 

The little I do know about Michael Stone I am aware that he doesn’t just loan his Jet. 

But from what I know about Kylie and him is that they are very close so I’m not surprised that out of all his family, he will let her use it.

So to all of you new folks welcome… 

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By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.